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Titanium Backpacking Gear Gift Guide

You don’t need Ultralight Titanium Backpacking Gear, but admit it! The stuff is irresistible and it makes a special present for yourself, a family member, or a special friend that’s trying to lighten up their gear list. Here is a selection of fine Titanium cookware, stoves, and gear to lighten up your holiday!


Titanium Sierra Cup

Weight: 4.8 oz/136 g

Capacity: 25 oz / 750 ml

The Titanium Sierra Cup features a folding handle, making it easy to pack. The large opening, angled sides, and shallow depth make it ideal for heating food or dipping water from a river. It makes a perfect cup and bowl. Truly a multi-purpose backpacking classic!

Snow Peak Titanium French Press

Snow Peak Titanium Cafe Press

The Titanium Cafe Press from Snow Peak only weighs 6.3 oz, making it perfect for weight concious backpackers. No need to suffer instant coffee while camping or hiking, pack your Titanium Cafe Press for excellent coffee outdoors.

Weight 6.3 oz

Capacity: 3 cups

QiWiz Ultralight Titanium Trowels

QiWiz Ultralight Titanium Trowels

Every conductor needs a finely crafted baton, and hikers are no different! Thin but incredibly strong. ultralight, and nearly indestructible, these titanium trowels cuts turf and small roots with ease. The handles have a yellow coating for better gripping and visibility (harder to lose in the leaves) as well as a lanyard hole if you want to add a thin cord or string.

Weight: 0.4 oz to 1.0 oz depending on size

MSR Titan Kettle

MSR Titan Tea Kettle

Versatile enough to be a pot, mug or bowl, this ultralight titanium kettle holds 0.85 liters of liquid and comes with a tight-fitting lid and drip-free spout for smooth, easy pouring. An ultralight backpacking classic!

Weight 4.0 oz

Capacity 28 fl. oz (.85 liters)

Vargo Titanium Shepard's Hook Tent Stake

Vargo Titanium Ultralight Shepard’s Hook Tent Stakes with Florescent Coating

Classic shepherd’s hook design, good for many soil types, with orange fluorescent coated heads for increased visibility.

Weight: 0.3 oz / 8 g each

Snow Peak Starter Kit

Snow Peak Starter Kit

The Snow Peak Starter Kit is an ultra-light kit with everything you need to cook up a meal in the backcountry. The kit includes a Gigapower Stove Manual, a Trek 700 Titanium Kettle, and a Titanium Spork. All this at only 8.65 oz! The stove together with a small isobutane canister fit into the pot for compact, convenient storage. and a small lid hole  lets you safely drain hot water after boiling noodles for your evening meal

Weight (total) 8.65 oz

Pot capacity: 0.7 liters

Toaks Titanium Long-handled Spoon

Toaks Titanium Long-handled Spoon

Ultralight titanium long handle spoon with matte finish. Long handle and flat head make it easy to clean out every corner of your Nutella bottle or Mountain House meal

Weight: 0.5 oz.

Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot

Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot

Features insulated folding handles, making it easy to cook or drink without burning your hands. Including a strainer lid

Weight 8.1 oz (size medium), holds a 230 g fuel canister

Capacity: 33.8 fl oz / 1 liter

Titanium Wind Screen

Ultralight Titanium Wind Screen

Two Sizes: 15 g and 23 g

Ultralight titanium foil wind screen fits inside you pot for easy transport and is strong enough to stand up to multiple seasons of use.

Emberlit FireAnt

Emberlit FireAnt Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove

The new Emberlit FireAnt re-defines the ultra-light, collapsible, wood burning stove. Made of titanium it weights in at 2.8 oz.and packs completely flat for easy storage. A superb wood burning stove, the FireAnt offers the added versatility of being designed to integrate with Trangia or Esbit spirit burners, and even comes with a tray for efficiently using solid fuels such as Esbit or LiveFire.

Weight 2.8 oz.

REI-Titanium Gift Card

REI Titanium Gift Card

Now available in a $1000 denomination (just kidding) the REI Gift card is the lightest weight present on this list. Capable of being sent by email at the speed of light.

Weight: A few electrons

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  1. So Shiny, Must Buy it all!

  2. Better get that titanium Jetboil fast. Jetboil has discontinued the Sol line of stoves. The ones on the shelf now are the last ones that will ever be available.


  3. Hey not bad, I have four of the items listed and two items that are not on the list..And those are the.Frying Pan and a Knife, Fork, Spoon set.. I really, really, dislike the Spork. I thas put holes into the bottom and sides of my Ziplock bag dinners, and leaves scratches in the bottom of cooking Pans when stirring or trying to get some, sticky, burned, or encrusted items off the bottom of the Pan and it is just to sloppy to use when eating soup or soupy freeze dried meals….So that is why I was forced to learn how to whittle a spoon out of downed wood in fifteen minutes on my very first trip of replacing all my kitchen utensils with a Spork… And since most Titanium comes from I believe a Country who our President has made an enemy of….You might want to buy your dream titanium item soon………….As usual Phillip thank you for doing all the grunt work on these..

    • I am personally interested in the titanium frying pan for fish, but I’m not sure if many of my readers are (except you).

      • That is why I bought my Frying pan, for Trout and other beasties, like Rabbit, Squrriel etc. etc. . When I lived out on the Left Coast I planned on six major multi-day hikes into the Sierra’s every year. To get up into the Sierra’s usually means a long climb up a steep mountain trail especially from the East side where I was coming in from..Drive to downtown Bishop, make left in center of town drive up the Mountain to about 9000 ft. and acclimate the first night at a Federal Campground there.. Next day head up the mountain trail, you have a choice of many, to about 10,000 feet and acclimate again…Anyway..Weight is a big issue of course. For years I carried a folding handled Teflon coated Aluminum pan. It worked very well no complaints. But weighed twelve more ounces than the Titainum. So I bought a Ti-frying pan..Lots of issues but I solved them with the liberal use of Vegetable or Olive Oil and or Solid Crisco. You basically have to “float” what ever your frying off the bottom of the pan. A small metal flipper is a necessary item. Nylon melted on me twice..Funny I sat there one afternoon “sharpening” and “honeing” a pancake flipper for two hours…Boiling water is not a problem nor is soup or Soupy foods as long as you keep them in suspension by stiring them every 30 seconds or so. If you have, or can find, one of those old Laboratory heat diffusing pads for Bunsen Burners which we used for 20 years on the old SEVA 123R Stove, that might be a good idea as well..Food tends to want to stick to the bottom of the Ti- pan..and never, ever, try cooking Mac&Cheese in it. Of course, try it out at home first with a selection of the foods you are going to want to cook in the Ti-pan…I hear there is a Ti-Teflon pan out there but haven’t seen it yet or maybe it is in development. By the way Your first picture of the Sierra type Ti-Cup in the story, mine has a Lid with it..Does yours and did you accidently leave it out of the picture?

  4. You missed out on the Titanium Light My Fire Spork! Ultra light and has a fork and a spoon, not just some weird combo that doesn’t work. Why carry a Fork and a Spoon when you could have both?

  5. I’d suggest against buying the Jetboil Sol Ti. They had some rather serious design flaws (the fins would break fairly quickly). The rest of the Jetboil line is pretty solid, though.

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