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Vargo Titanium Non-Stick Pot

Vargo Titanium Non-Stick Pot

Brain Vargo makes some really nice Titanium camping cookware that’s lightweight and very functional. This little pot has a capacity of 0.9 Liters and weighs 3.9 oz on my digital scale, but a 1.3 Liter model is also available for $10 more that weighs 4.9 oz.

You’ll notice that the top lid is perforated with little holes. This is a built in strainer, which I think is a great feature if you like to cook pasta or noodles when you camp. The interior has a non-stick coating on it if you have even more ambitious cooking tastes and facilitates fast after dinner cleanup. The pot also has a nice pouring spout making it easy to transfer hot water to another container and volume markings on the inside and out that tell you how much liquid the pot contains.

 Titanium Camping Cookware

The only downside to this pot is that it requires a separate pot holder to move about and doesn’t come with an attached handle. Brian sells a pot holder that works with this pot, but unfortunately my REI pot holder only works if I grip the pot where it flares out at the spout. That’s ok when I’m straining water out of my noodles but doesn’t work if I need to use the spout. My advice, is to buy the pot holder that Brian sells for this pot. It’s only about $4 and you’ll have a working system.

Disclosure: Vargo Outdoors provided with a complementary pot for this review.

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  1. Looks good, but the lack of a handle and having to carry an extra pot holder says reams for me…Can't use it for my style of hiking.

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