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Wacky Car Camping Gear

I live with  woman who doesn’t like to hike. She does like to shop and buy cute things though. Here are her top car camping gear picks.

Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

It’s true. There is a product called the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag. It’s rated for 20 degrees, has bunny feet, side zips that run the length of the bag and a center zip in the crotch that lets you open the bag to pee or whatever else strikes your fancy. It’s also possible to attach two or more sexy hotness sleeping bags together. Hopefully you don’t need any more instructions….

I’ve tried to rationalize this as being the synthetic equivalent to wearable quilts like those from Jacks ‘R ‘Better or the Exped Dreamwalker. but honestly the Sex Hotness looks like it’d be a lot more fun for about the same money.

VW Camper Van Tent

The VW Camper Van Tent is a classic. It’s a replica of a 1965 VW bus with two rooms and a built in groundsheet.  I’d love to see the expression on peoples faces when they come upon us sleeping in one of these tents in the mountains in winter.

Authorized 1965 Replica Camper Van Tent
Authorized 1965 Replica Camper Van Tent

This is really too goo to pass up. I think I’m going to have to spring for one of these “for my wife.” I think this tent brings new meaning to the phrase car camping.

Horny Backpack

The Mad Pax Reptilian backpack rounds out my wife’s Big 3. It has a capacity of 1800 cubic inches, which makes it a bit small for more than an overnight, but it comes in purple which I know she’ll like. It’d be a fun carry-on item, that’s for sure.

Madpax Repilian Backpack
Madpax Repilian Backpack

Priced at $60, it’s arguably a great present for any backpacker in your family who takes his or her hobby a little too seriously.

Got any wacky  camping favorites you’d like to share?

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  1. Best. Post. Evar.

  2. Thanks for the smile to start my day, Philip.

  3. Jim – yeah, you can get kids tents that look like ladybugs and umbrellas that look like dinosaur armor.

  4. You, sir, owe me a new keyboard. I don't believe it will survive having coffee sprayed on it while watching the video for the sexy hotness sleeping bag.

  5. Wow, I always wanted a VW camper. That is too funny!!! Thx Philip.

  6. The VW tent almost had me buying……most excellent post!!!! If this stuff got my girlfriend to consider camping I would buy it in a heartbeat!Does the Horny backpack double as bear protection?

  7. Man that camper van tent is way to cool. I spent a good deal of my childhood traveling around with my parents in a good ‘ol comby van so I definitely want one.

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