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Yogurt Leather and Scroggin

Frank and Sue Wall authors of the very popular Australian Our Hiking Blog, together with Deb Hadkins, have just published a great new backpacking food guide and cookbook called Food To Go that’s chock full of backpacking recipes, meal planning tips, and do it yourself (DIY) food provisioning advice for your next hiking and bushwalking adventure.

Although the Food To Go authors live in Australia, the information provided is completely applicable regardless of where you live, and whether you want to prepare, dehydrate, and package all of your meals yourself from scratch or just buy them from a commercial backpacking food manufacturer.

This book is different than a lot of the other backpacking food guides and cookbooks that I own, in it provides step by step instructions on how to plan a multi-day menu that has a lot of variety and is easy to pack and/or cook. The truth is that backpackers need to eat more than 3 square, augmenting their diet with snacks throughout the day. We all do it, and this book helps you understand how to put them all together as a complete nutritional system.

This is illustrated in over a dozen 4-day backpacking menu plans contributed by an all-star cast of international backpackers that list the contents of their food bags including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack 1, snack 2, drinks, and extras. You guessed it, there’s even a 4 day backpacking menu from sectionhiker.com.

Food to Go

I have to say that I also learned some things from reading this book that I didn’t know before, including the fact that yogurt can be dehydrated like fruit leather, and how to make Scroggin, which is Australian for Trail Mix or Gorp. Scoggin stands for S- Sultanas; C-Chocolate; R- Raisins; O- Orange peel (candied); G- Ginger (Crystallised); G- Glucose (as in barley sugars or similar); I- Imagination (seeds, dried apple or apricot, etc..); N- Nuts (non-salted.) Sounds like a perfect pick me up for the trail.

Food to Go is available for purchase online as an eBook for $19.95 AUD ($17.82 USD). Well worth it.

Disclosure: SectionHiker.com received a complementary copy of this publication from the author and receives a small referral fee for each copy sold if a reader purchases the product.

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  1. Doesn't it though. I like eating Australian licorice on the trail (Trader Joe's sells an excellent variety) so mixing it in with everything else seems like a worthwhile idea.

  2. Scroggin certainly adds a whole new dimension to GORP (good old raisins and peanuts). Thanks for the info on the book, hopefully I’ll have a chance to check it out. We can be pretty picky when on long distance hikes.

  3. I hiked briefly with someone carrying candy gorp, every imaginable type of candy was in the bag. Strange but oddly good. I love Trader Joe's but there are sadly none near me in Utah.

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