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Owl’s Cliff and the Brunel Trail

Green Cliff and Sawyer Pond

The maze of trails and forest roads that run through the forest near Sawyer Pond can be a overwhelming even to an experienced navigator. I know, I’ve gotten turned around in there several times when I tried to find my way with just a map and compass. How’s that possible? There …

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Cold Weather Water Treatment and Purification

Near freezing temperatures complicate water treatment and purification because filters break when they freeze, batteries are prone to failure, and chemical reactions slow down dramatically.

Water treatment and purification are as important in cold weather as they are the rest of the year. Protozoa, bacteria, and cysts don’t go to sleep when temperature dip near or below freezing, nor do beavers, mice, deer, rabbits and all the other animals of the forest that can contaminate the …

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How to Backpack in the Rain and Stay Reasonably Happy

How to Backpack in the Rain

One of the most important skills of long distance backpacking is learning how to take care of yourself if you have to hike in sustained rain. Foot care, campsite selection, thermoregulation, pacing, layering, cooking, hydration, packing, and gear selection are all factors in learning how to stay happy and healthy …

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NEMO Sonic 0 Down Sleeping Bag Review

The NEMO Sonic 0 Down Sleeping Bag has Thermo-Gills that let you vent the warmth of the bag up to 20 degrees without introducing drafts, so you can use it in warmer temperatures.

The NEMO Sonic 0 is a 850 down fill power winter sleeping bag that is cut wide around the knees and torso making it comfortable for back or side sleepers, much like NEMO’s spoon-shaped three-season sleeping bags (like the Nocturne 30.) The Sonic 0 also features zippered vents down the front, …

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Smarts Mountain Traverse

Fire Warden's Cabin on Smarts Mountain, NH

Smarts Mountain (3238′), located outside of Hanover, NH, is the first decent sized mountain that Appalachian Trail thru-hikers face when they enter the White Mountain National Forest. It has a fire tower on top with good views, a tent site, and an old warden’s cabin that hikers can camp or …

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