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Backpacking a Willey Range Lollipop

Zealand Valley Beaver Meadows

Pungent. That’s the best way to describe the smell on the Zealand Trail as you approach the Beaver Ponds. They’re an essential part of the Zealand Valley ecosystem providing open space for migrating flocks of birds to land and rest while accelerating the decomposition of the trees and grasses they …

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Winter Hiking, Hydration, and Insulated Water Bottle Jackets

Drinking plenty of water can be difficult when your head is covered in the cold, so prehydration is key.

Whenever you go hiking, it’s important to stay properly hydrated. This is especially important for winter hiking, when even mild dehydration can cloud your judgment and reduce your energy level. In winter, water loss occurs through perspiration and respiration. While you can regulate your perspiration rate by slowing down your …

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ULA Photon Daypack Review

The ULA Photon is a 35L frameless ultralight backpack

The ULA Photon is a 35L frameless ultralight-style daypack that weighs between 22-27 ounces, depending on how the pack is configured and whether you keep all of the optional components.  It’s basically a lower volume version of ULA’s CDT ultralight backpack (54L) ideal for day hikes, hut-to-hut overnights, commuting or air …

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NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Inflatable Bivy Tent Review

The NEMO GoFo Elite 1-person minimalist shelter

The NEMO GoGo Elite Inflatable Bivy Tent is a 1-person minimalist shelter that’s more spacious and comfortable than a bivy sack, but far more compact than most 1-person tents making it ideal for trips that require carrying a low volume load like adventure racing, fast and light backpacking, or bikepacking. …

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REI Activator Soft-Shell Winter Hiking Pants

REI's Activator Soft Shell Pants have a flat belt buckle that fits easily under a climbing harness or backpack hip belt for winter hiking

Finding a good pair of winter hiking pants that will keep you warm while venting excess sweat is one of the more challenging pieces of clothing for winter hikers to acquire. While beginner winter hikers can get by with layering a pair of synthetic long johns under a pair of …

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