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How to Remove Tree Sap from Hammock Straps

How to remove tree sap from hammock straps

It really sucks when you get sticky tree sap on your hammock or tarp suspension system. It’s hard to get off and it spreads other parts of your hammock setup quickly because it’s all stuffed together when you pack up, making it tacky to the touch. Always check for oozing …

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What To Do If You Get Lost Hiking

What to do if you get lost hiking

You’re hiking along a trail and you suddenly realize you’ve lost it. Stop where you are and try to remember how you got where you are. Can you remember any landmarks that you passed that you know were on the trail? When was the last time you saw a trail …

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MSR TrailShot Water Filter Review

Drinking from a MSR TrailShot Water Filter

The MSR TrailShot Water Filter is a highly compact and portable water filter that lets you drink directly from natural water sources like streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. It has an unusual design that’s a lot like a water fountain (with a built-in water filter) so you can hydrate on …

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Arkel Seatpacker 15L Bikepacking Bag Review

The Arkel Seatpacker 15L is a waterproof seat bag that provides plenty of camping gear storage for cycling adventures

The Arkel Seatpacker 15 is a waterproof seat bag that has plenty of space to store camping gear for bikepacking trips. It slides on and off a clever aluminum frame that clamps to your saddle’s rails and holds it securely in place without any bouncing or tail wag. The frame has …

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Raffle: Enter for a Chance to Win a FREE REI Flash 45 Backpack

REI Flash 45 Backpack

The REI Flash 45 (2017) is a lightweight backpack with an adjustable, ventilated frame that’s perfect for weekend backpacking trips or more technical day hikes. Weighing just 2 lbs 14 oz in a size L, it’s a surprisingly comfortable and functional backpack capable of carrying 25-30 pound loads. If you’re …

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