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Thule T1 9041 Fat Bike Hitch Rack Review

Thule t1 9041 Fat bike hitch rack review

The problem with a lot of bicycle hitch racks is that they don’t fit 5″ fat tire widths or you can only get them in a 2″ truck-sized size hitch. I recently bought a new car with a towing hitch, so I could get a hitch rack capable of carrying a …

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Great Hikes in the Whites: The Red Ridge Loop

Great Hikes in the White Mountains The Red Ridge Loop

The Red Ridge Loop is a 10 mile loop hike located just outside North Conway, New Hampshire that climbs the steep and rocky summit of North Moat Mountain before descending the Red Ridge Trail down a series of open ledges with awesome views of Mt Washington and the lesser summits …

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REI Waterproof/Breathable Rain Pants Review

REI's Waterproof/Breathable Rain Pants are a surprisingly good value compared to name brand rain pants.n

I’m a big fan of REI’s clothing because it’s affordable, good quality, and virtually indistinguishable from the other name brand products they sell. This includes their Waterproof/Breathable Rain Pants (the latest update has been renamed “Essential Rain Pants”) which are a steal at $60/pair (often available for less), and are …

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Sawyer Select S1, S2, S3 Water Filter and Purifier Bottles Review

Sawyer Select water purifier bottle review

Sawyer’s Select Water Filter and Purifier Bottles combine a Sawyer’s 0.1 micron absolute hollow filter membrane filter (same as a Sawyer Mini, just smaller) with a foam purifier to remove contaminants found in fresh water. Labelled S1, S2, and S3, you can purchase different purifier bottles which remove different classes …

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