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Hiking a Mount Lafayette Loop on Less Crowded Trails

Mt Lafayette is the highest peak on Franconia Ridge and the most popular because day hikers and backpackers can stop at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s nearby Greenleaf Hut to refill their water bottles and buy lunch. It can also get very busy on summer weekends with AT Thru-hikers and tourists, …

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Fishbone Tent Anchors for Wooden Platform Camping

It can be difficult to anchor a tent to a wooden camping platform if it has to be staked out to set up. You usually need to prepare for this in advance by bringing extra cordage to rig up long guylines or platform hooks that you can drop between the …

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MassDrop Pine Down Blanket Review

The MassDrop Pine Down Blanket is an inexpensive down comforter ($100) that’s been augmented with cordlocks, drawstrings, and cord channels so it can be used as a blanket, a top quilt, or even as a hammock underquilt with some minor augmentation. It’s insulated with 850 fill power, water-resistant, white duck …

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My Favorite Trail Breakfast: Wheat Cereal Soup

My favorite trail breakfast consists of three packs of instant wheat cereal and dried fruit and nuts. You just need to boil water to make it. I like to make mine the consistency of soup because the extra liquid helps me rehydrate in the morning and because it makes it …

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Paria Breeze Mesh Bug Bivy Review

The Paria Breeze Mesh Bivy is an affordable and spacious single person bug bivy for use under a tarp or by itself in dry weather.  Bug bivies are more spacious than bivy sacks with floors and sidewalls to keep rain from splashing back under your tarp. They’re far more livable …

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