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Thermarest Slacker Hammock Sleeping Pad Review

The self-inflating Slacker Hammock Sleeping Pad will work with any gathered end hammock. Shown here with a Hummingbird Hammocks Single

The Thermarest Slacker Hammock Sleeping pad is a 26 ounce self-inflating pad with an R-value of 2.1. Given its weight and size when rolled up, it’s best used for hammock car camping rather than backpacking. While not as sexy as a underquilt, it’s far less expensive, easy to deploy, and …

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ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System Review

The ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System contains all of the components necessary for backpacking with a hammock, except foam padding or some other insulation to keep your back warm at night. If you’ve never hammocked or want to get into backpacking with a hammock, buying an integrated system like this …

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Camping Hammock Length and Comfort: How to Choose

If you’re thinking about buying a camping hammock or looking to upgrade, the length of a gathered-end hammock can make a big difference in your comfort. The 4 foot rule of thumb Most hammock experts recommend getting a hammock that is 4 feet longer than your height so you can …

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How Much Water Do You Need for Day Hiking?

Water for Day Hiking

It’s important to bring water with you when you go day hiking to replace the fluid you lose to perspiration, help keep you more alert and flush waste products out of your body.  Not bringing enough water can lead to discomfort, while bringing too much can slow you down. How …

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Backpacking Footwear Selection for Spring Conditions

April 22, 2017 - Spring backpacking trip where I chose to wear insulated boots and gaiters

What is the right footwear for spring conditions: winter hiking boots or trail runners? When can you switch between the two? There is a point where avoiding frostbite trumps lightweight footwear and wearing insulated boots still makes sense. Knowing when to choose between them requires understanding: where is the snow …

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