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10 Best Rechargeable Hiking Headlamps of 2024

10 Best Rechargeable Headlamps of 2024

A headlamp is one of the most important 10 essentials for backpacking, hiking, fastpacking, trail running, climbing, and any other kind of outdoor adventure sport. Using your smartphone as a flashlight doesn’t cut it. But the days of carrying extra AA and …

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10 Best Backpacking Rain Jackets of 2024

10 Best Backpacking Rain Jackets

What should you look for in a rain jacket for hiking and backpacking? While having a waterproof/breathable jacket can be a plus, it’s pretty easy to overwhelm their ability to vent moisture in the rain when you’re perspiring with a backpack strapped …

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REI Swiftland Low Gaiters Review

REI Swiftland Hiking Gaiters

REI Swiftland Gaiters are low softshell gaiters designed for use with trail runners and low hiking shoes, including: trail runners with a rear gaiter trap (like Altra trail runners) trail runners or hiking shoes that have a flat sole trail runners or …

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10 Best Backpack Accessory Pockets of 2024

10 Best Backpack Accessory Pockets

Many hikers and backpackers like to attach extra accessory pockets to their shoulder straps and hip belts to provide extra storage and help organize their gear so it can be accessed quickly without removing their backpacks. Extra water bottle sleeves, chest packs, …

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