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Backpacking the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway – A Trip Plan

Backpacking the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway

The Monadnock Sunapee Greenway (MSG) is a white-blazed hiking trail in southwestern New Hampshire. It is 48 miles in length from the peak of Mount Monadnock to the peak of Mount Sunapee and can be done from south to north or in reverse. It’s important to understand that the trail …

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10 Best Hiking Daypacks of 2020

10 Best Hiking Daypacks

The best hiking daypacks are functional, fit well, and durable. They have to be because they’re your home away from home, carrying all of your essentials including outdoor gear, food, water, and survival gear. Many daypacks are also good for multiple sports including mountain biking, climbing, skiing or snowboarding. You …

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Backpacking Clothing – What Should You Pack For the Trail?

Backpacking Clothing - What Should You Pack?

With the exception of socks or underwear, most backpackers don’t bring multiple sets of clothing on backpacking trips in order to save weight. That means washing or rinsing clothes when they get stinky or crusty with perspiration and dirt. If you’re on a trail near a town, this means a …

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Nunatak Arc UL 20 Three-Season Quilt Review

Nunatak Arc UL 20 Quilt Review

The Nunatak Arc UL 20 Quilt is a thoughtfully-designed, lightweight three-season quilt. While fairly expensive at $425, its features and execution make it worth every penny. There are a number of quilts out there that cost a good $150 less than this one, but many of them lack premium features …

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Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals Review

Xero Shoes Z-Trail Hiking Sandals Review

Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail Sandal is a thin, light, flexible trail sandal for men and women, great for followers of the “barefoot”  and zero-drop shoe movements, and anyone who doesn’t want to carry extra weight but would like to bring camp shoes or river crossing footwear on their trip. They’re also …

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