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Endorsement Disclosure adheres strictly to the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines in Endorsements and Product Reviews, which requires US-based bloggers and online media to disclose whether a manufacturer or 3rd party has provided free products or compensation to a reviewer. If such a relationship exists, you will find a disclosure statement at the bottom of reviews, including reviews written by guest posters.

Personally, I take great care to review products carefully and truthfully on because I know that readers rely on my opinion.

I also give away all complementary products received from manufacturers for review on to friends or donate them to charitable causes: I do not sell them for personal gain.

I wish all outdoor bloggers and online writers followed the FTC Guidelines, not just in the United States where they are Law, but internationally. I think it would help protect you, our readers, and help boost the low opinion that many readers have about the trustworthiness of the outdoor blogging community.

Third-Party Relationship Disclosures

I am self-employed and do not have any gear sponsors.

Affiliate Fees is in part financed by affiliate fees.  These are a form of advertising where an online retailer pays SectionHiker a commission if you click on a hyperlink that takes you to their store and you purchase a product from them. These fees are paid entirely by online retailers and not by readers. These commissions are not tied to specific product purchases, but any product that you purchase from the online retailer.