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Leukotape Blister Prevention Tape for Running and Hiking


Leukotape P Sports Tape is a sticky blister prevention tape with a strong zinc oxide adhesive that won’t come off, even in very wet conditions. It’s also highly breathable, so it can be safely worn by runners and backpackers for several days at a time. It’s best used as a preventative barrier over potential hot spots, especially when you’re breaking in a new pair of running shoes, hiking boots, or are starting an exercise program. Leukotape is not intended for use on pre-existing blisters, however, because the adhesive can pull off loose and broken skin.

Leukotape P Blister Prevention Tape

Sticky Adhesive
Ease of Use
Shelf Life

Strong Adhesive Sports Tape

Leukotape is a sticky, breathable sports tape used for barrier taping to prevent blisters, that won't come off, even in very wet conditions. Use it to prevent hot spots when running, hiking, and backpacking or breaking in new shoes and boots.

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Priced under $12/roll, Leukotape P is much less expensive and more effective than other blister prevention tape products like moleskin or duct tape. It’s also very different from Kinesotape products like KT Tape or Rocktape because it’s non-elastic and has no stretch to it. Leukotape’s non-stretch quality makes it ideal for joint immobilization and it’s used widely for patellofemoral taping and therapeutic shoulder realignment.

Although Leukotape P is sticky, it’s quite easy to pull off by hand and won’t tear healthy skin off when you remove it. Some people also coat their feet using Tincture of Benzoin before applying Leukotape to make their skin even stickier, but I haven’t found that to be necessary and just use the tape by itself.

Cut the strips into 3-4 inch strips, that you could use to cover your heels
Cut the tape into 3-4 inch strips, that you could use to cover your heels or other hotspots

How to Use

It’s awkward to carry a bulky roll of Leukotape P, so most people carry strips of it stuck to release paper, the shiny paper that adhesive mailing labels come on. To make your own, run a few lengths of Leukotape P across the paper. Then cut it into strips and carry them in a sandwich bag. They’ll remain sticky in that form for 1 year.

If you always develop blisters in the same place when running or hiking, pre-tape your feet with Leukotape P. Trim a strip with scissors by rounding the edges at the corners. This reduces the chance of catching a corner and bunching the tape or peeling it off on clothing.


Apply it to the hot spot and rub it gently with your finger to warm it up and help the adhesive set. It’s best to apply several hours before exercise if possible to get a really tight bond, but not strictly necessary. I’ve often applied it while hiking and then resumed my trip without mishap.

Notes on Use

Many companies sell Leukotape with natural latex in their formulation. Make sure to check the product contents carefully if you are allergic to latex. If the Leukotape adhesive gums up your socks, medical adhesive remover is all you need to dissolve it.

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  1. wax paper doesn’t work.
    The stuff you want is on the back of adhesive mailing labels. Go into any UPS or Fedex store and ask for some. They have sheets of the stuff that they usually throw away.

  2. Best stuff ever, worked great for me. Didn’t come off or bunch up under my socks. Followed the directions above for pre cut sizes and slipped them in a sandwich bag. Easy and quick to use.

  3. BTW, to quickly break in new leather or mostly leather shoes and boots do the following:

    1. fill shoes with warm water
    2. let sit in your tub or shower for 10 minutes
    3. drain well and put them on using your normal hiking socks
    4. walk in the shoes/boots for at least an hour with around 30 pounds in your pack
    5. let dry for three days and wear as usual

    The water takes the place of your sweat in wetting the boots. Wearing them wet assists greatly in speeding up break-in time.

  4. I’m a big fan of Luekotape and am a regular user. I agree with the review, but with one exception, it is certainly not very breathable. I’d give it 2/5 instead of 4.5/5 for breathability. Often when I take the tape off after 1-3 days with occasional rain and puddles, the skin underneath looks like it has kept damp for as long. It might dry out after long enough, but at the end of the day I don’t wait. I pull the tape off, let the skin dry, and re-apply in the morning.

  5. Do you know if the difference between the “P” and “K” is just latex free? Have you used both to see if there is a difference in performance? I’m not allergic to latex and bought the “K” version not knowing the difference.

  6. Unfortunately I found out in New Hampshire a few years ago that I am allergic to the adhesive in Leukotape. Does anyone have an alternative that works in a similar way?


    Just applied Leukotape P to my heal this morning. First time using it. (Brand new roll of tape from Amazon. BSN Medical)

    I’m breaking in new pair of heavy leather boots and have been getting hot spots on my heals and sometimes blisters earlier.

    Put a single horizontal strip of Leukotape on my right heel. On the other heal a more traditional adhesive bandage tape. The hope was that these would protect from hot spots and blisters. After a few miles I had to change boots due to a hot spot on my right heel, not my left.

    When I got home removed my socks I found the Leukotape had leaked adhesive from skin side to the outside exactly where the hot spot was. It was sticking the sock to the tape, increasing the friction and heat!

    Do I have defective tape?

  8. I’ve found that parchment paper (the kind used for baking) works well to carry your Leukotape.

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