Oboz Bridger 10″ BDry Winter Hiking Boots Review

Oboz Bridger 10 BDry Winter Hiking Boot Review

Oboz Bridger 10" BDry Winter Hiking Boots

Foot Protecton
Water Resistence

Great Traction

The Oboz Bridger 10" is a comfortable and warm waterproof/breathable winter boot with great traction. The high cuffs provide excellent ankle support and seal in the heat, while the boot's beefy leather uppers provide excellent protection and durability.

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The Oboz Bridger 10″ BDry is an insulated winter hiking and snowshoeing boot with a BDry waterproof/breathable membrane and 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation, making them suitable for cold weather use. Oboz doesn’t publish a temperature rating for them but they’re comparable to other 400-gram insulated winter hiking boots (-40F) in terms of warmth.

The Bridger 10 has thick Nubuck leather uppers and a beefy, rubber front toe kick providing your toes with ample protection when wearing snowshoes or if you have to kick steps into hard snow. The tongue is gusseted to prevent water from leaking into the boot if you step into a deep puddle, and there’s a front gaiter ring at the base of the laces. The back of the boot has a rigid heel cup that gives the boot excellent stability and has a narrow protruding “shelf” to capture a rear snowshoe strap.

A large toe kick provides protection while a gussetted tongue prevents water from entering the boot
A large toe kick provides protection while a gussetted tongue prevents water from entering the boot

The upper part of the boot is fairly stiff out of the box but loosens up with use. But while the Bridger 10″ looks like a boot, it wears more like a running shoe, with a noticeably curved rocker that makes them easier to walk with.

In terms of sizing, the Bridger 10″ boots run narrow and about a 1/2 size small, so size up. Oboz says that the heel is a size “C” width, which is indeed narrow, while the toe box is a regular size “D” width. The Bridger 10″ is NOT available in wide sizes, like many of Oboz’s other boots, so be forewarned. Unfortunately, the Bridger 10″ is the only 400 gram insulated boot made by Oboz and their other models, some which are available in wide widths, only have 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.

The Bridger 10 comes with a sculpted insole covered on one side with reflective mylar and the other with wool
The Bridger 10 comes with a sculpted insole covered on one side with reflective mylar and the other with wool

The Bridger 10″ comes with a wool-covered insole that is coated on the bottom with reflective mylar. The insole is sculpted to cup your heel and has a small shock-absorbing pad underneath. It provides good arch support and is a superior insole as manufacturer insoles go. But I’d still recommend swapping it out with an aftermarket insole, like a Superfeet Green, because it prevents the pronation, which can lead to plantar fasciitis.

The Bridger 10″ has an aggressive exterior sole with big lugs that provides excellent traction on snow and off. The lugs run up the sides of the sole a bit, making them good for scrambling on loose gravel or open ledge. If you’ve owned Oboz trail shoes or boots, then you’re probably familiar with the Granite Peak outsole used on the Bridger 10″, since it’s also found on many of Oboz’s other hiking shoes. Of course, you’ll still need microspikes or snowshoes when snow and ice make the scene. The sole has a nylon shank that provides very firm heel support with a TPU chassis to absorb shocks and a high arch for gaiter compatibility. A men’s 11 weighs 3 lbs 7.7 oz/pair.

The Bridger 10 has an aggressive lugged sole that provides excellent traction on slush and snow.
The Bridger 10 has an aggressively lugged sole that provides excellent traction on slush and snow.

The lacing system uses a combination of fabric loops, metal eyes, and speed hooks near the top collar. However, the laces have a habit of untying themselves, so I usually triple knot them so they don’t come undone. The laces are round and I suspect that switching to flat laces will help ameliorate the problem, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.


The Oboz Bridger 10″ is a comfortable and warm winter boot with excellent traction. The high cuffs provide excellent ankle support and help seal in the heat, while the boot’s beefy leather uppers provide excellent protection and durability. The aggressive Granite Peak lugged sole is identical to that used on many of Oboz’s other boots and shoes and equally capable in snow and slush. If you already use Oboz boots or shoes and love the way they fit, then getting the Bridger 10’s is probably a no brainer, provided you don’t need a wide width. If you’ve never tried an Oboz boot, these are great cold-weather hikers, well-built and with plenty of protection to keep your feet warm and happy on long, all-day hikes and snowshoeing trips. The Oboz Bridger 9″ is the women’s version of this 400-gram insulated hiking boot.

Disclosure: Oboz provided the author with a pair of boots for this review.

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  1. wearing these this winter and love them!!!!

  2. Philip, at what temperature do you transition to boots like these? Concerned I’m going to sweat them out down in the mid-Atlantic, where temperatures rarely get near 0F. So far I’ve been fine with Goretex socks inside my Raptors, but that’s a good solution for hiking and not for standing around in camp (with Boy Scouts e.g.)…

  3. I purchased these boots before this Winter and everything was going well until last week when the water proofing wore off. Total life of 15-20 day hikes and less than 150 miles. I guess it’s par for the course. I am going to attempt to cure this issue by treating the leather.

    • Not sure how the waterproofing can wear “off”. It’s a membrane on the inside of the boot. Sounds like the membrane wore out instead. Try sealing the seams with shoegoo (polyurethane)

  4. I selected this boot last year for my first foray into winter hiking as a “no brainer” to my Oboz 3 season boots, given the toe box and Oboz fit to me and I figured I could narrow the testing down to a couple pair with 400g. After 3 trips into the 4ks between Dec 19 and Mar 20 I never looked back. Can’t wait for the snow. Glad to see it made the top 10.

  5. REI has these in a 8w? Are you certain they do not make wide widths? Perhaps REI is mistaken? Please advise as I would like to purchase and I need a wide I normally wear a 7.5 EEE width and concerns about the narrow comments and not being available in Wide?


  6. These boots are amazing, I’ve only got about 30 miles on them so far but they have not let me down yet. The narrow fit works really well for my feet but I feel like they could open up nicely for a more “normal” size foot as well. Phillip is right, these definitely feel like a trail runner and that’s much appreciated when transitioning from snow to rock. If your feet sweat a lot, these may not be the best choice for you, I’ve only had my down to temps around 10 degrees and have noticed my feet getting slightly clammy (rare for me). This could probably be somewhat alleviated by fancy/smart sock choices, but my ignorant self just throws on the same smartwool hikers every time.

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