10 Most Durable Lightweight Backpacks of 2022

10 Best Durable Lightweight Backpacks

The growing use of EcoPak, Ultra, Dyneema Composite Fabrics, Woven Dyneema, XPac, and LiteSkin have ushered in a new era of durable lightweight, sub-3-pound backpacks that can withstand the abuse of multiple thru-hikes, bushwhacking, canyoneering, and winter hiking and still come back for more. While you will pay a premium for a backpack that is both lightweight and durable, it’s worth the investment since your backpack is the one piece of gear that can’t fail.

Make and ModelVolumeWeightMaterials
Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 5050L34.2 oz / 970gECOPAK
Waymark Lite 5055L39 oz / 1106gECOPAK
Seek Outside Gila 350057L43 oz / 1219gUltra400
Elemental Horizons Kalais XT49L41 oz / 1162gXPac
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 240040L32.3 oz / 916gDyneema DCF
ULA Circuit68L36.6 oz / 1040gXPac
Hyperlite Mountain Gear North Rim55L35 oz / 992gWoven Dyneema
Chicken Tramper CTUG-4545L30 oz / 850gXPac
Northern Ultralight Sundown46L28.5 oz / 808gXPac
Six Moon Designs Swift X46L36 oz / 1021gLiteSkin or XPac

Here’s my go-to list of the most durable lightweight and ultralight backpacks available today. Go ahead, run these packs through your favorite backpack torture test. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed with their durability under fire.

1. Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 50

2022 Long Haul 50 EcoPak

Weighing 34.2 ounces, Superior Wilderness Design’s Long Haul 50 backpack is well-sized for multi-day backpacking trips with all of the must-have features you’d expect on a lightweight backpack like a rear mesh pocket, side water bottle pockets, hip belt pockets, and a roll-top closure. Made with EcoPak, a waterproof fabric similar to Dyneema DCF, but more abrasion resistant, the Long Haul is built for durability. Pre-bent aluminum stays and a sewn-on hip belt also provide superior comfort, excellent load transfer, and a body-hugging fit, while a plethora of attachment points make it easy to tailor for technical hikes. Read SectionHiker’s Long Haul 50 Review

Check out the latest price at:
Superior Wilderness Designs

2. Waymark Gear LITE 50 Backpack

Waymark Lite 50

The Waymark Gear Lite 50 is a lightweight internal frame backpack made with ECOPAK that is suitable for multi-day backpacking and thru-hiking trips. Weighing 39 oz, the Lite 50 has a standard UL rolltop design with a sewn-on hip belt, a front mesh pocket, and durable side pockets, including two side pocket configurations to choose from. The pack is available in multiple colors and the sewing and construction are absolutely top-notch, making the Lite 50 a real contender for backpackers that want a lightweight roll-top pack made with waterproof fabric. Read the SectionHiker Waymark Gear LITE 50 Review. Sizing is Unisex.

Check out the latest price at:
Waymark Gear

3. Seek Outside Gila 3500 Backpack

Seek Outside Gila Ultra
The Seek Outside Gila is a 3500 cubic inch (57 L – not counting pocket volume) ultralight-style roll-top backpack with an external frame capable of hauling very heavy loads up to 50 lbs, that blows other lightweight packs out of the water. Weighing 43 ounces, it’s made with a durable waterproof laminate called Ultra which is more abrasion resistant than Dyneema DCF or XPac. The adjustable-torso length external frame behaves a lot like a ventilated backpack, keeping your shirt dry in hot weather. The solid side pockets and reinforced front mesh stash pocket provide an impressive amount of external storage, while a wide hip belt provides excellent support. Read our Seek Outside Gila Review

Check out the latest price at:
Seek Outside 

4. Elemental Horizons Kalais XT Backpack

300 Kalais XT
The Elemental Horizons Kalais XT is a roll-top backpack with an adjustable torso length. Weighing 41 oz, it’s made with XPac and 210 Dyeenma X Gridstop. It has solid hip belt pockets and side pockets for extra durability with a Dyneema X reinforced stash pocket in the front. Wide compression webbing and oversized buckles add to the pack’s durability. The hip belt pockets are optional and removable, which is a good way to avoid destroying them if you have to push through a lot of heavy brush. Read our EH Kalais XT Backpack Review

Check out the latest price at:
Elemental Horizons

5. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 2400 Backpack

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 2400

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 2400 (40L) is a bomber ultralight backpack that weighs 30 ounces. Made with special DCR/Polyester laminate for durability, it’s tough-skinned and effectively waterproof. There’s also no mesh on the backpack and all of the pockets on the hip belt, side water bottle pockets, and front stash pocket are hard-faced with 210D Dyneema X grid-stop. Sized for ultralight backpacking, the 2400 is also available in 3400 (55L) and 4400 (72L) sizes for gear-intensive trips. Available in white and black, the black-colored packs are made with a thicker DCF/Polyester laminate and are more durable. Read our HMG Southwest 2400 Review.

Check out the latest price at:
Hyperlite Mountain Gear

6. ULA Circuit Backpack

ULA Circuit

The ULA Circuit is a 68L roll-top style ultralight backpack that weighs 36.6 oz. The pack body and side pockets are now available in 400D Robic Nylon which is very tough stuff, with a heavy-duty mesh front stash pocket. The multi-part frame includes an aluminum stay, dense foam, and a carbon fiber hoop for comfort and optimal load transfer. The Circuit comes with a wide interchangeable hip belt for optimal sizing including large, hard-faced hip belt pockets. Male and female-specific shoulder straps are also available as an option at the time of purchase. Read our ULA Circuit Review

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7. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Northrim 3400

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Northrim 3400
The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Northrim 3400 is one of the most durable backpacks available today, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Weighing 35 oz, it’s a 55L roll-top pack made with 375 denier fully woven Dyneema in all of its high abrasion areas including its base, three external pockets, and hip belt pockets. Also available in a 4400 cubic inch size, it has two internal frame stays that provide structure, a sewn-on hipbelt for superb load-to-hip weigh transfer, waterproof zippers, and heavy-duty buckles that can stand up to serious abuse.

Check out the latest price at:
Hyperlite Mountain Gear

8. Chicken Tramper C-Tug 45

The Chicken Tramper CTUG-45 is a 45 liter ultralight roll-top backpack made with XPAC that weighs 30 oz. The pack is fairly unique in that it has an optionally removable internal frame made from carbon fiber arrow shafts, an external sit pad pocket, shoulder straps, and a sewn-on hip belt with a lumbar pad that gives it a max comfortable load of 30 pounds. Read our Chicken Tramper CTUG-45 review.

Check out the latest price at:
Chicken Tramper

9. Northern Ultralight Sundown

Northern Ultralight Sundown Backpack
The Northern Ultralight Sundown Backpack is a modular 46-liter rolltop pack designed for ultralight-style thru-hiking. Weighing 25.8 oz ounces, it’s made with XPac, 210 Dyneema Grid, and heavy-duty mesh for extra durability. The hip belt pockets are made with XPac and come with waterproof zippers. The hip belt is also removable using an innovative clip attachment system when you just want to use the backpack as a minimalist day pack. Read our Sundown backpack review.

Check out the latest price at:
Northern Ultralight

10. Six Moon Designs Swift X

Six Moons Swift X
The Six Moon Designs Swift X is a 45 liter adjustable length backpack that weighs 36 oz. Available in XPac or LiteSkin (which we’d recommend since it’s even more abrasion resistant). It has a durable stretch Lycra front pocket and side water bottle pockets, solid hip belt pockets, and a removable Delrin frame stay. Six Moon Designs is one of the few lightweight pack makers to provide vest-style shoulder straps as an option as well as multiple hip belt lengths so you can dial in a great fit. Read our Swift X backpack review.

Check out the latest price at:
Six Moon Designs

What Makes a Lightweight Backpack Durable?

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the durability of lightweight and ultralight backpacks because I destroyed so many of them back in the days when they were made with less durable fabrics like silnylon and Robic (nylon). While many pack manufacturers have moved on to more durable materials and fabrics like Ultra, EcoPak, Dyneema Composite Fabrics (DCF), XPac, and LiteSkin, the overall durability of a multi-day backpack can’t be determined solely by the material used to make the body of a pack.

If you do a careful analysis of backpack failure points, you’ll find that they fail in a number of common areas.

  • Abraded base fabric
  • Ripped side and front mesh pockets
  • Abraded hip belt pockets
  • Torn shoulder strap or hip belt anchors
  • Broken buckles
  • Zipper failure
  • Torn attachment points, including compression strap anchors
  • Worn out frame stay slots

While the use of durable fabrics and materials helps address issues of abrasion, it’s a slippery slope because tougher fabrics tend to be heavier or higher in cost, making a pack that uses them potentially less attractive to buyers.

If you want a lightweight (sub 3 pound) backpack that is going to last for a long time without a lot of pampering, it’s best to aim for packs that are:

  • Overbuilt with bigger buckles and wide webbing straps
  • Reinforced shoulder straps and hip belt wings
  • Eliminate or limit the amount of mesh they use
  • Have streamlined roll-top style designs
  • Minimize their use of zippers
  • Use standard hardware that owners can replace without sewing.

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  1. I am a very happy owner of a CTUG pack. Each pack is built for its owner, so it’ll fit (assuming you give them correct measurements). I’ve carried weights between around 4 kg to 15 kg comfortably; I’ve read it’ll carry 20 kg without compromising comfort — that’s good to know if you anticipate carrying a lot of water for a stretch.

    The pockets are less stretchy that others, but they’re likely more durable. I’ve done some bushwhacking wearing this pack. The mesh may catch on branches, but the mesh isn’t going to get shredded.

    The customer service has been excellent, too. Shortly after I placed my order – as in within an hour – I received a message from one of the owners. We had a conversation that led to me getting a better pack thanks to his expertise & input. The downside is that because each pack is made to order you won’t get it in a hurry — you’ll want to plan ahead & order a pack as soon as you know you need one.

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