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Product reviews on backpacking gear.

The Silky Bigboy cuts through dead wood like butter.

Silky Saw’s BIGBOY Folding Saw for Trail Maintenance

Saws are an amazingly versatile tool for a backpacker or camper to carry in woodland terrain, both for trail maintenance and for cutting firewood, provided it’s done in accordance with Leave No Trace Principles and local fire regulations. Note: Leave No Trace is not against fires in the backcountry, Leave No Trace recommends the responsible […]

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Leaving Torridon - Scotland

Core Clothing for 3 Season Hiking and Backpacking

Andrew Skurka posted a very informative series last week about the 13 Core Clothing items he wears for 3 season backpacking. We corresponded over the weekend, and he suggested that I write up my list for comparison purposes. Unlike Andrew, I only use 9 clothing items vs his 13, (not including hats, socks, or gloves), but […]

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ULA Circuit Backpack

ULA Circuit Backpack Review

The ULA Circuit Backpack is a streamlined lightweight backpack with a surprising amount of flexibility for many types of backcountry adventure. Made with bomber fabrics and feature-rich, the Circuit is tough enough for year-round use in 4 season conditions. Internal Storage and Organization With 68 liters of total capacity, the ULA Circuit can hold a lot […]

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The Backpacker's Field Manual by Rick Curtis

Book Review: The Backpacker’s Field Manual

The Backpacker’s Field Manual, A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills is still the most complete and readable handbook of backpacking instruction available today. Written by Rick Curtis, Director of Princeton University’s Famous Outdoor Recreation Program, it provides a gear-agnostic approach to the skills and techniques required for enjoyable and safe backcountry hiking. First published in 1998, […]

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Camping with the Exped Synmat Winterlite Sleeping Pad

Exped SynMat Winterlite Sleeping Pad Review

The long-awaited Exped SynMat Winterlite insulated sleeping pad is now available at major outdoor retailers, including REI. This is a very lightweight, high R-value sleeping pad (R-Value = 4.9) that is warm enough for camping on snow, in addition to three season use. Mummy-shaped, the SynMat Winterlite is filled with a synthetic microfiber insulation which is […]

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