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Product reviews on backpacking gear.

Best Hiking and Backpacking Skills Books


Becoming a skilled and confident hiker or backpacker is a lifelong endeavor that requires continuous learning and practice. While reading hiking books can’t give you the hands-on experience that only comes by getting your clothes dirty and boots wet, they are a useful guide to expand your horizons and help …

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The Worst Hiking and Backpacking Gear of 2016

Worst Backpacking Gear of 2016

SectionHiker.com has been called America’s Test Kitchen of Hiking and Backpacking Gear because we don’t pull any punches in our product reviews. We use the products we review in the field and try hard to explain the circumstances where they provide the most benefit. But if a product is defective or doesn’t …

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Amok Equipment Draumr 3.0 Hammock System Review

The Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock is oriented at a 90 degree angle to its suspension system.

The Amok Draumr 3.0 Complete (MSRP $399) is an ingenious hammock shelter system that includes a hammock, tarp, and a complete suspension system, including tree straps, carabiners, reflective cordage, and tent stakes for staking out the tarp. Its signature feature is that its suspension is attached to the sides of the hammock …

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