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Mountaineering boot

How to Prevent Heel Lift in Mountaineering Boots

If you’re renting mountaineering boots for the first time or you’ve just bought a pair, here are a few tips for avoiding blisters at the back of your foot on top of your Achilles tendon. These blisters are incredibly painful and will really slow down your pace during winter, which is the one season you […]

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Inov-8 Roclite 320 Trail Running Shoes

Trail Shoe Epiphany I love my new Inov-8 Roclite 320 trail running shoes. Having endured hiking in wet leather Gore-Tex lined boots for years, I can’t convey to you the freedom that I feel being able to splash through any puddle or stream with so little consequence. On hindsight, I wish I had worn trail […]

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Asolo TPS 520 Hiking Boots

Asolo 520 TPS – Leather Hiking Boot

Asolo’s 520 TPS boots are fantastic. I bought them after I started to get planar fasciitis in my right foot. I went to REI for a boot fitting with one of their boot experts (these are people are hard to find but priceless). Since buying these boots, my planar fasciitis has disappeared 100%. I logged […]

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