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Boot Spur – Gulf Peak Loop

Mount Bootspur, a subsidiary peak of Mount Washington (rear)

I’ve spent so much time hiking above treeline this year that I will soon qualify for a pilot’s license. I’ve got the bug bad. Standing among the cairns in the howling wind under brilliant blue skies, dwarfed by immense piles of rock and dust, there are few things that I find more exhilarating than a glorious climb …

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This Car Climbed Mt Washington

Mt Adams and Mt Madison, Northern Presidential Range

I did something last week that I never thought I’d ever do. I drove up to the summit of Mt Washington with my wife.  She’s not familiar with the White Mountains and wanted to see where I’ve been going to hike and backpack this summer. She’s not a hiker or …

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Mountains Make Their Own Weather

Last week, I heard a great talk at the AMC Boston Winter Hiking Program given by Larry Takiff on Mountain Weather and Avalanche Awareness. Larry is a very seasoned winter hiker and climber with international experience. The gist of Larry's talk was that mountains make their own weather and he …

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