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Ultralight Survival Kit by Justin Lichter

Ultralight Survival Guide by Justin Lichter

Justin Lichter aka “Trauma” has published a book called the Ultralight Survival Kit which explains how to shave all of the just-in-case items that many backpackers needlessly carry on hiking trips. Geared mainly towards triple crown aspirants, thru-hikers, and secton-hikers, it contains all of the tip-and-tricks that seasoned backpackers use …

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Eliminating Non-Essentials

Ultralight Dispensing Bottles

This article’s focus is on helping you further reduce your pack weight by eliminating non-essential items including extra clothing or extra supplies that might be a convenience, but that you really don’t need to bring with you. This phase will require some more real world experimentation because you’ll probably need …

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Ultralight Backpacking: My Holiday Wish List

  My wife and family asked me to list some of the near ultralight gear I want for the holidays, and I thought I’d share my wish list with you. Some of this stuff is a little esoteric if you’re not a lightweight backpacker and they now know to ask before …

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