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Ursack Bear Bag

Ursack Bearproof Bag hanging from a tree. There's no need to hang it 10 feet off the ground and 5 feet from a tree trunk because the bag is made out of super strong fabric.
Ursack Bearproof Bag. There’s no need to hang an Ursack 10 feet off the ground and 5 feet from a tree trunk because the bag is made out of super strong, bear-proof fabric.

Ursack is a company that specializes in the manufacture of bear bags made of bullet proof fabric that are far lighter than rigid bear canisters. Weighing only 7.5 oz, the TKO (since renamed the A29 All White) sounded like it was worth trying out and I took it on a few trips last year where I just needed a regular bear bag and not a canister. One of the advantages of the Ursack over conventional bear bags is that you don’t have to suspend it in the air. Instead it can be tied to a stout tree branch or a fallen tree, which is helpful if you’ve ever tried to hang a bear bag late at night, in the dark, only to be hit in the head with your rock!

You fill a Ursack the same way you’d fill any bear bag (What Should You Put in a Bear Bag?). I line mine with a large odor barrier bag from O.P. Sack, cinch the Ursack very tightly closed, tie a figure 8 knot in the top to keep out the critters, and then tie the remaining cord to something big that a bear can’t drag away. Never once did I experience any lossage from bears, mice, raccoons, or any other eastern US animal. In fact, it looked like the bag was completely undisturbed when I retrieved it each morning.


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  1. i really don't like those URsack things, and bear canisters weigh a *ton*.

    i used this thing last week on a section hike through the OT and it hangs food for you i was impressed. it takes less than 30 seconds. i found it in the back section of Back Packer mag and it is well worth the twenty bucks.

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