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How to Prevent Broken Trekking Poles

How to Prevent Broken Trekking Poles

I’ve been breaking trekking (hiking) poles since I started using them. Aluminum or carbon fiber, it doesn’t matter. The same with three-piece, two-piece, and one piece poles, and twist lock or flick-lock style poles. I used to break a pole every 6 months, on average, usually by catching the lowest …

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DIY Wet Ribs – Three Sample Projects

Mystery Ranch Wet Rib

A wet rib is a high volume accessory pocket that hangs from your backpack’s shoulder straps, below the padded part, in front of your ribcage. It’s super handy for carrying extra hiking gear, like a map, compass, gps, extra gloves, or hats, especially in winter, because it doesn’t interfere with …

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Ice Axe Insulation Hack for the CAMP Corsa

Remove the masking tape to reveal the insulated axe.

The CAMP Corsa Ice Axe (8.8 oz) is the lightest weight walking ice axe available today, which explains its popularity with thru-hikers, ultralight backpackers, and ski mountaineers. It’s a straight-shafted walking axe designed to stop uncontrolled slides down snow and ice covered slopes, as opposed to a curved and shorter …

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