Bikepacking is a combination of cycling and backpacking, usually on a road bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike. We cover gear, packing techniques, and navigation to help you plan and enjoy trips that harness both disciplines.

Park Tool PCS-10 Bike Repair Stand Review

You want a very sturdy bike repair stand to repair a heavy fat bike

While you don’t need a bike repair stand to perform simple maintenance tasks, they’re a necessity if you want to do anything more complex or you want to stand up straight while you work. When I work on my bikes, I use a steel Park Tool PCS-10 bike repair stand which has …

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Bar Mitts Cold Weather Pogies Review

Bar Mitts can be used as cold weather pogies for regular trekking poles in cold weather

Bar Mitts are cold weather pogies used by cyclists to keep their hands warm in cold weather. While they’re available for many different bar and shifter combinations, the straight bar version of Bar Mitts designed for mountain bikes can also be used as pogies for regular-handled trekking poles. Made with …

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REI ADV 3.1 Gravel Bike Review

The REI ADV 3.1 is a 30 speed steel gravel bike with puncture resistant tires

The REI ADV 3.1 Gravel Bike is a 30-speed adventure bike specifically designed for riding on gravel and packed dirt roads. While it doesn’t have a mountain bike frame or suspension, it’s outfitted with some of the same components that you find on mountain bikes like disc brakes and low-pressure …

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Thule T1 9041 Fat Bike Hitch Rack Review

Thule t1 9041 Fat bike hitch rack review

The problem with a lot of bicycle hitch racks is that they don’t fit 5″ fat-tire widths or you can only get them in a 2″ truck-sized size hitch. I recently bought a new car with a towing hitch, so I could get a hitch rack capable of carrying a …

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Bikepacking Bags vs Panniers: How to Choose

Bikepacking Bags vs Panniers

Bikepacking is an emerging sport that combines bicycle touring and backpacking. It’s different from conventional paved bicycle touring because it favors off-road routes over gravel and dirt roads, ATV and snowmobile routes, XC ski trails, logging roads, and even hiking trails where bikes are permitted to travel. Instead of road …

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Bikepacking 10 Essentials

Bikepacking 10 Essentials

Bikepacking is gaining popularity with more and more backpackers because a bike can take you farther and faster into backcountry areas that are inaccessible on foot. Bikepacking also lets you use all of your existing backpacking gear and get even more value out of it. Like backpacking, there are 10 essential …

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Salsa EXP Anything Cradle Review

The Salsa EXP Anywhere Cradle lets you hang a dry bag off your handlebars and is sized to fit with drop bars

The Salsa EXP Anything Cradle is a handlebar rack the keeps your gear away from your bars and cables so you don’t have to worry about crowding or kinking. It’s also compatible with drop bars and Shimano STI levers as long as you limit the length of the dry bag …

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Diamondback Haanjo Trail Gravel Bike Review

The Haanjo Trail has a higher top tube that provides a more upright and relaxed angle for gravel bike riding where aerodynamic speed is less of a requirement.

The Diamondback Haanjo Trail  is a 22-speed aluminum bike designed for riding on unpaved gravel and packed dirt roads. It’s a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike with low pressure knobby tires for traction, hydraulic brakes, and drop handlebars. I got the Haanjo Trail for bikepacking in …

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