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Day Hikers’ Ten Essentials Guide

Day Hikers 10 Essentials Guide

If you’re just getting into hiking, everyone is going to recommend that you pack the 10 Essentials when you go for a hike. Then they list about 30 pieces of gear that you should bring with you, but they never actually tell you WHAT to buy. If you find this frustrating …

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Day Hiking Gear Checklist

Day Hiking Gear Checklist

Day hiking is great fun: great for the body and great for the soul. Make sure that you, your friends, family, and pets are properly equipped for your hike by referring to the following gear checklist before heading out. (Printer-Friendly Version PDF) This checklist is deliberately comprehensive so you don’t …

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10 Best Day Hiking Backpacks 0f 2018

10 Best Day Hiking Backpacks of 2018

What are the most popular daypacks preferred by day hikers? How much capacity should a daypack have? Do hikers prefer streamlined hydration packs or general purpose backpacks with a hydration pocket for day hiking? We surveyed 800 hikers to find out what daypacks they prefer and their top picks include …

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10 Tips for Beginner Day Hikers

Group hikes are fun and organized hikes take the guesswork out of trip planning if you're unfamiliar with an area.

While SectionHiker is a backpacking blog, I also do an enormous amount of day hiking and like it because it can be such a social experience. Here are some tips that I provide day hikers who are just getting started and contact me seeking advice, to set them on the …

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