Kahtoola Nanospikes Traction Device Review

Kahtoola Nanospikes DO NOT exert any extra pressure over the ties which can lead to blisters

Kahtoola, the inventor of Microspikes, has come out with a new lighter weight traction device this year called Nanospikes. Compatible with trail runners, most street shoes, and winter boots, Nanospikes weigh about half as much as Microspikes and have much smaller traction points, resembling tire studs, that are designed to …

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Kahtoola Mountain Snowshoes

I think Kahtoola is a very innovative company. When they introduced Microspikes, they totally transformed winter hiking by eliminating the need for heavier strap-on winter crampons for a broad segment of the hiking community. They’ve done it again, but this time with snowshoes. The Kahtoola Mountain Snowshoe is a two …

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