Water Filters and Containers

Dump the Pump Water Filter

My Hydration System

The first time I tried filtering water from a stream, I knew that the distance I could hike in one day would never again be constrained by the amount of water I could carry. I remember the scene vividly: getting water out of a stream, surrounded by a sea of hobblebush, on …

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Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter

The Frontier Pro has a built in pre-filter, which preserves the filter element by removing particulates.

The Aquamira Frontier Pro water filter is an exceptionally lightweight 2 oz. alternative to the more bulky water filters and water purifiers available on the market today. The Frontier Pro connects to platypus bladders or plastic bottles. To get water, you suck on a nipple, shown in black in the …

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Camelbak Hydrolock

CamelBak Hydrolock Valve

  I am not a fan of Camelbak hydration reservoirs, but I love their locking valves. So much, that I tear off the wimpy mouthpiece that comes with the Platypus hydration reservoir drinking system and add a Camelbak hydrolock valve to it. Camelbak hyrolocks rock because the valve stops the …

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Platypus Hydration Bladders

A 2.5 liter Platypus Reservoir weighs 1.2 ounces

I am a big fan of Platypus hydration bladders and I normally carry a 3L reservoir with me when I’m backpacking. Platypus bladders are different from Camelback reservoir, which I have used in the past, because they have a much smaller opening screw top openings. This is important when you are …

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