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Backpacking Quilt Temperature Ratings

Thermal images of a quilt with box baffles and a quilt with sewn-through baffles. Photo courtesy of Therm-a-Rest.

An Interview with Therm-a-Rest’s Quilt Team How much can you trust the temperature ratings that gear manufacturers give their backpacking quilts when there isn’t any standardized way of measuring them, like there is with sleeping bags? Why do some people sleep colder in quits than others? What are some of the …

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New Sleeping Pad R-Value Standard FAQ: ASTM FF3340


A New Outdoor Industry Standard ASTM International passed a new R-Value Sleeping Pad Standard (FF3340-18) last month that will be rolled out to consumers in 2020. It defines a rigorous and reliable methodology for measuring the R-Value of all sleeping pads, including air mattresses, self-inflating pads, and foam pads. I …

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