Inner Journey

Hikers and Nature by Ron Strickland

Hannegan Pass

How should hikers, experienced or otherwise, think about Nature? My own thoughts have evolved in ways that I never expected. Back when I was a teenager I fell under the spell of a seductress named Wilderness. Her allure was originally defined for me by Howard Zahniser. “A wilderness,” he wrote …

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The Best Year of My Life

Backpacking in the White Mountains

“This has been the best year of my life”, I told Sam as we were climbing Wheeler Mountain in Maine. She replied, “You don’t hear many people saying that these days.” Isn’t that the truth? It’s been 5 years now since I quit my job in corporate America and set …

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Life Lessons

The world is going to hell. The United States is going to hell. The government is going to raise our taxes, take away medicare, and push out the retirement age. Here’s my advice for how to get off the hamster wheel sooner and enjoy your life more. Please leave a …

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The Storage Locker

Public Storage Lockers

Some people feel like they lose part of themselves when they give away things they own. “I need to cut my monthly expenses”, said my Mom. “It’s costing me $150 a month to store my art books in the storage locker and I need to donate them all to the …

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Don’t Be Denied

Neil Young

I can really identify with this Neil Young interview. In it, he explains how he needed to keep moving forward in his life and with his music, rather than getting stuck in the same groove. This caused him a lot of grief in his life as he moved from one band to …

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Yin Yoga

Ken at the one remaining Wild River Bridge

I suffer from chronic IT-band tightness. It tends to flare up after 75 miles of hiking and climbing, which limits my long distance hiking range to about 5 days. I know that many of you suffer from it as well. Over the years, yoga and yoga-inspired stretches have proven to …

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What Will Happen to Philip Werner?

Blogging Naked

On July 5, 2010, I walked into my manager’s office and quit. He never saw it coming. I’d just come back from a 3 week backpacking trip hiking coast-to-coast across Scotland. Going for a long walk helped me realize how unhappy I was at work and how good it was to …

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Why We Lead Hikes

Bill Donovan on Southwest Twin Mountain

Being a volunteer hiking or backpacking leader takes a lot of work. You need to reserve a day months in advance, plan a trip, advertise it, screen the people who want to come, get everyone to show up on time, make sure everyone sticks together and has fun during the …

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Where is the Wilderness?

Wild River Wildernes, White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

The world became alarmingly smaller when I discovered I had cell phone service in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. You have mail!  I immediately regretted turning my phone on. That was two summers ago. When I’d first hiked this remote section of the Appalachian Trail a few years earlier, I’d been warned …

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The Section Hiker’s Dilemma

Maine AT Hiker Art

This week I hiked the another 32 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. This brings the total number of miles I’ve hiked on the AT to 840 of the 885  miles from the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey all the way to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Some would say …

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