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10 Best One-Person Backpacking Tents of 2023-2024

10 Best One Person Backpacking Tents

One person, solo backpacking tents are ideal if you’re thru-hiking, fast-packing, or backpacking big miles and want to trim your gear weight as low as possible. More livable than bivy sacks, one-person tents are designed for sleeping and bad weather protection. While …

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10 Best Rechargeable Headlamps of 2024


A headlamp is one of the most important 10 essentials for backpacking, hiking, fastpacking, trail running, climbing, and any other kind of outdoor adventure sport. Using your smartphone as a flashlight doesn’t cut it. But the days of carrying extra AA and …

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10 Best Winter Sleeping Bags of 2024

10 Best Winter Sleeping Bags

The most important attributes of a sleeping bag for winter camping and backpacking are warm insulation, compressibility, low weight, and ample interior space to store gear and water so it doesn’t freeze overnight. Cost is also a factor, although a good winter …

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Winter Bivy Sack Guide for 2024

Winter Bivy Sack Guide

Winter bivy sacks were first developed as solo shelters for mountaineering and climbing where participants were interested in lightweight and highly compressible camping gear. Bivy Sacks are also an attractive option for backpacking hunters, backcountry skiers, and winter backpackers who want the …

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10 Best Winter Hiking Boots of 2024


Today’s winter hiking boots are waterproof, insulated, and compatible with traction aids such as microspikes, crampons, and snowshoes. While 200-gram Thinsulate insulated mids are fine for commuting and short local walks down to about 10-20 degrees (F), we recommend buying boots with …

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10 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents under $300

10 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents Under $300

Ultralight backpacking tents have become increasingly popular, particularly those made with an ultralight material called Dyneema DCF. Unfortunately, they’ve also become very expensive, putting the lightest weight tents out of reach of most people. But many high-quality ultralight backpacking tents are available …

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10 Best Kids Backpacking Packs for 2023

10 Best Backpacks for Kids

Buying a kid’s backpack is very different from buying an adult backpack because kids have smaller physical proportions. They also grow very quickly so you want to make sure that you purchase a backpack that can be adjusted over time. In addition …

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10 Best Hiking Day Packs of 2023

10 Best Hiking Daypacks

The best hiking day packs are functional, fit well, and durable. They have to be because they’re your home away from home, carrying all of your essentials including outdoor gear, food, water, and survival gear. Many daypacks are also good for multiple …

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10 Best Camp Shoes of 2023

10 Best Camp Shoes and Stream Crossing Shoes

Many hikers and backpackers carry camp shoes to help their feet recover after a hot day of hiking or to change into for stream crossings to keep their socks and hiking footwear dry. Sandals, water shoes, slides, clogs, and minimalist footwear are …

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10 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tarps

10 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tarps

Backpacking tarps are a great camping option if you want to significantly reduce your backpacking gear weight while experiencing a deeper connection to the outdoors, by sleeping under a shelter without walls. Backpacking tarps come in two basic flavors: shaped, catenary cut …

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