Trip Reports

Hiking the Brook Path

Wonalancet Falls

The Brook Path is one of the most beautiful trails in the Sandwich Range and an excellent place to take a cool summer dip at one of the many swimming holes along its banks. Not to be confused with the Brook Trail which …

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Bushwhacking Mt Bemis

Bushwhacks are like jungle gyms. Type II fun for hikers who enjoy off-trail hiking the way it used to be before people cut trails in the mountains.

Mt Bemis is a 3725′ mountain located in the White Mountain’s Crawford Notch, named for Dr Samuel Bemis, who built the stone house at its base which is now the popular Notchland B&B. Bemis was an interesting character: a denture maker turned …

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Hiking The RMC 100

Mount Adams from the summit of Mount Madison

The Randolph Mountain Club (RMC) manages about 100 miles of trails in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including the major routes to the Northern Presidentials, trails connecting the club’s four camps, scenic paths on the lower slopes, and trails in the …

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Bushwhacking Sable and Chandler

Mt Chandler Canister Log Book

“We have to climb 500 more feet in the next quarter mile”, said Kris, as we scrambled up the southeast face of Mt Chandler, a 3000 footer on the eastern side of the White Mountains just south of the Baldface Range. I put my …

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Bushwhacking Middle and East Scar

Middle Scar Mountain

I was grumpy at the end of our bushwhack up Middle and East Scar. I was soaking wet, my hands were cold, and my rain pants were shredded. We’d fallen off our line descending from the East peak and I was covered …

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Bushwhacking Greens Cliff

Greens Cliff

“We should have brought our crampons” said Kris, my frequent bushwhacking partner. “Even without snow,” I replied, as we clawed and scrambled our way up an incredibly steep slope below rocky cliffs. It was unseasonably warm, this first week of November, on …

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