4000 Footers

Mount Moosilauke in Winter

Mount Moosilauke

I celebrated First-Hike yesterday by climbing Mount Moosilauke (4,802 ft), the westernmost 4,000 footer in the White Mountains. This was a 3,300 foot climb from the trail head up the Glenncliff Trail, which I haven’t been on since 2007 when I climbed …

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Mount Jackson

Mount Jackson, White Mountains

A bunch of us hiked up Mount Jackson this week, taking advantage of a narrow weather window before a big freeze and high winds hit the region. Wind speeds were predicted to reach sustained 100 mile an hour winds later in the …

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Mount Hale and South Hale Bushwhack

Mount Hale and South Hale Bushwhack

The first day of winter (yesterday) is a big deal in the White Mountains because it means that peakbaggers can finally start counting winter climbs against their Winter 4,000 footer lists. This peak list is much more difficult to complete that the …

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Climbing Mt Field – Trip Report

Mt Field and Surounding Peaks

In addition to climbing Mt Cabot last weekend, I bagged a second Trailwrights 72 peak, another 4000 footer called Mt Field, in wintry conditions with about 6 inches of loose, unconsolidated snow. I hiked this one solo, starting from Crawford Depot at …

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Mt Cabot Trip Report

Route to Mt Cabot from the Berlin Fish Hatchery

I went for a long AMC hike over the weekend up to Mount Cabot (4,170 ft), which is the northernmost peak on the White Mountain 4,000 footer list. Situated in the Kilkenny Range, Cabot is about a 4 hour drive north from …

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Wintry Wildcat Traverse

Wildcat Ridge from Carter Notch

I hiked a tough traverse of the Wildcats over the weekend with a half dozen other hikers in wintery conditions. The Wildcats are a series of 4000 footers in the White Mountains that run parallel to Mt Washington on the other side …

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Hiking South Twin Mountain in Autumn

Mt Garfield and the Franconia Valley

Nature Girl and I took a very long hike to South Twin Mountain (4,902 feet) on Saturday, one of my favorite Autumn viewpoints in the White Mountains. We had glorious hiking weather with 50 miles views from the summit. The leaves in …

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Mt Jefferson and the Castle Trail

Mt Jefferson and the Castellated Ridge

Last Sunday I climbed Mt Jefferson using the Castle Trail. Jefferson is the third largest peak in the Northern Presidential Range of the White Mountains with an elevation of 5,712 ft. A mammoth mountain surrounded by deep glacial ravines there are a …

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Climbing Mt Monroe in Winter

Mt Washington in Clear Winter Weather

I bagged Mt Monroe (5,372 ft), on the final day of winter this past Sunday, on a glorious day in the White Mountains. The weather in New Hampshire has been crap for the past 6 weeks, with high winds and precipitation, so …

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Climbing East Osceola in February

Climbing East osceola in February

My frequent hiking partner and I haven’t done much hiking together this winter, but we finally hooked up last weekend and bagged another winter 4,000 footer named East Osceola. While we’ve both climbed this peak before, we’ve never climbed it from the …

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Climbing Mt Pierce In Winter

Mt Pierce in Winter

Mts Jefferson, Eisenhower, Washington from Mt Pierce After my Avalanche Class last weekend, I stayed in the White Mountains for an extra day to get a little more exercise and bag Mt Pierce (4,320 ft), another 4,000 footer that I've climbed before, …

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