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Kahtoola Microspikes Review

Katoohla Microspikes

Kahtoohla Microspikes are ideal for mixed rock, ice, and snow outings for a number of reasons.

Unlike crampons, anyone can use them without any special training. Put them on and go. You don’t need to learn how to drive if you put tire chains on your car (remember those), and it’s the same with microspikes. Additionally, they work with shoes of all types and stiffness levels which is a real advantage over crampons which won’t work with trail running shoes or softer hiking boots.

Microspikes are just that – small triangles of steel attached to a flexible chain net that is secured to your boots by a one-piece rubbery strap. They’re also surprisingly comfortable for all-day wear and don’t pop off your boots or footwear if they’re seated properly.

Microspikes only weigh 12.5 oz making them an easy piece of gear that you can carry with you all winter and into the spring. They’re a classic and at $69 a pair, they’re economical too. You can even buy two pairs, one for the trail and one for around town for your street shoes, where they are equally at home.

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  1. I don't think so. Microspikes have spikes like mini crampons. Get out your ruler and measure the nubs on the icetrekkers. They look more like yaktrax, I think.

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