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Minus33 Woolverino ¼ Zip Hoodie Review

Minus33 Woolverino 1:4 Zip Hoodie Review

The Minus33 Woolverino ¼ Zip Hoodie is a micro weight, wool blend long sleeve shirt that works well for a cool weather base layer. Woolverino is a blend of Merino Wool (84%), Nylon (12%), and Spandex (4%), which adds strength, elasticity, and durability while maintaining the moisture-wicking, insulating and anti-microbial properties of wool clothing. I own quite a few Minus33 garments and I’m a fan of the Woolverino fabric, which I find wicks well and dries a little better than 100% wool clothing.

Specs at a Glance

  • Gender: Women’s and Men’s models available
  • Product Weight: 9 oz for men’s size L
  • Fabric Weight: 145 g/m2
  • Pockets: 1 zippered chest pocket
  • Length: slightly shorter than hip length
  • Thumb loops: yes
  • Hood: yes
  • UPF Rating: 25
  • Sizing: Fitted, true to size
  • Washing: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat

I have quite a few clothing items from Minus 33. I’m quite addicted to the midweight Sequoia ¼ zip shirts and own four. My personal experience has been that their products are generally quite durable and resist pilling which is a problem with some other wool clothing brands I’ve tried. I’m also a fan of Minus33’s Woolverino fabric and own a short sleeve shirt made with it that’s also performed well.

The Woolverino ¼ zip hoodie is made of a light wool blend fabric that makes it an appropriate layer across a wide temperature range. It functions well as a winter base layer and can work as an outer layer in the warmer months that can shield you from the sun, with a UPF rating of 25 for sun protection.

The sleeves have thumb holes. There is a chest pocket, although it is not big enough for a smartphone. The hood is a little loose but still provides a surprising amount of warmth in cold weather hiking. While the zipper has a placket to protect your skin, it is tiny and requires removing gloves or mittens to operate: I simply add a little piece of knotted cord to make it easier to use in winter.

Closeup of the hood and zippered pocket
Closeup of the hood and zippered pocket

I was a little skeptical about the value of the hood on this Woolverino ¼ zip-top, but I found that it provides more warmth than I thought it would. I typically do not wear hats but do wear hoods and a headband for keeping my ears warm when a hood is too warm. On a typical winter hike, I take off and put back on the headband more times than I can count. This requires both hands, so I usually have to stop and put down my hiking poles briefly to do it. I found that the hood on this shirt filled in nicely for the headband and was easy to put on and off with one hand and no need for stopping. It’s rare to find a layering piece that works so seamlessly.

While I’m definitely a fan of the Woolverino fabric, I wish there were more colors available in more of the products. Most of the Woolverino product line is only available in black or grey. A few items are available in olive drab. But that’s a minor quibble. I highly recommend Minus33 and this Woolverino ¼ Zip Hoodie for winter hiking and snowsports. It makes a great base layer.

Disclosure: The author received a sample garment for review.

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Wanda Rice has been backpacking since the late 1980’s. She has climbed the New Hampshire 48, the New Hampshire 48 in winter, the New England 67, the New England Hundred Highest, and the Four-Season 48. Wanda also teaches for the Appalachian Mountain Club’s (AMC) Mountain Leadership School, the AMC New Hampshire Chapter Spring and Winter Schools as well as the AMC NH Winter Hiking Series. She leads day and overnight trips for AMC NH year-round and loves mentoring new leaders. She is a gear junkie, a self-proclaimed Queen of Gear Hacks, and loves sharing her tips and tricks with others. Wanda lives in southern NH and is looking forward to moving closer to the mountains in the next few years.


  1. I don’t have any Minus33 shirts, but did purchase a pair of their Saratoga bottoms 4 years ago and those get a lot of use in the winter. I have to say after a ton of wash cycles, they still look almost brand new.

  2. Marcella Rousseau

    I’ve got the Sequoia 1/4 zip in the Emerald color and wore it today on a 6 mile hike. It’s big on me but I like that it’s long and keeps my butt warm! I was on Amazon’s Minus33 page after reading your article and clicked on an ad for a silvery blue 100% Marino wool hoodie that I thought was for Minus33. It was for Woolly. I need another hoodie like a hole in the head but this was such a pretty blue and as you said colors tend to be black or gray. As you might expect, they were sold out except for small and extra small sizes. If they had my size, I could’ve been tempted.

  3. I have one of the light grey Woolverino hoodies and not only surprised by how warm it can be, but it’s also my favorite sun hoodie in the summer for staying cool. Great product!

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