Outdoor Research Bugout Brim Hat with Insect Shield

Outdoor Research Bugout Brim Hat

I’m pretty paranoid about Lyme Disease and only wear clothing that’s been treated with Insect Shield (Permethrin). This includes my floppy Outdoor Research Bugout Brim Hat.

Outdoor Research Bugout Brim Hat

Insect Protection
Sun Protection

Dependable Sun and Insect Protection

The Bugout Brim Hat provides excellent sun and insect protection. Pre-treated with Insect Shield, it helps reduce the risk of Lyme Disease and has a UPF rating of 30 to protect against sunburn.

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Specs at a Glance

  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Machine wash
  • Material: Nylon
  • Insect Shield: Good through 70 washings

Given how serious the threat of Lyme is this year and the explosion in the deer tick population, you ‘d figure that makers of baseball style brim hats would offer a wide selection of hats that were pre-treated with Insect Shield – Not!.  Instead, I was forced to switch to a hat with a wrap-around brim, something I’ve always avoided I guess, because I thought big hats looked unwieldy and dorky.

That turned out to be a misconception and I rather like the wrap-around brimmed Sentinel Hat which has proven fine for all of the different types of hiking I do from bushwhacking to backpacking and even provides more sun protection than billed caps. I am past the thinning hair stage and I also worry about sun protection on my face and neck, especially when I’m above treeline.

Top Vents and External Drawstring Size Adjustment
Top Vents and External Drawstring Size Adjustment

Made out of nylon, the Sentinel Brim Hat comes with top vents and a removable chin cord which is a must-have in the windy places I hike. The brim is stiffened with foam, so it’s not floppy, but it’s nowhere as firm as the brim on a ball cap. I briefly considered getting a brim style rain hat but decided I didn’t really need to wear it for every hike I do because the hood of the rain shell I carry has a bill on it and is perfectly sufficient to keep the rain out of my eyes.

I have a small sized head and finding hats that fit right is a big headache for me. This is exacerbated by the fact that the online size guides published by retailers never match the hat you want to purchase. But a size-small fit me fine, and the headband can even be adjusted on this model by pulling on a drawstring that runs inside it. If you are sizing for best fit,  make sure to get a hat that is slightly too big rather than slightly too small, because this hat does not stretch out with wear.

Underside of Sentinel Brim Hat
The underside of the Sentinel Brim Hat

While this hat has an internal “wicking” headband, I find that sweat still drips into my eyes if I’m climbing up a steep hill, just like it did with my old GoLite billed hiking cap.

What about using a head net? This hat work great with my Sea-to-Summit Insect Shield Head Net because the brim keeps the mesh off my face and neck.

But does a wide brim hat treated with Insect Shield work for keeping biting insects away. Heck yeah! I think moving from a billed hat to a wide brim provides a larger “zone of safety” around my face and the added sun protection is a big win too.

Disclosure: Philip Werner owns a Sentinel Brim Hat and purchased it with his own funds. 

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