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Permethrin Clothing

Pre-treated Permethrin Clothing is available from many companies

The most effective way to prevent infection by disease-carrying insects including ticks and mosquitoes is to wear insect repellent clothing pre-treated with Permethrin. Invisible and odorless, it has no unpleasant smell or feel. It can be washed and dried just like a normal garment and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for safe use on clothing.

While you can buy Permethrin in spray or liquid form and use it to treat your own clothing, it will only remain effective for 3-6 washings. Factory pre-treated Permethrin Clothing is guaranteed by manufacturers to retain its effectiveness for 70 washings (the average lifetime of most garments), making it far more convenient for most consumers.


The EPA requires extensive effectiveness data to prove a product’s ability to repel insects. Many species and varieties of these insects have been tested including Lyme Disease carrying ticks, Malaria, and Encephalitis carrying mosquitoes, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges.

Factory pre-treated Permethrin Clothing offers protection that is invisible, odorless, and as easy as putting on your clothes. It has no unpleasant smell or feel. It can be washed and dried just like a normal garment (just don’t dry clean it, as this removes the treatment).

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