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Possum Down Gloves

Possum Down Gloves Review

I got a pair of Possum Down Gloves over the holidays and have been wearing them all winter. Imported from New Zealand, possum down gloves are made using a blend of brushtail possum fur and merino wool which makes them super warm, soft, and itch-free. Brushtail possum fur fibres are also hollow, which makes them […]

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1-Durable Water Repellant Coatings Prvent Wet-Out by Making Water Bead on the Surface of Fabric and Roll Off

How Effective are DWR Restoration Treatments?

Waterproof breathable rain jackets are not permanently waterproof. Instead they’re coated with a chemical formulation called DWR, which stands for Durable Water Repellant, that causes water to bead up on the jacket surface when it rains and roll off. The problem is that this DWR coating rubs off after a time, so your jacket soaks up […]

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1-Durable Water Repellant Coatings Prvent Wet-Out by Making Water Bead on the Surface of Fabric and Roll Off

Why Does DWR Suck?

The DWR (Durable Water Repellent) that rain gear manufacturers put on waterproof/breathable rain gear and hard shells is really not that durable. It’s a chemical coating that you need to reapply over and over to make rain water bead on the surface of your rain gear and roll off. It wears off when your scrunch […]

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Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

Best Gaiters for Hiking and Backpacking

What are the best gaiters for hiking? It depends on the conditions you hike in. High gaiters are used in winter to keep your socks dry while low gaiters are used in warm weather to keep debris out of your boots and hiking shoes. High Gaiters High gaiters are used for snowshoeing and winter hiking […]

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The chest only insulation in the LL Primaloft Superlight Jacket is perfect for highly aerobic activities like cross country skiing and snowshoeing

LL Bean Primaloft Superlight Jacket Review

The LL Bean Primaloft Superlight Jacket is a lightweight hooded insulated jacket, perfect for winter hiking, cross-country skiing, and other highly aerobic winter sports. Insulated just over the front chest and sides, and not on the back or arms, it’s a kind of a cross between a lightweight insulated vest and a hooded wind breaker. Weighing just […]

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