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I only carry two pairs of hiking socks on trips - the pair I'm wearing an a clean pair to sleep in

How Many Pairs of Socks Should You Bring on a Backpacking Trip?

Many people bring too many extra clothes on backpacking trips, including more shirts, pants, pairs of underwear, socks, and even shoes that they don’t need. Extra clothes add a lot of unnecessary weight to a backpack and take up a significant amount of extra volume. So much, that you might end up carrying a larger and heavier […]

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Full body fishing sun protection on Flat Mountain Pond - hat, sunglasses, neck buff, fishing gloves, long sleeve shirt and long pants

Buff Fishing, Sun Protection and Water Gloves Review

“Do you wear sun protection?” That was the first question my doctor asked me when I told her I’d taken up fly fishing. Indeed I do. I wear a floppy hat, fishing gloves, a neck buff, long shirt, and long pants when I fish because I don’t want to experience the multiple basal cell carcinoma surgical […]

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The LightHeart Ran Jacket is coated with Silicone and Polyurethane to keep it waterproof.

LightHeart Gear Rain Jacket Review

The LightHeart Gear Rain Jacket (MSRP $99) is a lightweight ripstop nylon waterproof rain jacket made the old-fashioned way, without any so-called breathable fabric. Coated on the outside with silicone and on the inside with polyurethane, this maintenance-free rain jacket won’t wet out like much more expensive waterproof breathable jackets that are coated with Durable Water […]

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Possum Down Gloves

Possum Down Gloves Review

I got a pair of Possum Down Gloves over the holidays and have been wearing them all winter. Imported from New Zealand, possum down gloves are made using a blend of brushtail possum fur and merino wool which makes them super warm, soft, and itch-free. Brushtail possum fur fibres are also hollow, which makes them […]

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1-Durable Water Repellant Coatings Prvent Wet-Out by Making Water Bead on the Surface of Fabric and Roll Off

How Effective are DWR Restoration Treatments?

Waterproof breathable rain jackets are not permanently waterproof. Instead they’re coated with a chemical formulation called DWR, which stands for Durable Water Repellant, that causes water to bead up on the jacket surface when it rains and roll off. The problem is that this DWR coating rubs off after a time, so your jacket soaks up […]

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