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The price drops when more people sign up for a deal

Massdrop and How it Benefits Cottage Manufacturers

Massdrop is an online retailer that sells niche products to enthusiasts at a discount. If you’re not familiar with them you should sign up on their website and check out the member deals that they’re offering. They’re one of the few retailers that sell ultralight backpacking gear at a good discount. Most UL cottage manufacturers don’t […]

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Happy New Year from SectionHiker

New Years Resolutions – 2016

I find it helpful to write a set of New Year’s resolutions each year about the things I want to learn and accomplish during the next 12 months. Since my life and work revolve around hiking, backpacking, camping, and writing, I get to set goals that are both fun and which I think will be fun […]

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Short Stories from Long Trails by Justin Lichter-001

Backpacking and Adventure Books for Vacation Reading

The dog days of summer (when it’s so devastatingly hot that the dogs lie around and pant all day) are a great time to take it easy at the camp site and catch up on your summer reading with a cool drink in hand. Here are a few books that I plan on reading this week up […]

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