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My Independence Day

Philip Werner on Mt Chocorua

I quit my corporate job six years ago today. Up till then I’d told myself that I could put up with all the bullshit “for the money,” but it was eroding my soul. I needed to hike my own hike and follow own my moral compass instead of killing myself to …

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Massdrop and How it Benefits Cottage Manufacturers

The price drops when more people sign up for a deal

Massdrop is an online retailer that sells niche products to enthusiasts at a discount. If you’re not familiar with them you should sign up on their website and check out the member deals that they’re offering. They’re one of the few retailers that sell ultralight backpacking gear at a good …

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New Years Resolutions – 2016

Happy New Year from SectionHiker

I find it helpful to write a set of New Year’s resolutions each year about the things I want to learn and accomplish during the next 12 months. Since my life and work revolve around hiking, backpacking, camping, and writing, I get to set goals that are both fun and which …

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Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Highlights – Summer 2015

Outdoor Retailer is always a far out experience with over 1000 outdoor manufacturers demonstrating products to industry insiders, one to two years before they become availble to consumers.

I spent three days last week in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, a twice annual exhibition where manufacturer meet retail buyers and the press to show them new products and product prototypes which will be available to consumers anywhere from six months to two years in …

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