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It's easy to pitch a Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock anywhere you have two trees, even if its not a perfectly flat campsite.

Review of Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer Hammock w/ Superfly Tarp

The Warbonnet Blackbird is a backpacking hammock tricked out for multi-day trips where comfort and convenience trump the simplicity of a simple sling hammock. Complete with built-in bug netting, a ridgeline, and extra storage, the Warbonnet Blackbird is an exceptionally comfortable hammock that can adapted for a wide range of weather conditions in forested terrain. Available with a single layer […]

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Eureka Timberline A-frame Tent

Illustrated Tent Terminology Guide

Do you find the jargon and terminology around camping and backpacking tents confusing? This handy illustrated guide helps demystify tent terms and technology, so you can find the tent that best suits your needs. A-Frame Tent Classic pup-style tent patterned after old army tents where the walls form an ‘A’ shape. Eureka makes a lot […]

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In the Two Line Suspension, the line is connected to the tarp using a Dutchware Stingerz. The line is looped around the tree and then secured to the Stingerz antenna.

Hammocks: Continuous Ridgelines or Not?

Many hammock hangers choose a continuous ridgeline for suspending their tarps between two trees. I used this technique after buying a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock and Superfly tarp from a friend who’d set up his tarp suspension system this way, but quickly discarded and replaced it with something much simpler called a  two-line or split-line system using […]

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Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Camping Tent

Best Family Camping Tents

What is the best family camping tent? That’s the question we posed to Section Hiker’s readers: What are the must-have attributes of a family camping tent are? How many people should a family camping tent hold? What’s a reasonable price for a quality family camping tent? While you can read the feedback we received from nearly 150 readers, […]

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The Echo II Shelter system is a palace for one person with lots of interior room.

Hyperlight Mountain Gear Echo II Ultralight Shelter System Review

The Hyperlight Mountain Gear Echo II Ultralight Shelter System is a modular tarp shelter system with three components that can be mixed and matched depending on your trip requirements. Made with cuben fiber, it’s also very lightweight enabling it to be used by one or two people with little weight penalty. The Echo II consists of […]

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