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The Tower of Babel

What the Heck is a Semi-Freestanding Tent?

If you want to buy a camping or backpacking tent, welcome to Babel! The made-up marketing jargon that tent manufacturers and outdoor retailers use to describe their products defies comprehension. It’s no wonder that so many tents are returned to retailers because they don’t measure up to the hype. One marketing term that I find to be a […]

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The MSR Freelite 2 Tent hangs from an external exoskeleton frame with a crossbar that helps keep the side walls nearly vertical.

MSR Freelite 2 Backpacking Tent Review

The MSR Freelite 2 Backpacking Tent is a lightweight, two-person, double walled tent that weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces (minus stuff sacks and tent stakes on the SectionHiker scale) While that is 4 ounces more than the MSR’s published specs for this tent, the FreeLite 2 is still a viable sub-three pound tent, that puts more […]

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The Nemo Hornet 2P is an ultralight double-walled two person tent with two doors that weighs less than 2 pounds.

NEMO Hornet 2P Ultralight Tent Review

The NEMO Hornet 2P Tent (MSRP $369) is a two person ultralight tent with two doors that weighs just 1 pound 14.3 ounces (on the SectionHiker scale), not including stuff sacks or tent stakes. Let that sink in for a moment. The NEMO Hornet 2P is lighter weight than many two person ultralight silnylon tents, so […]

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The Big Agnes Coppur Spur UL1 has plenty to internal space with vertical side walls that improve livability

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL-1 mtnGLO Backpacking Tent Review

The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 mtnGLO may be the nicest one person double-walled tent I’ve ever slept in. It doesn’t feel cramped, which is unusual for a one person tent, and it has a lot of extra space along the sides, head, and foot ends so you can spread out your stuff. The tent is outfitted […]

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The Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Sleeve makes it easy to set up and pack up your hammock tarp while preventing tangles guy lines.

Beyond Snakeskins: The Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Tarp Sleeve

While the one piece, o.9 ounce Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Sleeve isn’t that revolutionary, I think it’s a clever improvement over two piece hammock snakeskins. It also compliments large cuben fiber tarps which are hard to stuff into a stuff sack and are better folded or rolled. Snakeskins If you’re not familiar with snakeskins,(first popularized by […]

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