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Sleeping Naked in a Sleeping Bag

Is it Warmer to Sleep Naked in a Sleeping Bag?

No. It’s a myth that sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is warmer than wearing in long underwear. I’m not sure how this Internet meme started but it’s dead wrong. How Sleeping Bags Work Sleeping bags are designed to trap the heat your body produces and prevent it from escaping. When you wear long underwear […]

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EN13537 Temperature Rating Label

Winter Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings: Words of Warning

Cold and winter sleeping bag temperature ratings – those under 10 degrees fahrenheit  - are not assigned using the new EN13537 sleeping bag standards that many North American sleeping bag manufacturers now use. The new standard has proven unreliable for bags rated below 10 degrees, so most manufacturers rate their bags using the same techniques […]

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Puffy 3" Draft Collar

Therm-a-Rest Altair 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Review

The Therm-a-Rest Altair 0 degree down sleeping bag is a very comfortable cold weather sleeping bag that is excellent for side-sleepers or winter backpackers looking to shave more weight off their winter gear list without breaking the bank. Often called a top bag in Europe, the Altair 0 places most of its down insulation on the […]

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Gossamer Gear Air Beam Sleeper Pad - Regular Size

Gossamer Gear’s Air Beam Sleeping Pads

Gossamer Gear is coming out with a new line of sleeping pads in a few weeks called Air Beam Sleepers. This is a 3-season sleeping pad available in a variety of sizes that has vertically running inflatable tubes, modeled after the Air Beam Pack Frame that the company introduced last year. I’ve been testing the size […]

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Foam and Inflatable Layers

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream Sleeping Pad

When Philip and I went car camping for the first time last December, I realized that I was a back sleeper and could not get a good night’s sleep on a standard 19 inch wide pad. My arms were not supported, putting a painful strain on my back and shoulders. I tried crossing my arms […]

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Exped Air Pillow in my Bivy Sack

Exped Air Pillow

I am a side sleeper, but I sometimes have a hard time staying asleep all night on backpacking trips because I don’t have a pillow to cradle my head and prevent me from rolling onto my back. Lately, I’ve been bringing an inflatable Exped Air Pillow with me on backpacking trips and it’s really improved […]

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