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Engo Blister Relief Kit

Engo Blister Relief Kit

If you’re just getting into hiking again and you want to try out a bunch of different blister prevention techniques, you should know about the new Blister Prevention Kit from GoEngo.com, co-developed with John Vonhof, author of the highly respected book, Fixing Your Feet:

The kit contains:

  • Kinesio Tape, for patching foot blisters and taping toes
  • Benzoin Tincture, for better adhesion of Kinesio tape to skin
  • Sterile Lancets, for draining blisters if necessary
  • Sterile wipes, hand towelettes, and packets of antibiotic cream
  • Folding travel zippers
  • Engo blister prevention patches, my personal favorites

Instructions on how to prevent and treat blisters if they occur, are also provided

Blisters are a friction injury, so the best way to prevent them is to eliminate any rubbing in your shoes that can cause them. One way to do this is to cover the areas of your feet with tape where you know they rub against your shoes. Some people use moleskin for this or even duct tape. Another option is to use Kinesio tape, applied over skin that has been first treated with Benzoin Tincture, to make it adhere better.

Better still in my experience is lining the parts of your shoes that rub with Engo blister prevention patches. These are adhesive backed plastic patches with a shiny smooth surface and are sticky enough that they will stay in your boots or shoes for multiple trips. I use them on the heel area in my mountaineering boots, which is particularly prone to rubbing, and I’ve never experienced a blister yet.

Despite these precautions, blisters do occur sometimes. If they haven’t popped or they’re not painful, my preference is to leave them alone and let the fluid in them reabsorb naturally. If that’s not an option, popping them with a sterile needle, wiping them down with a sterile cloth and stuffing them with antibiotic cream is the way to go: I try to leave the skin intact if possible for extra protection, and cover with a bandage.

What I like about this Blister Prevention kit is the fact that it includes a number of different methods for treating and preventing blisters – and is a sampler if you would. Buying Kinesio tape, benzoin tincture, and all of the other ingredients separately will run you more than the puchase price of $14 offered by Engo. So if you want to try a bunch of different techniques, this is the way to go. (You’d be amazed at how much unused hiking health and hygiene supplies I have lying around the house.)

This product was supplied to sectionhiker.com as a free sample by the manufacturer.

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