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Engo Blister Prevention Patches Review

ENGO Blister Prevention Patch
An Engo blister prevention patch on the heel of a hiking boot.

Engo Blister Prevention Patches are slick adhesive patches that you stick to your shoes to prevent blisters instead of to your feet. Blisters form because friction inside your shoes causes “skin shear”, where the outermost skin layer is pushed one way and the rest of your foot the other way. The resulting blister fills up with fluid which can cause pain or if popped, become infected without care.

These Engo blister prevention patches are thin plastic adhesive discs that have a glossy surface. If there’s a place inside your shoe that causes blisters, you can cover it with one of these very slippery blister prevention patches to eliminate the friction. Plus, these patches stay in your shoes for months, so you don’t have to replace them very often. Say goodbye to moleskin and Leukotape forever!

I’ve been using these blister-prevention patches in three-season hiking boots and winter hiking boots for over 10 years. They’re really effective and you can’t forget them when you pack up for a hike because they’re in your shoes already and not taped to your feet.

Where can you put ENGO blister prevention patches? I put mine in the heel of some boots and on top of my insoles which are made with leather but aren’t slippery enough to prevent blisters. Once covered, these spots become slippery so my socks, including damp socks, slide over them easily, and will not cause the skin shear that leads to blister formation.

I use Engo Blister Prevention Patches to eliminate hotspots on the surface of my insoles.
I use Engo Blister Prevention Patches to eliminate hotspots on the surface of my leather insoles.

Sounds great. Any limitations? Well, the patches need to be able to stick to the surface you attach them to. That works best on smooth uniform surfaces like the inside of hiking boots. But it may not be as effective on mesh or textured surfaces, for instance. Try it.

Each package comes with an assortment of ENGO blister prevention patches that you can trim if required. This company has established a cult following in the running community (see Fixing Your Feet) and you’ll quickly understand why if you use one of their blister prevention patches to eliminate a hotspot in your hiking or running footwear.

Highly Recommended!

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  1. Interesting. So do they sell a patch large enough to cover your entire insole? All chances of hot spots solved! :)

  2. They’re great, I’ve used them for years. In my running shoes they’ve lasted as long as my shoes, 6-12 months, even under high mileage marathon training. They have held up just about as well in my trail runners I use for backpacking, though I’ve occasionally had to replace a one. They also solved a problem on a bad heel seam on a pair of trail runners I had, not a blister problem, just a rough uncomfortable seam. I keep one in my backpacking first aid/repair kit. Great product, well worth the price!

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