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Yin Yoga

Ken at the one remaining Wild River Bridge

I suffer from chronic IT-band tightness. It tends to flare up after 75 miles of hiking and climbing, which limits my long distance hiking range to about 5 days. I know that many of you suffer from it as well. Over the years, yoga and yoga-inspired stretches have proven to …

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Sipping the Prana

One of my goals this fall is to develop a daily yoga practice. This is something I’ve struggled with for the past 30 years due to the conflicting time demands of school and work.  This first week has been humbling.  Doing yoga every day vs. two or three days a …

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Protec IT Band Wrap

Protec ITB Compresion Strap

Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITB) can really slow down hikers and backpackers. I know, I’m suffering from it this sumer. But about 2 months ago, I bought myself a Protec Illiotibial Band wrap that has kept the condition under control and helped me hike some of the hardest miles on the …

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