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Protec IT Band Wrap

Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITB) can really slow down hikers and backpackers. I know, I’m suffering from it this sumer.

Protec ITB Compresion Strap
Protec ITB Compresion Strap

But about 2 months ago, I bought myself a Protec Illiotibial Band wrap that has kept the condition under control and helped me hike some of the hardest miles on the entire Long Trail. In fact, I’ve bought 2 more more of these bands, to make sure I have extras on hand if I need them at work or when I’m on the road.

The Protec IT band is a neoprene and velcro strap that you secure a few inches above your knee. The resulting compression keeps the outside of your quadricep muscle from rubbing against the outside knuckle of your knee, preventing the pain is commonly associated with ITB.

The Protec IT band really works and without it, I’d have had give up completing the Long Trail this summer. Now, I’m pretty much on schedule to complete the trail in late September or early October.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.

Written 2011.
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  1. Also good for patellar tendonitis if worn below knee, or for elbow pain, or wrist pain/carpal tunnel if slept wrong on the wrist. Also, easier to apply and take off/reuse than duct tape. Maybe use it as a cinch strap on gear for multi-purpose justification to bring along?

  2. No justification needed. I've worn one on each leg for the past year and I get out a fair bit. I've just had one ITB flare-up on a serious hike this year, about 75 miles into a 150 mile section. I ended up calling it a day rather than exacerbate this issue, but I did manage to hike 172 miles across Scotland wearing these and believe that they made that trip a success.

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