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Dyneema Composite Fabrics FAQ

Dyneema Composite Fabrics - FAQ3

What is Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF)? Dyneema Composite Fabric is a non-woven, laminate material that is used to make ultralight backpacking gear including backpacks, tents, tarps, footprints, stuff sacks, and backpack rain covers. It is made by sandwiching ultra-high-weight-molecular polyethylene Dyneema fibers with polyester to produce an exceptionally lightweight, strong, and waterproof material. Dyneema fibers …

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How to Find Dispersed Campsites for Backpacking

How to find dispersed campsites for backpacking

A lot of backpackers get really stressed out when planning trips because they can’t find any information about pre-existing campsites along their route. While campgrounds, lean-tos, and signed designated campsites are usually easy to find out about, that’s often not the case with the dispersed campsites you find in the …

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How to Navigate with GeoPDF Maps

US Forest Service GeoPDF Browser at https://www.fs.fed.us/ivm/index.html

Most US Government Land Management Agencies, including the United States Geological Survey, the National Park Service, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Land Management publish FREE maps using a format called GeoPDF. Like Adobe PDF documents, these maps can be displayed on many different computers, tablets, …

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How Well do Ventilated Mesh Backpacks Work?

Ventilated Backpacks

Ventilated backpacks have suspended mesh backs to help dry perspiration when you’re carrying a backpack. The mesh is suspended above a concave cavity so there’s a big air space behind your back to help evaporate moisture. Deuter Packs, which is the largest backpack manufacturer in the world, is credited with inventing …

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