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AMC HutMan Diet Plan

White Mountains Hutman Carrying Supplies to AMC Hut

This is a spoof…..

The Appalachian Mountain Club has just announced a breakthrough diet and exercise plan guaranteed to help you shed weight and get ripped. Called the Hutman Diet, it melds the latest in nutritional science and sport medicine with mountain climbing so you can feel good about yourself when you are losing weight.

With special introductory pricing of only $1000 per week, including all meals and lodging, you can experience the wonder and glory of the White Mountains and help the largest outdoor education, lodging, and trail maintenance organization in New England. “This is the only weight loss program of its kind in the world based out of mountain huts,” says AMC President Andrew Falender. “Participants in this program have experienced incredible weight loss results. Carrying 80 to 100 pound loads up a mountain day after day just melts the fat away. ”

Developed in conjunction with doctors from Harvard Medical School and Boston-based, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the program is specially designed to help men and women of all ages lose body fat and weight. Specially designed ergonomic backboards are fitted for all Hutman participants or “donks” as they’re playfully called, that are modeled after external backpacks designed for carrying heavy loads.

At the end of the program, Hutman dieters participate in a Hut to Hut Challenge, hiking from the Carter Notch Hut to Lonesome Lake Hut. Nearly 56 miles away, this hike has an aggregate elevation gain that is roughly equivalent to climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. To this day, the record is 21 hours and 41 minutes, an incredible feat.

In addition to paid tuition, the AMC is offering financial assistance to HutMan Diet participants willing to work for a minimum of 4 weeks in Maine, which has long been the focus of the AMC’s lodging and conservation efforts. Says Falender, “we recognize what a huge inconvenience it is for people to travel and live in Maine, so we offer a $200 monthly discount to people who are willing to live in primitive conditions without access to the Red Sox Channel for an entire month. Working in Maine is not something our Beacon-Hill based headquarters staff would ever do, so we’re happy to accommodate anyone willing to work up there.”

In addition to getting lots of fresh air, all Hutman Diet participants receive a free windbreaker, emblazoned with the AMC Logo from L.L. Bean, a longtime corporate sponsor of the AMC. “L.L. Bean has long understood the relationship between outdoor recreation and health,” says a company spokesperson. “We’re delighted to be AMC corporate sponsors, especially since the AMC has pumped nearly $50 million into the Maine economy. That’s a lot of gum boots, my friend.”

Visit this link or more information about the Hutman Diet Progam or contact AMC Lodging for pricing and availability.


  1. Ha, ha. That was a great write up! Just right for morning coffee.

  2. I was feeling silly. I'm reading a great book that contains a lot of humorous historical facts about the AMC – Forest and Crag – by Guy and Laura Waterman – it got me in the mood. It has a lot about the Dacks too.

  3. With the load that guy is carrying he needs a Mystery Ranch or Kifaru.

  4. This is actually the system that the AMC still uses for hut resupply, although the loads now average 85 pounds.

  5. Last week, I watched one of the Lakes croo crank out a bunch of pull-ups after completing his packing for the day. But I think they do have one of the shorter carries. Trash up to the summit of Washington, supplies back down…

  6. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog
    and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  7. As one of the lucky few on the hutcroo diet each summer I can confirm it gets serious results, although I’d say my calves grow instead of shrink…

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