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Arrowhead Equipment Westslope Pouch Review

Arrowhead West Slope Pouch review

The Arrowhead Equipment Westslope Pouch is a 1 oz minimalist organizer designed to hold all of the fishing gear (minus rods) for a day on the river. I use mine to hold my flies, tippet, nippers, and hemostats when Tenkara fly fishing on the hikes I take whenever my path crosses a mountain stream where there might be wild trout. For $25, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything so functional and lightweight.

Specs at a Glance

  • Weigh: 1 oz
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 7.5″
  • Attachment: Neck lanyard
  • Water Resistant: Yes

The Westslope Pouch is designed to hang around your neck, although it has beastie-D rings on its four corners, so you can easily attach it to the daisy chains on your backpack’s shoulder straps if you like. I prefer to fish without a pack on, so I use the neck lanyard which comes with a cordlock so you can adjust the length. I’ve also added a cord loop to the bottom two D-rings that loops around my lower torso, in order to prevent the pouch from swinging forward when I bend over.

Duded up in sun protective clothing
Duded up in sun-protective clothing for a day of Tenkara,

The pouch has one long zippered pocket which is large enough to the hold the SF superslim trout fly box I carry when I fish and zip it shut (although I keep it unzipped for ease of access). There’s a velcro patch to hold loose flies on the front, although they fall off if you fish with barbless or mashed barb hooks, which I do. There’s also a daisy chain across the front that you can hang tools from or a tippet reel.

My SF Superslim fly box fits perfectly in the pouch
My SF Superslim fly box fits perfectly in the pouch

The Westslope Pouch is made a water-resistant ripstop fabric and available in multiple colors. I think it’s a nice piece of kit for fishing and I can recommend it if you’re looking for something similar.

Disclosure: The author purchased this product.

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  1. I like having some sort of chest pouch for my phone/camera/GPS, a pair of gloves, hankie (must be white in case I need to surrender to some army out there), snack, small multitool, etc.–sort of my version of the ‘backpacker’s junk drawer’. This looks like it could be the answer for that. With the D-rings, I should be able to attach it to the chest strap on my pack or run the strap through it. Does it seem like this would work for that?

  2. Hi Philip, these pouches have been around for some time now. The Japanese use them a lot and they are known as “Sakosh” and come in many sizes and weights. I have one that is my go to and can be as you indicate a fishing bag or for a mini camera and snocks or as a ditty bag etc. They are the most handy item to add to a UL system for any trip and are so much better than a bum bag.

  3. I don’t know about the pouch ( but I’m sure I’ll have to get one) but few years ago your write up on Tenkara and mentioning Chris Stewart hooked me. Now I own 4 and I find myself more fishing than hiking …. well short hikes to the creeks. I look forward to all your reviews / newsletters.

    • Chris’ site is a real gem. I’ve learned so much from it. I’m still hiking more than fishing, but I do carry a rod with me on just about every hike I take. Glad you;’ve been hooked. My next project will involve a lot more Tenkara.

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