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AT Section Hike: Kinsman Notch to Mt Wolf

Mt Cannon and Franconia Ridge from Mt Wolf

On August 5th, 2007, I did a 9.2 mile (RT) day hike from Kinsman Notch to Mt Wolf on the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail. This is the section right after the decent from Mt Moosilauke, which is the first really big peak that northbound thru-hikers encounter in the White Mountains.

Although it was a few years ago, I remember this hike well. I’d already decided to start a hiking web site, and I tried to make a couple of video gear reviews that day with the original Flip movie camera to post online.

Thank god no one was around, because I couldn’t get the Flip positioned properly without a tripod. I would have looked like an idiot as I tried all kinds of crazy ways to secure the camera to tree branches and bushes so that I could set up the shots properly. I still haven’t mastered video gear reviews, but I’ll get it down eventually.

The other thing about this section of trail is that there’s a very steep climb out of Kinsman Notch: at least it felt steep at the time. I’ve hiked hundred of miles of trail in the White Mountains since then and I’ve been on much steeper routes, but this was one of my first AT section hikes ever and the memory of that climb still stands out in my mind.

Luckily, I was able to retrieve some of the photos from Webshots that I took that day to document this hike. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you might not have seen the menu item on the menu bar called “Appalachian Trail.” It lists all of my AT section hikes in order from Maine south to Connecticut. This post is included in that list in order to provide a continuous narrative. All of those section hikes are starting to add up. Maybe I’ll finish the AT someday, after all.

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