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Backpacker Clickbait

 Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures to attract click-throughs. Backpackers, it appears, are susceptible to it too.


  1. I’m totally taking that firestarter on my next rain hike.

  2. Your daily email alert got me to click on it lol. So it must work. That image looks like every website I visit lately. Not to mention all the weight loss advertisements. Ugh.

  3. Where are the articles? Each link redirects to a stuff sack giveaway on Section Hiker?

  4. is it April 1st already?

  5. And the #1 most dangerous fire starter….
    Liquid Oxygen

  6. The last time I used that fire starter, I singed all the hair off a Bigfoot 20 miles away. He was really ticked! His hair grew back orange but I’ve lost track of him since…

  7. I’m slightly disappointed that you didn’t allow “creative answers” for the last question. I was sure it was “42, but you weren’t asking the right question”.

  8. I took the bait, but, fortunately for my keyoard, managed not to spit out my coffee! I’m still chuckling! Thanks for brightening my day!

  9. Hmm, had a feeling for a while that that finding new and interesting stuff to write about was becoming a struggle…

  10. Six of those twenty-two blisters are mine.

  11. I laughed the first time I saw this but didn’t “take the bait”…I can’t figure out which one I like better. Thanks for the humor and the giveaway.

  12. Am I the only one who clicked EVERY SINGLE ONE just hoping for an easter egg somewhere in there? I did feel increasingly stupid with each additional click, but I just couldn’t help myself.

  13. Philip ,Thanks for the Sunday chuckle and the raffle .

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