How Effective are DWR Restoration Treatments?

1-Durable Water Repellant Coatings Prvent Wet-Out by Making Water Bead on the Surface of Fabric and Roll Off
Durable Water Repellant Coatings Prevent Wet-Out by Making Water Bead on the Surface of Fabric and Roll Off

Waterproof breathable rain jackets are not permanently waterproof. Instead they’re coated with a chemical formulation called DWR, which stands for Durable Water Repellant, that causes water to bead up on the jacket surface when it rains and roll off.

The problem is that this DWR coating rubs off after a time, so your jacket soaks up the rain rather than repelling it, making you wet inside your jacket.

When this DWR coating wears out, many people simply buy a new rain jacket. Others try to reproof the DWR coating using aftermarket restorative formulas like Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel by washing their jackets with it or spraying it on. Unfortunately, these aftermarket treatments work or last as long as a jacket’s original DWR coating.

Have you ever used one of these products to restore the DWR on a waterproof/breathable jacket? How did it work for you?

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  1. I have not used those products for renewing my waterproofing. I do use a spray bottle of silicon water repellent that you can get at Walmart for bags and drytops for kayaking.

  2. Years ago, I had a shell from Cabela’s that started soaking up the rain rather than shedding it. I bought a DWR kit from them, laundered the jacket according to instructions and “renewed” the DWR coating. It had no effect whatsoever. I later replaced that shell with a different one that was much lighter and worked better. The replacement shell is now made up of a significant percentage of Tenacious Tape. I haven’t done anything to try to renew the DWR since it still seems to work like I want it to.

  3. I used a Nikwax wash in product once on a cheap shell I bought when a student. I soon found that after a few wears, the water wasn’t beading anymore and rather wetting the material. Due to cost and being a student, I dumped the idea of owning a gortex shell and went for a non-breathable, waterproof material and have never looked back.

  4. No I never did while on pacific crest trail (class of 2015) last year I was sponsored by the president of Black Diamond, Peter Metcalf. I left for trail at border in campo on March 23rd 2015. Weather was great. When it did rain I had pre-treated my Black Diamond hi light tent with a seam sealer and that’s it. It’s a 4 season tent. I used a hot forge prima loft down jacket and a lightweight she’ll to go over. I wouldn’t have mind to use Granger performance repel on my Northface ultralight fast pack shoes so I regret that but never heard of Nik wax Tx-Direct nor gear aide revive x? Please educate me and I’m an avid hiker and go under the trail name, “Hammer.”

  5. I have used Nikwax TX-Direct to restore the DWR on a GoreTex paclite rain jacket and paddling drytops. It works for a while and then the fabric starts to soak again. I think the DWR achieved by these products are not as long lasting as then original DWR of the new fabric.

  6. I have used Nikwax softshell proof wash-in. The DWR never gets as good as new again, but the results aren’t half bad!
    I have some Granger’s spray-on lying around too, but I still have to test that. My hardshell always beads of nicely again after a tech wash!

  7. I never used any product to restore the DWR. I just never use brethable jackets. They just don’t work as they are supposed to be.

  8. No, it too expensive and rarely sold in Russia

  9. I’ve used Nikwax TX direct on two Patagonia jackets one being the ‘Torrenshell’. It worked well to revive water repellency, but it would be exaggerating to say ‘good as new’. Wear areas like shoulders don’t seem to retain repellency all that long.

  10. I have a Columbia rain jacketand Sierra Designs rain pants and my wife has a down jacket from MEC and we use Nixwax all the time. I put them in the tub with cold water, add the direct wash for down ( even on synthetics). Wash everything gently by hand, rinse lightly, and put them in the washer on spin. Hang to dry. I spray Nixwax direct spray on everything, usually I use about two bottles cause one is just for one garment. DONT use that wash repellant it creates beads on the inside of a double layer garment. Hang to dry away from a heat source. Last about 5 months. Love Nixwax products.

  11. I’ve tried the Nikwax with limited results. Washing a really dirty jacket helps mostly because it removes the dirt that wets out but the restore only works a little. I think part of the problem is that Nikwax is committed to using only water soluble, or suspended, compounds.

  12. I have not used renewable water repellent on clothes – I haven’t needed to renew it on my shell. Outdoor Research makes a great product!

  13. I use the Nikwax product on my waterproof (event) jackets and trousers. It’s not as good as the original, but is much better than nothing. It is also much cheaper than buying new kit

  14. I have a somewhat older Marmot Precip jacket (from around ’08), and I haven’t used any DWR treatment on it. I guess it can benefit from such a treatment, but it works well enough for the occasional rain I put it through. Living in Israel, and needing it only rarely, I manage without it.

  15. No I have not. My original jacket still sheed’s water.

  16. Patrick McFarlane

    I used Nikwax wash in several years ago on my first WPB shell (a Columbia omnitech jacket from the early 2000’s). I chose the wash in treatment because I thought it would give more uniform and thorough coverage. It worked really well, restoring a very high degree of water repellency immediately but eventually wore off. These days I don’t use treatments because the DWR on my current shell (a Mountain Hardwear Jovian) can be very effectively restored by washing and drying with a little heat. I do use Nikwax tech wash for this because it cleans well and I have confidence that it won’t leave any residues behind that could affect performance.

  17. I have just recently used the Nikwax TX-Direct wash-in on my Montane Minimus jacket. I cannot tell yet whether it worked, but the inner membrane of the jacket is torn at the shoulders anyway so it will never be fully waterproof again. One thing to remark, though: the TX-Direct, if you use it for hand wash, is a nasty little thing. It actually dissolves your hands a bit, plus it leaves a residue on them which you cannot wash or rub down. Even worse than pine resin…

  18. I have not used a DWR product for any of my rainwear as I quickly moved away from “breathable” rain shells after learning first hand their limitations in extended rain.

  19. No. I wash my Patagonia triple layer gore text once a season. I’ve had them five years, hike through the fall in ME and still going. Usually the inner layer starts to degrade at 4-5 years then I replace.

  20. I haven’t had to use DWR renew products yet. I rotate my gear, which lengthens their lifespan.

  21. I have an OR Helium II shell that I have used for a few years and per their recommendation when the DWR started failing I washed it with Atsko Tech Wash and put it in the dryer. It brought the DWR back like a charm!

  22. I use driducks rainwear so there is no dwr to fuss with.

  23. I have never had a jacket physically outlast the water proof/resistant coating. I guess I am too hard on my stuff.

  24. No, I have not been hiking or backpacking long enough to wear out my rain coat yet.

  25. I haven’t used any of those products. I’m not a big fan of sprays and wash in chemicals and such. I use frog toggs and they work just fine when I need them.

  26. I have used nikwax several times but lately i have come to the conclusion that if i really want to keep dry i use products with non breathable 100% waterproof fabric and rely on ventilation, i also dont have to worry about the longterm enviromental effects of the chemicals in dwr.

  27. Years ago I contacted Mountain Hardwear asking what I should use on my MH rain jacket and windstopper softshell and they recommended ReviveX. I have had very good results using it and usually only retreat once a year.

  28. Never have tried these products, do you know a good blog/website that I could read to see the benefits or get more info?

  29. I have used ReviveX wash-in DWR to restore the DWR on a Marmot PreCip rain jacket – it worked OK but didn’t last. I also recently used Nikwax TX.Direct spray on the exterior of a Marmot Pinnacle down sleeping bag after washing with their Down Wash based on a recommendation from Marmot’s customer service – I don’t know how well this worked because the bag has not gotten any water on it since I washed it.

  30. dimitris voulgarakis

    no. never used any of these products yet as my jacket is still new and hasn’t needed refreshing.

  31. I’ve used Nikwax TX wash in when cleaning a thrifted GoreTex shell. It works great and the old jacket is still going strong.

  32. Isn’t that stuff bad for the environment ? I’m going with an umbrella .

  33. I used ReviveX on a paclite jacket and Marmot Precip pants. It did nothing in high-wear areas and was good for about 5 minutes in other areas.

  34. I have not used any of the DWR products mentioned. I use a Packa and it’s made of Silnylon

  35. I’ve never used anything like that. Up until very recently, all my hiking was done in a group with my family, and we have kind of an accidentally communist approach to gear–no one really “owns” anything, per se. We don’t have rain jackets; we have a big bag full of ponchos and everyone just pulls out a poncho that doesn’t fit too badly. Since they’re cheap ($5 or so at walmart) we add new ponchos to the bag every year and throw away the ones that don’t work anymore.

  36. I haven’t used any of the products to restore DWR on my rain gear. I replaced a well-used Marmot jacket with another one, intended for more frequent use. We have a couple of heavyweight “waterproof” jackets from the 80’s still hanging in the closet that didn’t keep the user dry in wet or snowy conditions.

  37. Yes, i’ve used Nikwax TX-Direct to re-waterproof an old pair of outdoor research mitten shells.They worked great on my one overnight winter hike this year. I haven’t had many chances to try them because of our weak winter in vermont.

  38. I have used most of the Nikwax products, both spray on and wash in, with mixed results. Yes, it usually does renew the DWR for a while. But it finally dawned on me that what was happening was degradation of not just the DWR, but the waterproof-breathable laminate, by the Deet bug repellent I was using. So these days I keep the deet away from my rain gear, and don’t bother with the Nikwax.

    • Just saw your comment about you using Deet bug repellent. Stop using that crap. You should use Skin So Soft from Avon. It’s the best bug repellent. I’ve been using it for years. I’m a horticulturist so I’m outside every day. On weekends my friends come over in the summer for pool parties. They are getting mosquito bites. Not me, because I use Skin So Soft bath gel every day in the shower. I can’t remember the last time I got a mosquito bite. If I had to guess, I’d say probably so 30 years ago.

  39. Never needed to add anything to renew my Marmot Precip jacket. It never seems to rain hard enough to use it when I go hiking. It mostly stays in my pack. I guess I’ve been lucky in that regard.

  40. I have not used the products mentioned. Frankly, I probably don’t use my waterproof gear enough to warrant a restoration of the water repellency. Or, I end up buying another garment. And, I did not know there are products that can (may?) restore water repellency. FWIW, I’ve used the Nikwax Tech Wash to clean some of my waterproof(?) garments (Gore-Tex or other products). Thanks for offering up the Gossamer Tent. Happy Easter to all!

  41. I have used ReviveX wash and renewer, primarily on my Rab shell. It’s not as good as new, but it certainly helped. I prefer to use free and clear and vinegar for washing at a fraction of the price.

  42. Nope, nothing for DWR. My rain gear closet contains “water proof beathable” gear from a full length PVC riding slicker and a waxed cotton slicker from my horse back wilderness ranger days; Marmot Precip pull over and full zip pants; a couple OR Revel Pertex Quantum tops used with an Eddie Bauer pants; a couple of Showers Pass event jackets which have superb event WPBR plus super ventilation via pit zips and a shoulder cape back; and my latest go…a zpacks cuben fiber poncho and Golite umbrella for the 2016 AT flip/flop thru hike…starting next month

  43. I have used Nikiwax TX and it definitely helps restore the DWR properties of the garment. I don’t have enough use with the treated garment yet to comment on how long it lasts, but thus far seems like a good way to extend the useful life of a jacket.

  44. I honestly don’t know for certain. I quit using waterproof beatables about 15 or 20 years ago. When I did try to follow direction to revive older pieces, I was never successful with it.

  45. Never used on raincoat. Try to avoid excessive rain when hiking and have one water repellant jacket that still repels well enough.

  46. I used Nikwax TX-Direct and it really had no effect.

  47. I’ve used the Nikwax TX_Direct wash in product on a GoreTex jacket from MEC. It worked well enough that I was able to use the jacket for casual use if I renewed it after several months. I wouldn’t trust it for situations where the DWR absolutely had to work.

  48. I used to use NikWax, but after only fair results, combined with the fact that I moved away from high-end shells, I don’t use it any more. I use Dry Ducks for my shell, and given the price, don’t mind replacing it every couple of years. I also figure that you either get wet from the rain or wet from the shell (via sweating), so you get wet either way. You only need to stay warm

  49. Never used any of those products. Didn’t really occur to me that I needed to retreat my waterproof gear until I read about it here.

  50. No, I wear frogg togg rainwear, they are inexpensive and tape or replace as needed.

  51. No. Never. I just replace my rain jackets when they start to get soaked by rain.

  52. Yes I have washed a rain jacket with a Nikwax product and then sprayed it with a DWR product of which brand I can’t recall. The jacket was 4 years old and not repelling or beading well and after the treatment it worked great going on 2 years after treatment.

  53. I have not used any of the product list but will keep them in mind when I need to retreat my Columbia jacket.

  54. I’ve used a wash-in Nikwax on my wife’s softshell and it helped a little, but is nothing close to the factory treatments.

  55. Haven’t used any of those products. After washing I spray my Goretex jacket with Kiwi Camp Dry (pretty inexpensive) and it seems to work fine. Also sprayed my DriDucks rainsuit with it which makes the rain bead off better.

  56. i have not used it before either. My jacket has lasted a long time so I haven’t had to figure out what to do. So all of these comments are very interesting to me.

  57. Yes. I sprayed Granger’s DWR on my OR Helium II Rain Jacket. It started shedding rain like new again afterwards.

  58. I have thought about using Nikwax or something similar but have yet to try. Mostly I rotate jackets and just do normal wash and dry. There is no such thing as breathable waterproof. They all get soaked eventually. Usually their value is keeping the wind off and resisting the rain long enough to get to where I’m walking. A large poncho is usually more effective in keeping long term rain out.

  59. Yes! i have a Gore Tex Active jacket and have used Granger’s Wash & Repel, it worked ok

  60. No, I’ve always just replaced them when needed (I tend to not buy expensive ones)

  61. I have a REI rain jacket and have used Nikwax TX with OK results.

  62. I use Sport-wash brand. Works OK, needs to be reapplied about twice a year. Hate the need to iron it in :(

  63. I have used Gearaid Revivex on a pair of North Face Hyvent Pants and on a Sierra Designs Toaster Jacket. The effect was much more noticeable in the toaster jacket, perhaps because it is my ski jacket in the winter, and sees less wear than my shell pants, which I use year round depending on the conditions I am hiking in. I only applied the DWR once at the beginning of the season for the toaster jacket and it still works great- the Hyvent Pants I will typically treat 3-4 times a year

  64. I believe I used the TX Direct a few times, with satisfactory results. I believe I sprayed it on the wet coat. I feel that the new jacket I have either has better DWR, or I take better care of, so the DWR does not become compromised.

  65. No, I haven’t used any products to restore dwr.

  66. I have never used any of the products listed. My current rain gear is still in excellent condition, as it doesn’t get much use living & hiking in the desert.

  67. I’ve used Grangers XT spray and ReviveX on various Gore Jackets & Pants. In each case the applications worked but relatively short lived. A couple months to a year pending wear, weather and storage.

    Last week I began to explore non breathable options for future use. Various twists of a poncho / Packa. I think my breathable’s will become relegated to skiing and general life use.

  68. I washed a gortex jacket with nikwax It seemed improve rain shedding for a while, but I haven’t gone back to it for ages ….not much rain where we live!

  69. No, I’ve never used these DWR products because my rain gear is almost new and doesn’t need renewing.

  70. I have used NikWax TX-Direct on a rain parka and rain pants. It restored the garments ability to shed water somewhat but not to the full extent of the original product.

  71. I use Nikwax washes regularly. I also use Polartec branded DWR washes for a pair of Neoshell pants that I own.

    I’ve used Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct on my OR Helium II Jacket. It seems to work like a charm as it hasn’t wet out yet. Although, I typically tech wash my gear fairly regularly if a good amount of mud, sweat, or grime get into them to make sure the breathability and DWR is maintained.

    For my Polartec pants from Makers and Riders I have, Ive used Tech Wash followed by TX Direct Spray on, and Tech Wash followed by Polartec Powercare DWR. I’ve noticed no difference in performance between the two methods in aiding waterproofness and breathability. That is to say, they both work very well.

  72. No, I do not have any items requiring this type of treatment.

  73. Another here who hasn’t had issues with my gear yet. Still relatively new gear. I do like reading what has/hasn’t worked for others. Thanks.

  74. No, i do not currently have any items in need of this treatment

  75. I have not used these products, but I should. My excuse is that I never know when the coating has actually come off. I look forward to looking at the other entries for recommendations!

  76. Nope. I’ve just ended up replacing my shells. I’ve had a few friends give less than stellar reports, so I’ve never even bothered.

    • Nope. I do have an old gore-tex shell I want to use it on, but I’ve been putting it off because of how tedious the laundering process seems.

  77. Rico Tagliaferri

    I have used the Nikwax on my ski pants and jacket. It increased water shedding, but has started fail toward the end of the season.

  78. NO I have not because it was something I did not know about. When my tent leaked on the Appalachian Trail I asked REI about seam sealer and they told me to use some other brand they pulled off the shelf

  79. Years ago I used I think it was Nikwax on a LLBean rain jacket seemed to work ok . I used the jacket mainly when I traveled. Just started backpacking so all my equipment is new so haven’t had to use. But I’m with Stephens’ comment I enjoy reading what others have tried and their experience with the product. Thanks to all for sharing.

  80. I used Nikwax on my EMS Thunderhead Jacket and a few older cheap rain jackets (think valet attendant jackets). Worked great, especially on the older cheap jackets as I stash those in different places like the car or backup jackets

  81. I have not. I found that rain jackets I’ve owned have had other features degrade before the waterproof ability. I have used that type of product on boots with good success.

  82. I used Nikwax on a very very very old Goretex shell that had basically disintegrated. Naturally it did not work so I bought a new shell and donated the old one (maybe someone could use it as a regular rain coat if they are not a hiker). I haven’t had the need yet to waterproof the new one so I don’t know how well it’ll work on the new coat.

  83. No. I just accept wetness as a part of trail life. Of course, I say that now as a resident of rarely wet New Mexico. When I was living in the Adirondacks climbing the 46 High Peaks, I was not so amenable to rainfall. In either case, I like to stay dry when I sleep, thus this little tent would be swell!

  84. No,not after reading that they are harmful.

  85. No, I haven’t had my raing
    ear long enough to need to treat it, but am looking for info for when I might need to have a refresher. :-)

  86. I’ve used Nikwax TX Direct spray-on to treat a number of shell gear items: softshell jackets (Patagonia Krushell and Ready Mix, Haglofs), rain jackets (Patagonia Jetstream, Mountain Hardwear unknown Conduit jacket), rain pants (Cloudveil). Followed the directions on the bottle. TX Direct seems to bring back the surface repellence, but doesn’t seems to last very long. For example, at the beginning of 2013 I treated my Jetstream jacket with other shell gear. After numerous day trips, and two week-long backpacking trips, areas of high wear started to wet out in heavy rain. Mostly the shoulders. Conclusion: effective, but not for that long.

    By contrast, the factory DWR on a recent shell jacket (Patagonia Knifeblade jacket, purchased in 2013), has rebounded well after washing and drying in the drier. Admittedly, this jacket doesn’t get challenged as seriously. It was purchased for ice climbing, so doesn’t usually get exposure to serious rain.

  87. Nope, by the time they wet thru their too beat up to treat. They just end up getting replaced.

  88. Used Nikwax wash-in on several items. They worked. For a while. And as always, DWR is a fairly imperfect solution, even when new. I’m seriously looking at the permanently beading rainwear from TNF and Columubia.

  89. I’ve used post-purchase DWR treatments and have been underwhelmed with efficacy. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just going to get wet eventually with the gear that I have.

    I’m really starting to think hard about getting a packa.

  90. no, I have used the washing machine and then the dryer until totally dry for my rain jacket and that seems to help restore the water repellency.

  91. Once the water proofing is gone there is no product made that will restore it to “new” condition. Best to replace the rainwear.

  92. I only recently found out that this was an option! I am about to purchase a new windbreaker with DWR, so I will be trying a wash-in when the time comes.

  93. I have used nikwax tx direct on backpacks and soft shells, so far 3 months it is working well.

  94. No, I just gently wash my coats and gently dry them. I find that when the waterproofing is gone, the coat is worn out and time to replace.

  95. Not yet. I have a Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45 that is pretty close to needing a good wash. I’ve had my eye on a bottle of Nikwax Down Wash Direct, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Thanks!

  96. Shannon Lefebvre

    No, I didn’t know until recently that there were products like this. In the past I used silicon waterproof spray on inexpensive tents and rain gear. Now that I am buying higher quality gear I will be looking into these products.

  97. I use the Nikwax TX-Direct. Between the rejuvenating effect of the dryer on the original DWR and the Nikwax, it does extend the life of my rain jackets and pants.

  98. Nope, I only recently (within the last year) started hiking/camping and have not gone out in the rain yet.

  99. Yes… I have used nikwax tx-direct on a patagonia super pluma jacket that i have skied over 400 days in for the last three years. It works great. The direct wash has also helped keep the color likr new.

  100. I recently used TX-DIRECT spray-on to restore the DWR on a hard shell. I just did it and have yet to be in a storm with the “restored” jacket so I don’t know how it will work. That being said, my jacket now has a strong chemical smell that is pretty gross.

  101. No I have not. I replace my jackets when they begin to leak, or simply use them in nice weather. This strategy has worked for me.

  102. No, I have just replaced my gear when it is no longer water proof. Would love to find a product that would restore the water proofing! Now I have some more ideas to try, thanks!

  103. I use Nikwax Techwash and TX on my hard shell. I still consider it a short term solution.

  104. Michael McFadden

    I have tried Nikwax, washing & drying, and have found it is just best to replace my rain gear.

  105. No – I take attentive care of my waterproof/breathable jackets and have not noticed any deterioration of the DWR.

    If I felt that the DWR was no longer effective I would consider using Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel

  106. No. The main reason I haven’t is because none of the jackets I own that came with DWR are old enough to need restoration. Depending on people’s experiences that I read here, I may or may not try such products when restoration is needed! Thanks.

  107. No, I have my new Arcteryx Thorium AR since about 6 months ago and the DWR still work. I would consider using Nikwax in the future when needed.

  108. I have used Nikwax TX Direct Wash in. It works okay, but is never as good as the factory coating.

  109. My water treated gear tends to last a long time. Those item’s I have treated I’ve used Nathan Sport Wash detergent to clean, then sprayed down with the Granger’s Performance Waterproofer. Works well but for short duration.

    Considering the switch to the Granger’s all in one wash and waterproofer.

  110. No, I’m always worried about adding chemicals (or something that i associate with chemicals), to the clothes I wear. I realize that the jacket or she’ll was probably treated in the first place, and that outdoor gear isn’t necessarily natural anyways, but I’d rather just buy a new shell than spray mine down with a coat of toxic waterproofing.

  111. No – I’ve never used any DWR restoration products. Where I live, It rains so little that my rain jackets only get used a few days a year. I generally prefer an umbrella or poncho for the desert hiking I do, so I just don’t put that much wear and tear on my jackets.

  112. No – I have never used such a product. I feel as if these treatments can only do so much. In the past I have used inexpensive rain gear. I think my next rain jacket may come from Zpacks though.

  113. I’ve used Nikwax TX Direct Wash-in, in my washing machine, I chose that brand as it was okay to air dry the clothes and I don’t have a drier, which a lot of them seemed to require. I used their Tech Wash first, as my jacket was pretty dirty as well as starting to let in too much water.
    They came on a buy one get one half price offer, which seems to be permanently on in one or other of the outdoor shops. I followed the instructions and cleaned all the parts of the washing machine that I could, and ran it empty first, to clear detergent build up.
    I’m in Scotland, where my rain coat sees a LOT of use, and it was restored to as good as new as far as the waterproofing was concerned. It wasn’t an awful lot cleaner, and it is once again looking pretty grubby. I won’t bother cleaning it till it starts letting in too much water again though, as the cleaning of the washing machine was fiddly and time consuming.

  114. No, I have never used those products, I guess because the deterioration of the DWR happens gradually, so I don’t think about it.

  115. No, by the time my coats need re-waterproofed they are worn out or no longer fit me.

  116. I’ve never used these products, but only for the simple reason that I’ve never had anything coated that needed re-coating. I don’t own a waterproof/breathable jacket (yet).

  117. No, I’ve never used a spray on water repellent for jackets or pants. I have never had a high end rain jacket (replaced my North Face Venture with a Marmot Precip a couple years ago) that I’ve wanted to extend the life of. By the time I get a new one the seams and interior lining were flaking. And I like the Frogg Toggs for pants… don’t think the spray would work. But I still use my big clunky all-leather Cresta Hikers and swear by the Bean Boot Guard for waterproofing and protecting leather gear.

  118. No, I’ve just replaced the shells. I’ve used NikWax products on my hiking boots with good success, so that would be my first “go to” brand should I try to waterproof a jacket/shell.

  119. No. I have a gore-tex jacket and a OR Helium but they are recent (less than 2 seasons old) and they shed well. I plan to use some in the future.

  120. Have used combo tech wash / on a number of rain jackets. Seemed to generally improve water repellancy, but I was not greatly impressed. I just purchased the spray. Hoping for a better result.

  121. No, all of that question read like greek to me.

  122. Mostly end up replacing shells. From the reading I have done, and experience of friends no one seems to have found a solution they think really works well.

  123. No, never thought of doing anything like before on my only waterproof breathable jacket

  124. I have used NikWax TX Direct. It is simple to use, and did help restore the DWR finish. It doesn’t last long, but it is an inexpensive way to prolong the life of a shell.

  125. I used a whole bottle of Nikwax on Arcteryx hardshell. Either I did something wrong or product doesn’t work.

  126. No, I haven’t. Have thought about trying it on an old rain jacket that I still take as a wind jacket on days I’m going above treeline but rain is unlikely. Might experiment with it this summer.

  127. No, I’ve never used a product to replace a dwr finish on a coat, mostly because the fumes from the replacement coating give me headaches, as well as the amount of work required is not worth the minimal rain protection offered by trying to replace the old factory coating.

  128. I have tried using Nixwax, however, it never seemed to work quite well on my OR Helium HD. It ended up wetting out after a couple of uses, so I just moved onto a Marmot Precip.

  129. I haven’t tried any of these – maybe because it’s been a dry few years in SoCal. I’ve had a couple of jackets (Marmot and TNF) that delaminated before I realized they were no longer waterproof. Both brands were great about replacing the jacket with a new one. The Marmot is probably due for a refresh. I’ve heard the wash-in stuff is marginally better than the spray-on, and neither is very good compared to the original – which also seems to be consistently inadequate. This seems to be ripe for technical innovation.

  130. I’ve used TX Direct by Nikwax and it did everything I expected it to. I last used it on an old Moonstone Gore-Tex jacket that I gave away to a friend.

  131. No, not yet. My DWR gear hasn’t worn out yet, and my down vest and quilts aren’t to the point where they need a wash yet. Once I hit that point I’ll be looking for some well reviewed products to restore my gear’s luster.

  132. No, I keep trying new rain gear and never have one long enough for the DWR to need to be replenished. Mostly I use a sil-nylon poncho and hope it doesn’t rain enough for it to wet-out… at some point I plan to replace it with a cuben fiber one.

  133. No, it seems like technology has led to significant upgrades for technical clothes more frequently then I can wear them out. By the time I have worn out the waterproofing there is something newer/better/shinier that I want to try rather than trying to revitalize an old jacket.

  134. Revive-ex is the product I’ve used lately- it seems to help a bit but none of these DWR replacers seem to work for long. They are rather expensive for what they do.

  135. Yup. I used nikwax TX.Direct wash-in on a marmot rain shell with membrain and had the interior layer delaminate and turn a well functioning shell with 8 months of heavy use to a leaky now wind breaker. Worked great on my brothers all nylon shell that was the only other article present in the gentle load then hung to dry. But mine was visually damaged apon removal of that load. While I have washed my same shell in loads with other clothes many times before with zero damage. Its either the lack of other clothes to lessen the blow on my shell or the nikwax it’s self, I will never know!

    In addition I have used nikwax tech wash then tent and gear solarproof with mediocre water repelling results on an osprey momentum pack with rain cover but it sure did clean up the yellow pack nice. And will do the same to my tent in the coming weeks

  136. Not yet. I replace my rain gear when it no longer functions properly.

  137. No, I use Frogg toggs and replace them as needed

  138. No, I have never owned a waterproof breathable jacket so haven’t had to try to fix one. A rain poncho is my go to for wet weather now.

  139. No. Usually this products have only a temporary effect. That way I try to change the jacket.

  140. I’ve washed and reappiled with the Nikwax products. It seems to work for a bit, but wears out quicker than the original coating. Been replacing jackets every two to 3 years.

  141. no, not yet. still in my first year of overnight hiking.

  142. I have used nik wax on a marmot and rei rain shell and have come to expect that it does not restore the repellency to new condition. It does help for short term low moisture repellency.

  143. I used Nixwax TX Direct Wash-in on an eVent shell and a Patagonia soft shell last fall. It restored water repellency for a month or two.

  144. No, once the original DWR finish is compromised it is a very expensive maintain it. Given how rough I can be on clothes it is usually better for me to buy a cheaper clearance item and replace it more frequently than buying a high price item and having to maintain it.

  145. No. I have never heard of either product.

  146. No. I just hand wash my coat when needed and let it hang dry in the sun.

  147. No, I just wear my shells till they die.

  148. I used Nixwax TX Direct Wash-In on my Integral Designs eVent shell and an old GoLite windshirt. Water beaded up on both of them afterwards. But we haven’t had enough rain in California to see how long it lasts!

  149. No – I have never invested in a fancy rain shell. I just have a rather run of the mill The North Face jacket. If it stops working for me, it will be time to invest in a better one.

  150. I’ve used Nikwax TX-Direct wash in once but it didn’t work with a darn. It just beaded up into goey little balls of material in the washing machine. It was a real pain removing all the remnants of the Nikwax. Really disappointing that it didn’t wash in as advertised.

  151. No, the jackets I’ve owned have delaminated and been replaced by warranty before they need new repellent.

    • Yes, I have used the Nikwax product to restore the waterproofness of an REI Rain Jacket and pants. While it worked well, I no longer use those for my raingear due to the weight and problems with condensation.

    • No, Philip, I haven’t used any of these products to restore a DWR on my waterproof/breathable jacket because I didn’t know about them previously. Your Blog for me is equivalent to owning a Swiss Army Knife that does everything – I learn everything! Ta! Carmen Ludeman (Melbourne, Australia)

  152. I’ve sometimes used Atsko products on boots , shoes and jackets but I recently used Nikwax products to clean and revive the waterproof properties of my girlfriends Patagonia Torrentshell rain jacket .That worked out wonderfully and she hasn’t stopped thanking me . I’m now a Nikwax convert !

  153. Haven’t used any such products. I use a set of frog toggs until they wear out. I have heard good things about nikwax though!

  154. Yes, I just applied Revive X last night. I haven’t taken it on the trail yet but just a few tests with the sink made it look much better than before. However, I can’t say whether that was due to the dryer reviving the original DWR or if it was the new application.

  155. No, had I known to use such products I would have. But my last rain jacket delaminated so badly it simply needed replacing.

  156. I have not had to use any dwr restoration products. I’ll be trying one of these products soon on my marmot mica that I used for the JMT in 2015 (rained more than normal in the Sierras last summer). I didn’t use the dwr renew because my jackets were always cheapies and I’d just get another. If you suggest against, please let me know!

  157. No, I haven’t used any products — yet! I upgraded to an OR Helium II jacket last year and the coating is still good. At some point it will need a refresh and I will look at a product to do that.

  158. Yes, I have used nikwax TX direct on several garments. Marmot jacket (one using their own membrane), and on a Solomon packlite goretex jacket. Not too pleased with the results. Neither jacket performed like new, and I find that renewing the dwr with a spray on solution performs better, though it won’t last long. Neither jacket is what I would call a rain jacket. You get wet in real rain wearing those. But they do their job in light showers.

  159. No, I’ve never thought to use these products since I have never had any issues with waterproofing. This will be a good reference for the future if I decide to protect my jackets.

  160. I use Nikwax Tech Wash and TX.Direct to clean and maintain the performance of my W/B rain gear and the water-resistance of softshells. It seems to work ok but I haven’t done any kind of pre- and post-wash testing to say with certainty how effective TX.Direct is and how long the DWR treatment lasts. I would be interested to know if such testing has been done, or is planned, by a credible non-biased testing organization.

  161. No, I have yet to use those products or any of the like. I fall in the camp of “use my jacket until it just doesn’t repel anymore”. And I honestly have only had this happen once, but the jacket was pretty well shredded by then anyway. Now that I have nice gear though…I may be more likely to repair the DWR.

  162. I used nikwax on my north face hyvent rain jacket. It wore off very quickly after a couple of uses. I will be replacing my nf jacket with a marmot one.

  163. I haven’t used any of these products. I’ve heard mixed and mostly negative results from people that have tried a few different options, I simply haven’t put money or time into finding out for myself.

  164. I have some early Gore-tex jackets that have had Nikwax and Revivex applied to them. Nikwax worked better for me but I still wasn’t super happy with the results. The jackets are now relegated to ski season and summer rain protection has newer lighter fabrics.

  165. I have used Nikwax TX.Direct on my snowboarding jacket and pants, around 3 years old. Wears off after 3 or 4 days of riding. Usually apply dwr at the same time i wax my board.

  166. The Marmot rain jacket that I use for bike rides around the city and on hikes can handle a few hours of consistent downpour. I usually replace the jacket every 4 years or so.

    Whenever rain is really bad, I pivot and use a poncho. It can get hot under there, but it never wets through.

  167. I use a Marmot rain jacket for biking around the city and on my hikes. It keeps me dry for a few hours of downpour. I replace the jacket every four years or so. When I’m expecting lots and lots of rain I bring along a poncho. This keeps my dry and never wets through.

    This approach has served me well in the Pacific Northwest and mid-Atlantic.

  168. No I haven’t, didn’t realize they were an option The one jacket I have that is so far gone it’s probably not worth trying but may give it a shot on my marmot pants

  169. No. I love in southern California. My train jacket rarely gets any use.

  170. No. I live in southern California. My train jacket rarely gets any use.

  171. No I usually replace my jackets within warranty or if warranty has expired I buy a new one.

  172. yes, used nikwax TX direct on my mt hardwear shell. It did not restore the waterproofness.

  173. No. I use FrogToggs when hiking. Light and nice, but they only last one season. good thing they are cheap.

  174. I use both TX-Direct Wash in and TX-Direct pump spray. The pump spray bottle can be used to renew the DWR when washing a garment is not necessary, but I think the wash in is a more effective, and longer lasting treatment.
    It is important to know that when using the pump spray TX-Direct, the item or garment needs to be clothes dryer safe, since the neat of the dryer sets in the treatment.

  175. “Have you used a product like Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel to restore the DWR on a waterproof/breathable jacket?
    If yes, which product did you use and how did it work?
    If no, why not?”

    No, at least not yet. I only purchased a quality DWR waterproof/breathable jacket about 6 months ago. It’s time is coming……….

  176. I used ReviveX spray on a top of the line but very well used Marmot jacket. I was not impressed with the results. :-(

  177. I’ve never used such products on a jacket. Like others, I go for cheap, lightweight rain jackets such as FrogToggs. If I had such a jacket, I probably would have used those sort of products.

  178. I have a Marmot Minimalist, and though I haven’t treated it yet I have used NikWax wash-in treatment in the past on a Marmot PreCip. The treatment seemed fine, but it doesn’t last. From what I understand, the best thing you can do for your waterproof layers is to keep them clean.

  179. No, I have never used them because I keep buying lighter and more expensive rain jackets because I have a problem :)

  180. We use nikwax on our Red Ledge jackets several times a year. Great giveaway!!

  181. I love nikwax. I use it on my Helium 2 and it keeps me dry and warm. I have always wanted a One but this retired school teacher could not afford it!

  182. Yes, I own an Outdoor Research Foray Gore-tex Jacket. I’ve thouroughly sprayed it with Nikwax tx direct a few times. It worked ok for a month or so and then stopped shedding rain.

  183. I haven’t ever used waterproofing products. I use Frog Toggs and replace them when they get too many holes.

  184. I don’t washmy rain or gortex jackets unless absolutely necessay. More often than not they will delaminate or have other issues. At that point I replace them. If one gets really dirty with something that isn’t easily addressed with soap and water (like a fine powder silt seen at Burningman), then I’ve used Nikwax with good results. Very infrequent.

  185. I’ve used Nikwax TX-Direct and a few other of their products. the initial results are good, but like anything, it wears off. So, keep your gear clean and treat accordingly.

  186. No, and I’m nervous about going down that rabbit hole of purchasing DWR products and being dissatisfied with DWR products. I am keeping an eye out for a sale on Nikwax spray on, though.

    I do wash rain gear with Atsko wash and put it in the dryer to “reset” the DWR. I also try to handle rain gear with DWR to avoid abrasion, but this can be unavoidable.

  187. I have used the Nikwax TX-Direct spray on for my REI Elements jacket. Except for some spots that get a bit of wear around the sleeves it works fairly well for a while. I applied it about a year ago and probably needs another application. Living in southern California it doesn’t get heavy use.

  188. Hi there,

    yes, I have used waterproofing products on my rain jackets and gloves, brand was Nikwax I think. I was initially skeptical, but my my spouse is really a strong believer in such products, so I gave it a shot. I don’t think there is an obvious, clear benefit in performance but I do think the product is improving waterproofing as the original layer put on in the factory is wearing off over time, especially by washing and rubbing of my gear, e.g. backpack, bushwhacking.
    All in all, the cost of such a product is reasonable and can’t hurt to apply.

    Thanks for reading my feedback & Happy Trails!

    PCT Section Hiker Rick

  189. I used the Nikwax TX-Direct on a REI Taku jacket I got at one of their garage sales. It helped a tiny bit for a short time, but wore out rather quickly. I think it might have just been the jacket though.

  190. Hello!

    Tried Nikwax on a Haglöfs Gore tex jacket. Didn’t notice any significant difference.

  191. No, my outdoor store restores the DWR of my rain jacket professionally for a good price. No hassle cleaning out the residues of softener and soap in my washing machine.

  192. no, only because I haven’t had the need to apply any product yet. I have 2-3 shells that I use that are still in excellent shape and haven’t lost their ability to repel rain. It’s just a matter of time. I’m curious what the responses will show when you do an assessment of what people do use and what appears to be the most effective.

  193. sumrandomletters

    No – have never needed to. I use a 02 rain jacket that I got for $30 and it’s still going strong.

  194. No, i haven’t had the need to use these products. My LL Bean jacket lasted 18 years and was still going strong, but i wanted something a bit lighter and picked up a Patagonia shell last fall.

  195. No. I’ve always used a dedicated waterproof shell.

  196. •Have you used a product like Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel to restore the DWR on a waterproof/breathable jacket?

    I haven’t, the DWR finish on most of my jackets has held with care on lots of my jackets and, I’ll admit, I do upgrade jackets every couple years.

    •If yes, which product did you use and how did it work? N/A

    •If no, why not?

    Most of the time the DWR lasts on my shells/jackets because of dedicated care and by the time I notice it wetting out easily, I find there are many other products to try on the market. I might try the Nikwax on some new jackets I have coming in that I’m hoping will last years though.


  197. Years ago i tried aerosol 3M product on an old tent that i was trying not to replace. The fabric became stiff and breathability was reduced which in turn increased condensation inside the tent. The water did stay out even with a heavy rain, however as the tent was packed and unpacked the coating broak down along bends in the fabric. These days, by the time your gear starts to break down there is something newer and better, and my wallet seems to hold more cash so i can afford a gear upgrade.

  198. No,I have not yet needed to treat any of my gear yet but when I do I will try these products.

  199. I have not used any of these products. When i lived out East, you’d get wet no matter what. Now that i live out West you might or might not need it

  200. no, have not use any of these but I need too……… :-)

  201. No. None of my rain jackets have gotten to the point where they need a new coating of DWR.

  202. Ive been using Nikwax on my Marmot Precip jacket for a couple years now and have been pretty happy with it. I’m not sure how long it would last if I didn’t keep reapplying but I usually reapply a couple times a year. The water beads off wonderfully.

    I’ve never used it on a tent but see a couple people have with decent luck. I have an old Alps Zepher 3 that I might try that to see how I like it. I’m currently using a REI Quarter Dome 2 that’s still pretty new.

  203. I have not needed to use these products yet, but I may give then a shot if needed in the future (I’ve heard good things about nikwax) I have a marmot rain shell that is only a year old and still holding up quite well going into its second pacific northwest spring.

  204. No, I have not used anything like this, but mostly because I just haven’t gotten around to it. My rain jacket wets out and then doesn’t dry out for days when I’m backpacking, so I’m starting to think I should just buy something that’s really light and thin and quick drying, but not breathable or try some kind of DWR product.

  205. I’ve never used any DWR restoring product.
    I have had several 3 Layer Gortex parkas and they all stayed waterproof until the end.
    I only replace them when they don’t fit anymore, or the zippers, cuff Velcro (etc) wear out.
    I do wash them occaisionally in warm water when they get visibly dirty.
    That seems to be enough to keep the DWR working fine.

  206. I have used some silicon sprays of varies types on jackets. Older jackets with a heavier outer layer like the older military gortex do not wet out as fast. Newer jackets do not gain much in performance. I have had varying success with wind jackets depending on the tightness of the fabric weave. Soft shells I think have a better water shedding or beading capability for a little while.

  207. No, I have not used any of these products. I have only just recently begun to educate myself about different outdoor gear and accessories and have not learned of these products yet. I have an Arc’teryx jacket I’ve had for a few years now that still works. Couldn’t hurt to learn about these products though.

  208. No. If it’s a long enough trek I figure there are days when I will get wet and need to keep moving anyway, so I have a jacket that keeps out the heavy stuff and helps keep in the warmth. When the jacket starts to go, I replace it.

  209. Jimmy Vaillancourt

    I used Granger on my jacket before. It gave it back it’s DWR but it felt a lot less breathable. Also, it felt heavier…

  210. Yes, I’ve used the Nikwax TX on my marmot precip; its no better/no worse than before application,but was worth a try considering the cost of replacing it.

  211. Yes I’ve used 3M Camp Dry I found at Walmart in my EMS rain jacket. I’ve also used it in some cheap “dry” bags and such. It does pretty well as far as I can tell. Had the jacket for three years now and still keeps me dry on rainy hikers. Worked week on an outdoor products pack cover too.

  212. Nope. Maybe I’m lucky or just haven’t run into the need but all of my rain gear for the past 40 years has held up pretty good.

  213. No, but I bought some Nikwax spray recently to spray on my marmot essence rain jacket that did not hold up on my AT thru. I have read conflicting opinions on whether it works. I’m hoping for the best, as I don’t want to buy a new rain jacket for the PCT.

  214. I haven’t bothered. I live by the adage that rain gear is to keep you warm and wet. Perhaps to a fault in that I don’t bother much with maintenance.

  215. No I have not used any DWR maintenance on any of my jackets because the jackets I use have not needed it yet.

  216. I have used Nikwax TX to restore the DWR on a Columbia rain jacket. The finish on the jacket had been damaged a bit due to an inadvertent trip though the dryer after washing. The Nikwax worked pretty well. It did help the jacket shed water and it didn’t appear to decrease vapor transmission or increase the level of condensation I felt on the inside.

    I’d use it again if needed.

  217. I used to use nikwax on my old-school waterproof leather boots years ago. But I don’t use it anymore on anything. For raingear, I use a waterproof, non-breathable but well-ventilated poncho (Gatewood Cape on my wishlist if I don’t MYOG one first) and my trusty 20-year-old Goretex OR sombrero that has never needed any treatment and still waterproof under a showerhead at full steam. I couldn’t imagine touching my windshirt or windpants with any DWR stuff – I’d probably just **** them up into a heavy mess and ruin their great breathability.

  218. I’ve never used any product to re-treat my raingear. I live in California… raingear hasn’t seen a lot of use in the last several years. Hopefully that is changing after this winter!

  219. I used spray-on Nikwax TX-Direct when my Marmot Precip jacket began wetting out after a four-month hike. This worked and allowed me to use the jacket for another multi-month hike.

  220. Yes, I’ve used Nikwax TX-Direct. I think it restored water shedding capability (water seemed to bead better than before the wash), but I can’t claim that it restored it to like new condition.

  221. No, have never used these products. When my jacket wears out, I replace it.

  222. I realized I misspelled my email address associated with my previous comment. This comment has the corrected address.

  223. No,
    I’ve considered it in the past, but I akways rethought my decision as it seemed the likelyhood of messing up the application and ruining the gear completely was too high

  224. I have used the TX Direct spray on my tent before and use it in the spring and fall on my Pre-Cip jacket. I have no complaints.

  225. I’ve never used such a product. In each of my last few jackets the interior, “waterproof” layer disintegrates and no amount of DWR coating on the outside can make them very effective. Perhaps some preventative maintenance or more frequent replacement is required.

  226. No, never had a need to..I just by a new coat!

  227. No, haven’t had much need for my rain gear here in California.

  228. No, I usually will replace my jackets when they wear out but I have been considering sprays lately.

  229. I use Nikwax TS Direct Spray-On about twice a year on a “waterproof” hat; it stops it wetting-out.

  230. No, I haven’t needed to restore the water repelency on my jacket yet, i’m new to backpacking and outdoor adventure and haven’t put enough use into my jacket.

  231. Evan Eisentrager

    Yes, I used ReviveX spray on a rain jacket. I have not been able to notice much of a difference in performance.

  232. Marie Pierre Flament

    yes I use the repellant I<m very careful about my stuff, part I guess of being in the nature and responsible for my surroundings

  233. Yes I have. I used Nik-Wax and have one several occasions. At the end of each winter outdoor season I was my waterproof gear (pants and jackets) in a regular wash using a speciality product like Nik-Wax. I store them in a sealed container through the warm months, then rewash them with the Nik-Wax sealant product each fall. This has been successful and I would say has extended the life span of my garments. I punish them skiing in the front, side, and backcountry; including winter camping. The Nik-wax products have worked well

  234. No. I hand wash my jacket at of the year. No problems so far.

  235. Yes, I’ve used reviveX on an older north face gore tex, which seems to be holding up. however, the jacket its self is falling apart, and the search for a new one begins.

  236. I tried the Gear Aid product on my OR Helium One, not impressed. I am in the process of deciding what to use for my Spring 2 week section hike next month. Thinking umbrella with Z-Pack Cuben coat, rain chaps & skirt. Or maybe not.

  237. No, generally have moved on to something I think is better or you have told me about on your blog before the need arises …

  238. Yes, I use Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-in about once a year. (And Nikwax Tech Wash to clean the jackets when they get grubby.) Both products seem to work well.

  239. I actually never even considered treating my jackets. I usually buy new ones. I also like using an umbrella coupled with a wind shirt as much as possible and limit the rain jacket for exposed terrain with wind blown rain.

  240. No. We are new to backpack/ over night hiking. Still learning the ropes. Always looking for a good piece of equipment to add to the gear.

  241. No I haven’t used any of those products. I had a friend ducks rain coat the past 4 years and have not been out in any heavy rains, or fortunately had shelter when it was bad. I just purchased marmot Precip and have yet to test it out.

  242. Michael Brouillette

    Yes I Have Used Nikwax TT Direct and Gear-Aid ReviveX but not Granger Performance Repel I wasn’t impressed with either of them and consider them a waist of money

  243. No. Have heard Granger was good but feel its all a waste of money

  244. No, I don’t own any equipment that use DWR.

  245. No. I have never had a need to apply DWR, as my rain gear has worked fine for my purposes.

  246. No, I haven’t had the experience that my rain gear did not keep me dry.

  247. I have not used any of those products.

  248. I’ve never used any of these products, but then I am fairly new to overnight backpacking.

  249. I have a fleece lined trail llbean rain jacket I’ve used for 4 seasons now. After every hike I have turned it inside out and hung dried it. I haven’t had to wash it yet. It will get washed eventually and when it loses its repellant then I will treat it. I go to LLbeans in Freeport a lot. I’ll probably ask someone for a recommended product. The people at beans are very knowledgeable.

  250. Thomas Claiborne

    Yes, I have used NikWax to revive a windshirt’s DWR. It worked well and did the job.

  251. Yes, I have used the Nikwax tech wash then the TX direct wash in. I couldn’t tell that it made the material any more waterproof, and I ended up with a bunch of little white powdery spots on the material, which came off on my clothing when I wore the jacket. I thought I followed the instructions, but I was not impressed with the results. I have also used the TX direct, and had similar poor results.

  252. No, I have not used and of these products. I am new to this game and honestly, I have not been that great at treating my gear. Looking to be better at it.

  253. Yes. Nick wax used on Marmot Precip tai jacket, a 18 year old dry suit, and a 30 year old GoreTex REI Rain jacket. I’m a careful gear maintainer, follow directions, and so on. It looks like a good product and my gear still working well. I live in the northwest so I’m quite accustomed to dampness, and use wet gear a lot!

  254. I have used Nikwax re-waterproofing over the years on hard shell and soft shell jackets. I didn’t notice much if any difference on hard shell gore Tex jackets, but did find that schoeller jackets improved their performance for a week or so before they wetted out quickly again.

    I co tine to use Nikwax products on soft shell stuff, and rarely use a hard shell if at all these days.

  255. The only time I have ever used an aftermarket waterproofer was when I had a cycling jacket waterproofed by a local drycleaner. It worked OK for a while. Eventually I just replaced the jacket. I’ve never used any of the DIY sprays.

  256. Tried the NikWax product on my EVent rain jacket that pretty much has given up trying pretending to be a rain jacket. Results we’re barely noticeable even though I did follow directions to a t and washed the jacked with the recommended NikWax gear wash.

  257. I used Nikwax on a rain jacket. It worked, but the DWR finish didn’t last long. I have sent my down sleeping bags to Nikwax to be washed and have been VERY impressed.

  258. No, I’ve had pretty good luck just washing the jacket and running it thru the dryer. I will be trying the Nikwax or something similar to see if it will extend the life a bit further between washings.

  259. I have used the nikwak TX direct on my OR Maximus jacket with ok results. It restores the water repelancy for a while but not nearly as long as when the jacket was new.

  260. No, not yet. I havent hiked much in the rain and to be quite honest havent noticed whether my old rain jacket has lost its “waterproofness”. I also dont want understand why sleeping bags must be treated – do people really sleep on the ground, without a tent or hammock?

  261. Oh yes, I got a pair of Goretex pants from 1984 (!) at my local thrift store and they were wetting out at the knees. Wash, dry, spray with that NikWax stuff and now they seem to be rejuvenated. New lease on life. And if it doesn’t last, oh well. They only cost me 3 dollars.

  262. Never used just replaced when it didn’t work any more. Going to get an umbrella for the future

  263. Used Nikwax and Grainger. I prefer the nikwax, the spray on mainly. I find that if I spray it on, leave it to soak in a while, then put it in an old pillowcase and put it in the dryer.

    Works pretty well, but not as good as new.

  264. I have used Nikwax spray on. It works fine, but it is not the same as when my equipment was brand new.

  265. I got my rain jackets from Goodwill, a second-hand store, including a perfect-condition lightweight Mountain Hardwear jacket, and it costs me less to buy more from that store than to treat them with a DWR. So far I haven’t noticed any of my jackets losing its waterproof properties either – I just don’t use them that often either as I have been a fair-weather hiker, looking for sunny skies before venturing on hikes.

  266. I’ve never treated a jacket before and never found the need to. I recently switched to a hiking umbrella instead of a jacket anyway. I sweat so much in rain gear it’s just not even worth it to try wearing it anymore.

  267. No, I usually just wash and dry it when needed although Ive been considering trying out a product like the ones listed at some point.

  268. No, I have not used these products. My North Face jacket(their light weight version of the OR Helium II) and Sea to Summit silent poncho has not needed them. The North Face jacket still sheds water so far. The poncho will not need their services. Both have been good products, depending on the conditions (windy, off trail, temperature).

  269. I have not used Nikwax yet as my jacket is still relatively new, but I plan on purchasing and using it when I notice my jacket wetting out or just not beading as effectively as it should be.

  270. I have used the wash-in Nikwax stuff to breathe some life back into a 7-year-old jacket. Still going strong!

  271. I’ve used Nikwax and it helps a lot but never seems to restore it quite to new.

  272. I’ve used the Nikwax Spray-On on a few rain jackets. It helped a bit, but at least one was beyond saving after delaminating so it was mostly a waste for me.

  273. No, I’ve just been replacing the gear as needed.

  274. No. To be honest, I thought I was just getting wet under my rain coat because the rain was particularly heavy…

  275. I haven’t used any of these products. That extra ounce of misted-on waterproof goodness is just not worth the extra weight. :)

  276. I used Granger One Step Wash and Waterproofer once on some REI rain pants and a Marmot Precip jacket. It was during my AT thru hike, so it’s hard to tell with that amount of rain where you end up soaked no matter what, but I think it helped some.

  277. nope – don’t see much rain and I don’t really wear my rain gear otherwise, so it tends to hold together for a long time.

  278. No, replace items as needed

  279. No. I live in California, so there hasn’t really been a need for any rain gear or rain gear treatment.

  280. I have tried applying ReviveX to a Patagonia Dragonfly (precursor to Houdini) pullover. I don’t own a clothes dryer, so I used an iron immediately after the application of the ReviveX. Being a windshell, the original DWR on the Dragonfly was effective in only a light drizzle anyway, so judged against that criterion, the ReviveX was somewhat successful.

  281. I have not used any of these products because my jacket hasn’t required an application of the products. I will have to try them as my jacket will need it soon.

  282. I hate to have to say it, but no, I have never used a DWR restoring coating. I have really never needed to, as my hikes are usually in the desert. My gear gets damaged in other ways before it runs it’s course of useful rain repellency.

  283. I have used Granger products on a couple of occasions to restore the DWR on my hard shell jacket and rain pants. The products I did appear to restore the water resistance of my rain gear, however the application process was not very positive.

    My first issue is that their instructions are not very clear, especially for the versions of their products that involve mixing the solution in when you wash your gear. The second time I used their product, it came in a spray bottle and the nozzle broke after a couple of pulls. The last time I tried to use a Granger product the solution in the bottle contained chunky bits, even after vigorously shaking the bottle and so I returned it.

    I need to apply DWR again in the spring but I would like to find another vendor before doing so. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  284. Nope. Haven’t had it wet out yet.

    • I’ve not used any of those products. I found an Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket on sale about a year ago and its been great. So, no need to use those products just yet. To be honest, I use the jacket more as a wind breaker than a rain jacket.

  285. I used the Nikwax TX-direct on a rain jacket a couple of years ago. I would say it’s worth it and will give your gear extended life, but don’t expect the jacket to perform at the 100% level like when you bought it.

  286. I don’t use anything on my raingear. But at the start of every hiking season, about now here in the SW, I do spray my GoLite wind jacket and the head and foot of my sleeping bag with Nikwax or Scotchguard to help the jacket be more effective in a drizzle, and my sleeping bag drier against the walls of my tent/tarp.

  287. I just recently used Granger wash and repel on a Marmot Mica that is 3-4 years old. Did a good job of cleaning the jacket. I haven’t had a chance to have the jacket yet out in the rain yet.

    • @Ryan W – I bought a Marmot Mica several years ago and when I tried washing it last year to restore the waterproofing, the coating basically disintegrated. I took photos and emailed them to Marmot and they replaced it under warranty!

  288. I used Nikwax spray on an old rain coat and pants but it didn’t really do much. Going to try the Nikwax wash on a new OR rain coat that never shed water properly in the first place. If that fails, will be replacing it.

  289. I’ve used Granger to reproof a jacket. In my experience it worked great.

  290. No. I usually bought a new jacket when the old one wore out.

  291. I have never used anything like this on my rain gear. I did have a rain jacket which, after about two years of use, lost its repellency and water soaked right through. I imagine if I had kept it clean and used a product like this on it once or twice it may have lasted longer. I would also throw the jacket in the dryer for a bit–I’ve done that with a tent and it has increased it’s water resistance a bit.

  292. After reading several blog entries & talking to some shop folks, I got my first bottle of Niwax TX.Direct Wash-In late last year and used it on an 8 year old Patagonia jacket that was in need of some TLC. I feel it wont last as long as the original DWR but it has extended the life of the jacket at a minimal cost. There’s also enough Nikwax left for another garment. I’m tempted to experiment with jeans I frequently find myself using to ride my bike around the city.

  293. No, I just buy new stuff.

  294. Not yet. Previously I’d use a cheaper rain gear and get ride of it when it wets out. I’ve transitioned to a Gatewood Cape which I will treat if the issue comes up.

  295. Never used these, but I am still on my first shell a couple years now and it is still water proof.

  296. I used Granger’s clothing repel on my Patagonia raincoat, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything – the jacket doesn’t repel water any better than before I used the treatment.

  297. Yes I have used my assortment of water proofing and I found that I love the Gear Aid ReviveX Wash-In Waterproofing. Its simple to use and works wonders. I used it on my Marmot Alpinist Gore tex shell and it was as if it was brand new again. I have also used their soft shell wash-in waterproofing on my soft-shell pants and jackets and they also made 100% difference on my gear. Love Love Gear Aid Products.

  298. I’ve used both Nikwax and Granger products on my rainwear (Gortex and Event, trousers and jacket) and I’m not sure they work any better than just washing and drying. They also impart a slight smell to the clothing and I do worry they may leave a residue in the washing machine although I have no real reason to believe that’s true…..

  299. Yes, I’ve used the Nikwax product on jackets and pants of both Goretex and other proprietary laminates primarily by Golite. And yes the product works well for me and I will continue to use it. Of course I always use their “cleaning” product first–I don’t know if that’s the best thing to use but it is what they recommend.

  300. I use Nikwax fabric and leather proof. It works well on gore-tex jackets and pants

  301. Nope, never tried it. I have had a DWR coated jacket for about a year and it’s still holding up. Have hand washed it once and air dried.

  302. I have never tried it. I simply replaced my rain jacket when it started to soak through. Although, a recent Backpacker Magazine had an ad for a wash and spray and I now plan on using that with my new rain jacket as needed.

  303. No, I am relatively new to backpacking and have admittedly only been on fair weather weekend trips. My waterproof jacket has just not gotten enough use yet to warrant restoring it.

  304. never used any.. i replace my stuff too often..
    But ill be looking into it in the future

  305. jeffrey winchester

    I have tried nikwax on a rainjacket and felt there was some improvement

  306. I have a Marmot Precip. I spray it occasionally with Kiwi Camp Dry. Helps beading for a while.

  307. I have had my w/b jacket (REI brand) for two years, wear it as a day-to-day jacket as well as a hiking jacket, and haven’t had a problem yet. However, I haven’t been out in intense and longlasting rainstorms, just average ones.

  308. I have never used any of these products. The breathable jacket that I currently have has never needed to have additional DWR added to it’s existing coating. When I do wash this jacket I use a very mild detergent and no fabric softener in the washer or dryer.

  309. Mike Pellicciotti

    I’ve used Gear-Aid-ReviveX-Waterproofing-Outerwear spray on my Marmont Precip jacket, it helped some and was less expensive then replacing the jacket. I don’t think it is as effective as the original treatment from the factory.

  310. I’ve used Nikwax periodically to revive the DWR on both REI branded and Marmot Precip gortex type raingear with good success. Wash in warm water (no detergent) first, put on hanger while wet, then spray on. Even application is the key.

  311. Tracey Dimperio Lasslett

    Used Gear aid worked well.

  312. I have never used any of those waterproofing products, I will usually replace any hear that is no longer waterproof. May try them in the future.

  313. Huh, never thought to use such product. Do they work well?

  314. I used Nikwax on an old North Face rain jacket that started to soak through. It worked but not as long as the factory coating. Had to keep reapplying more periodically.

  315. I’ve used the nikwax product before on a hard shell jacket that has never been laundered (after 8 yrs of use). Works well, but find it needs to be reapplied each season

  316. I used ReviveX on a Columbia omnishell jacket. The 3 year old jacket bad been pretty heavily used and washing and drying the jacket no longer helped water resistance. I felt, after the ReviveX, water beaded up better on the jacket.

  317. I have not used any of rhe products for apparel.

  318. I reapply Nikwax on my oldish OR rain jacket every spring. Gets me thru another year with it. Nikwax is good stuff.

  319. Yes l have used a Nikwax Tx-Direct to restore my wife’s Mount-Bell down jacket and my old and dirty Mountain Hardware big heavy down jacket. Run them 3 times with tenis balls in the dryer. They come out beutifully. Took me hours to do this project but l have scored some major koodoes with my wife.

  320. Russell Jefferson

    I am new to backpacking and have not needed to use any of these products yet. I have purchased a couple of different jackets and am testing to see which I will use the most.

  321. I’ve used different sprays and washes over the years that helped a little. But too many of those treated expensive “breathable” rain jackets soaked through or soaked me in sweat or just fell apart, so I rethought things and am now happier with a combination of an 8 oz. umbrella, a disposable modified Frogg Toggs poncho (serving double duty in camp), and easy-to-sew silnylon rain kilt and chaps.

  322. I tried Revivex on a Marmot Precip jacket that was wetting through (from the outside, not from inside). I laundered the jacket per directions and used the Revivex per directions It didn’t help a bit. I ditched the jacket. On the other hand, using Revivex on my sleeping bag shell after laundering really helped make it more water repellent (I did the spray bottle test to be sure).

  323. Never have used any of these products and hold a healthy reserve as to any product that makes such claims. old fashioned… when thing wear out…. their out and get something new. Actually, I’ve done away with my rain jacket and use a good poncho.

  324. Never used those products, although I will probably try one in the future. I use to use what ever spray-on water repellent stuff I found in the camping section of Walmart.

  325. No I’ve never used these type of products. I’ve typically bought rain jackets in the past that have an inner layer stuck directly to the outer fabric. This tends to flake off, before I really notice the DWR getting old. Thus before needing new DWR I buy a new jacket. Admittedly I use the rain jackets virtually every day of the year, sun or rain, more as a wind breaker for commuting on my bike than for rain. As a result the fabric gets more wear than a typical hiking rain jacket.

    I’d be interested if clothing companies started making silnylon type rain jackets that are not breathable and don’t need proper DWR, provided that zippers and flaps would enable enough ventilation.

  326. Yes, I’ve used Nikwax TX. Direct Spray-On Water-Repellent Treatment. And No, I would never waste my money on it in my life.

    I have a great jacket, Ground Valliant Rain Jacket that I love for years. One day I saw the Nikwax ad, and decided to try it. I washed the jacket and used the Nikwax. The jacket is worst then before I washed. I figure maybe I need the second coat. So I used Nikwax again. Yes, you guested it, it didn’t help. The water soaked through my jacket instantly. And, no, I would not recommend Nikwax to anyone.

  327. No, I just started backpacking last year and haven’t needed it.

  328. No, I’ve got a Gatewood Cape so no DWR needed. I use it for both shelter and rain gear. Of course, if I win a tent this light, I will have to rethink my whole system.

  329. Sorry to admit that I did not buy the fancy stuff. I bought Rust-oleum NeverWet because I ran across it at Home Depot. I use it somewhat indiscriminately for camping stuff that I want water to bead up from, DWR or not. The liquid carrier smells like paint thinner and your stuff stinks for a while so allow the item to air-out. But it seems to work reasonably well. Worked great on some fleece gloves.

  330. I’ve used NikWax Tx-Direct a couple of times, and it does help… but it fades rather more quickly than the original DWR, and the water repellency is never quite as good as when the jacket was new. Still, given the price of WPB clothing, using NikWax makes sense. I use my older NikWax’d jacket as a kind of “beater” jacket when it’s going to get some hard use and keep the newer stuff for open trails.


  331. No, I’ve never used waterproofer treatments for my rain jackets. By the time the waterproofing fails, there are fancier lighter jackets that allure me into buying a new jacket rather than spending that money on the waterproofer.

  332. Yes. I use the NikWax range on all my jackets and trousers that need reproofing. My last useage was TechWash with a Paramo Fuera Wind jacket. Worked perfectly, deflects rain very well and has turned a wind shirt into a very useful piece of kit that also keeps the rain out.

  333. No, I just wash and dry my jacket in the drier a few times a season and that’s been doing the trick… until now. I’ve begun to notice a little bit of leakage the last few times I’ve gone out in the rain so this thread is pretty timely for me.

  334. Maria Wenglinsky

    Don’t have a goretex jacket, just the outer shell of a parka with a zip in liner. When it appears to start to sop up water, I scotchguard it.

  335. Yes, I’ve used Nikwax treatment on my hardshell and gaitors. I noticed an improvement for the first couple of wearings after treatment, but it wore off fairly quickly. Probably won’t use it again.

  336. I have a very old goretex jacket and the only product I have used on it is scotchguard. Not really satisfied but it helped. I plan to give one of these products a try. Been out of backpacking for a long time but think I need to get back to it.

  337. Once my jacket would start wetting out, I used the old NikWax that would be comparable to “tech wash.” It would give me a few more chances to use the jacket before it would wet out again.

  338. I have never used any of these products.Usually when my rain jacket goes bad it is due to delimitation, so I just replace it.

  339. I haven’t used any of the products, but probably will in the future.

  340. Never used.
    Never heard of the products.But if I do not win,I will defiantly look into purchasing

  341. I’ve never used them for a jacket as I haven’t had the need, yet. Currently looking at giving new life to my 10 year old hiking boots with some of Granger’s waxes and pastes in preparation for search and rescue training in a few weeks.

  342. No I haven’t used any of those products. I never really knew about them. I’ll look them up right now!

  343. No, I typically only spot-clean as needed and perform a full wash seasonally. I would like to try NikWax for some of the higher-quality items I have to preserve them longer.

  344. I have used a variety of NikWax products over the years. From treating boot leather, washing down bags and jackets to attempting to re-waterproof shells. Bringing life back to my rain shells often seems short lived and never as good as new. But maybe helps for a bit.

  345. Have you used a product like Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel to restore the DWR on a waterproof/breathable jacket?
    If yes, which product did you use and how did it work?
    If no, why not?

    I’ve used Nikwax TX-Direct and the Nikwax Spray-on. I even used a Nikwax that was meant for waterproofing boots. I applied the TX-Direct and Spray-On to a Marmot Precip and some Asolo boots. I’m not impressed by either. I’m not a believer that any coating can restore rain gear. Next time, i will concentrate on waterproof fabric. I think it is far superior.

  346. No, I haven’t been backpacking long enough to need it.

  347. No, I have never used a product to restore a DWR coating on any gear. I’ve never had a use for such a product because I take very good care of my gear, and have not noticed any lose of beading on my gear. For example, I have a bright yellow Marmot Precip that I’ve been using as my primary hardshell since 2004, and besides some interior discoloration and having to replace a zipper pull it’s like new.

  348. I used Nikwax TX-Direct on a Mountain Hardware jacket. Easy to use – Works good.

  349. I used NixWax to renew the long gone DWR on my hiking shoes; it worked as good as expected. I really don’t understand why people are so upset about DWR on their equipment dying in time; what were they expecting? Immortal DWR:)

  350. I have never used these products. Where I live, it’s seldom rains. I’ve had the same jacket for eight years. I used it this winter but it worked just fine

  351. I have used all of these wash-in products: Nikwax TX-Direct, Gear-Aid ReviveX or Granger Performance Repel and they’re all good, up to a point. I find they work well for a bit then have to be reapplied, especially after washing. Since they’re all similar, I shop on price. I find the spray on Revivex is slightly better…

  352. I have not used any of those products. I replace my jacket when the waterproofing wears out. I figure that by that time I have earned a new one.

  353. No, but I have given them a hand washing and then thrown in the dryer for a short roll – this helped, but I question this method’s effectiveness after one or two “cycles” as I think the DWR would be severely worn out by this point.

  354. I have used Grangers Performance Repel on both an ancient mini calico single skin tent and also a pullover wind shirt. On the tent it worked like a dream and it was fully waterproof, better than when new. The wind shirt was slightly improved from leaking like a sieve to shower-proof. I guess that the materials made the difference, calico soaked it up and the nylon didn’t

  355. No. I have not put enough miles on my gear to need to recoat my rain gear. So far so good.

  356. Yes, I have used Granger’s Performance Wash on my Marmot Precip which had wetted out during a downpour. After one wash, water beaded up on it again, but the shoulders still leaked a little. After 2 washes, I didn’t notice any leaking. It wouldn’t trust it for a long hike, but I use it for hiking/walking in the rain on shorter hikes and around town.

  357. I haven’t used any of these products because I’m a gear bargain junkie and have way too many coats! After reading the comments, I may try this on a couple of old favorite jackets.

  358. I’ve used Nikwax TX direct wash in and Nikwax Tech wash. I think the tx direct works pretty well and lasts a reasonable amount of time. I’m not so sure about the tech wash. I didn’t notice much difference between the tech wash and a regular detergent.

  359. After a season of use on my Marmot Artemis jacket I had some wetting out on the shoulders. I used Gear-Aid ReviveX on my jacket before a trip in December. It was a 5 day trip and we had over 6 inches of rain. I wore my jacket for more than half the trip and would definitely say the ReviveX worked.

  360. I haven’t done any DWR restoration on my rain jackets before, maybe I’ll get a Nikwax TX to try out

  361. No I have never tried them. I have never gone to the effort of doing so and typically buy a new jacket when the one I have loses its water resistance.

  362. I’ve had pretty good results using ReviveX spray on waterproofing with my older North Face rain jacket. It’s not as good as when the jacket was new, but it does a pretty good job.

  363. Not yet, but it is a product I would consider using when my down jacket or sleeping bag needs it. As of the time being I haven’t used either very much but I foresee needing to replenish the DWR at some point in the future after more use. I do tend to use the silicone spray for my tents so I do foresee myself using one of these products for my other gear.

  364. The jackets I have aren’t old enough to need reviving, so I’ve never considered using any of those products. From all of the responses of those who have used them, it seems pretty hit-and-miss on how well these products work. I’ll probably just replace the jacket when it needs replaced. Thanks for this great raffle!

  365. No, I use Frogg Toggs as rain gear and have never needed to apply these products.

  366. Nope haven’t used the product – yet. Got a gore-tex rain shell that will be in need of it soon though.

  367. Yes. I used the Gear-Aid ReviveX and Seam Sealer on my North Face Venture just recently. Haven’t got it wet yet, but it was wetting thru before i reconditioned it. Should be easy to tell if it worked or not soon.

  368. I use Nikwax TX-Direct mainly to reproof over-trousers that seem to wet through regularly. It’s good stuff.

  369. I use Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On. I’m not sure I’ve ever used the other products listed, mainly because the local REI and one other outdoors store don’t carry a good selection of other brands. I use the Nikwax on my 2 hard shell jackets, and also my hiking pants (not waterproof, I spray the Nikwax to increase repellency in light rain). I don’t actually notice if the Nikwax improves the performance of my hard shells. I regularly apply Nikwax yearly to maintain my jackets to avoid having soak through issues. I never have issues with either hard shell (Marmot and Eddie Bauer, both 5+ years old) soaking through so I imagine the Nikwax is working fine.

  370. I use an Army surplus poncho so I have no need for these kinds of products

  371. I have never tried it. I have a rain jacket , I use silcone spray and I now plan on using that with my new rain jacket as needed.

  372. I’ve not used any of the mentioned products. My raingear is a cheap plastic poncho which has always served me well.

  373. Yup. Usually at the beginning of each season. Usually used on anything over a year old.

  374. Not yet, they are products I definitely would consider using for my down jacket, sleeping bag or tarp. My gear is quite new, but sooner or later I will need to replenish the coating and I will then try out Nikwax TX.Direct…

  375. I have not. My gear is also new. But I plan on using it a lot.

  376. I am just getting into the hiking scene. I have some clothes that need a new DWR treatment…but I’ve only gotten as far as watching videos on how to proceed.

  377. I have used a Patagonia Torrent shell rain jacket for 2 years now. The original coating worked well for 8 months. I used quite a bit of nixwix the first time and that lasted for 6 months. I then redid the Nixwax after a while and it has worked the best for me.

    • No, I just purchase another jacket.. Been using the north face for the last 2 years

    • Christine Anderson

      I’ve used nikwax and another (Canadian?) brand. Both have worked fine for wicking at first but won’t hold up in a few days of hiking in torrential rain. Poncho all the way for that scenario.

  378. Torrent shell, nikwax, works ok. Obviously wears off on the shoulders pretty quick.

  379. yes, I used Nikwax but it didn’t seem to work. I now never wash in a washer my raincoat or dry in a dryer. It has handled rain amazingly well. no need to reapply repellant

  380. I’ve been using a Haglofs Goretex jacket for 5 years now and use Nixwax TX-Direct when the DWR needs refreshed. I also use Kiwi Camp Dry spray pre-emptively if I’m heading out for a few days.

    • I have a 10 year old REI nylon rain jacket designed for cycling that I have used for cyclists ng and canoe paddling. The original coating worked well for about a year. I have used Nikwax on this jacket annually ever since and it has restored the repellency. This jacket is an occasional wear item used for events where I plan to wear my Tilly hat as the jacket does not have a hood.

  381. No. I just get another jacket.

  382. I used Scotch Guard on my boots and rain gear before entering the 100 mile wilderness. It seemed to help during the first couple of light showers I hiked through, but the first all day torrential rain event had my jacket clinging to me with the water seeping through and my boots were squishy with cold rainwater. Maybe I’ll try a more expensive and higher rated product next time.

  383. Used the Nikwax but found it to be only partially effective. It was a ‘band-aid’. The real issue was that my pack straps wear out the waterproofing on the shoulders then wear out the aftermarket product as well. Cheaper than a new jacket? Absolutely. Better than dropping the jacket into the waste stream? Certainly. Given that nothing breathable is ever really 100% waterproof sometimes you just have to suck it up and buy a new jacket. Given how material technology is advancing, it’s not such a bad thing.

  384. I used nikwax fabric and leather boot protector on my boots before a 4 day hike adventure. It rained all four days. I’ll have to say on the worst day, my boots stayed dry on the inside. I was pleased as everyone else in the group had wet feet. I must say, though, I stayed away from the puddles.
    I also sprayed my jacket with RevivX for the same trip, but ended up using someone else’s jacket that weekend.ISo, I haven’t tried my ‘sprayed’ jacket in a downpour yet.

  385. I’ve used Nikeax tx on my Patagonia jacket and the dwr is still working.

  386. I beat up my jackets using for hiking and cross country skiing so mine just get replaced.

  387. I have not used these products as I am a new hiker. My jacket is only about 6 months old and hasn’t seen much rain.

  388. Marie Pierre Flament

    i didn’t use any

  389. I use Gear Aid ReviveX on all of my rain gear. I was pleasantly surprised the first time that I used it how well it worked. I have a 20 year old ECWCS jacket that I was issued in the military that had completely lost all water repellency. After applying ReviveX, it shed rain as if it were new.

  390. I haven’t used any of these products. I’ve been using the Lhotse jacket from Mountain Equipment the past couple of years and it’s been outstanding in rainy weather!

  391. No, I purchase a new jacket

  392. No I have not ever used any of those products. The coats I have used in the past are covered by warranty already or need to be replaced by a new one.

  393. I’ve never used any of these products to restore a waterproof/breathable item. I just retired a Marmot Precip after about 8 years as I noticed it wasn’t quite the protection it used to be during a 7 day Isle Royale trip last summer. Just received new Marmot Super Mica and hope it is as solid.

  394. No I just buy a new jacket every year

  395. I’ve used camp dry or scotch guard on my shoes and rain gear.

  396. No, I wash 1 or 2 times a year.

  397. No I have not used any of products listed I have used scotch gourd 3m for weatherproofing.

  398. Yes, I own two Paramo Jackets and two pair of Paramo trousers. I’ve washed it with Nikwax Tx-Direct several times, and works well. One of the jackets is Ten years old and still keeps me dry.

  399. No, usually hand wash my rain gear at the end of the season, I also limit UV light.

  400. No, I have not yet used one of these products. I seem to buy too much new stuff, so I never get to that point…

  401. I used Nikwax Tec Wash and Nikwax’s DWR coating on my Pategonis H2NO jacket. Jacket looked cleaner but the DWR did not last that long.

  402. No, I never used any of these products. I’ve always bought a new jacket as needed.

  403. I have never used waterproofing on a jacket, as I have never had a waterproof jacket that didn’t keep me dry. I have waterproofed shoes before but I’m not sure which product I used to do that.

  404. No I haven’t – still in the planning stages!

  405. No, I just replace them.

  406. No, I have never used any products like that, and I don’t have that type of jacket either

  407. I haven’t used those products yet. I didn’t like my old rain jacket and recently replaced it instead. I will try one of those products when it is needed on the new jacket. I will determine which product to use by researching online

  408. I’ve used the Nikwax products for a long time. They seem to work pretty well if used somewhat regularly. I’ve used them on all kinds of WPB jackets and softshells. I’ve tried other PFC based sprays too, but I’m getting away from that due to environmental and health concerns.

    In general, I’m at odds with DWR on WPB jackets. No matter what, my jacket always wets out in moderate to heavy rain after an hour. I also sweat a lot, especially when it is humid, so really, I just use WPB jackets to stay warm when it is wet out.

  409. No, I have not used any waterproofing products as I am just starting out hiking. I never had a need before.

  410. No, I haven’t used any of the dwr treatments on my rain jackets. I just bought new rain jacket to replace my old one.

  411. I bought a nikwax tx direct but I haven’t used it yet. I was going to use it on my torrentshell but I just bought an outdoor research helium ii to replace it.

  412. No. I just replace my rain jackets when they start to get soaked by rain.

  413. I have never used anything for a rain jacket, but may in the future. I have purchased a spray on bottle from REI for an older tent. Made it shed rain better.

  414. I have never used any of these products. As I live in Nevada, I rarely use rain gear of any type. I carry a very light and cheap rain poncho that I throw on over everything if I need it. I line my backpack with a trash compactor bag, so some rain is okay with me.

  415. I use Nikwax products frequently to clean, restore and apply DWR coatings.

    I use Nikwax Techwash and Downwash regularly to clean refresh DWR on all my shells and sleeping bags. I use wash-in followed by spray on TX Direct on my rain and hard shells (one Goretex Paclite, one Polartec Neoshell, both from EMS, and eVent rain paints from REI) every two years or so. I’ve also used spray on TX Direct on the outside of my backpacks (most recently a Gregory Denali Pro) and shelters (most recently an REI Arete tent and ENO Junglenest hammock). Overall I’ve been extremely satisfied with Nikwax–it just works if kept clean with Techwash or even just a gentle soap. I’ve never tried Granger’s or Gear-Aid DWR products (they seem to be harder to find at REI and EMS than Nikwax, at least in the Northeast US), but have used Gear Aid Seam grip on tent, backpack and bivy seams, and both Gear-Aid and McNett Goretex repair patches, and have been satisfied with both.

  416. No I have not. I live in AZ, and it rarely rains. If it does, all my gear is fairly new and I have not been able to test how waterproof it is yet. So if it needs to be replenished, I’ll have a product in mind.

  417. I’ve used several products from the Nikwax range with great results from them all! As a company, they appear to have strong ethical values as well as effective products. I’ve had good results from TX Direct, using it on several jackets. I find that it seems to make rain bead and run off easily rather than soak in. The only slight negative is that this will need ‘re-treating as it’s not permanent. I think this is probably due to it’s eco friendly properties but is a small price to pay.

  418. No, never I usually just replace the jacket. My latest has lasted a few years and is better than my original one.

  419. I have used Nikwax on my Marmot jacket (light weight summer use) with mixed results. I have not had to re-coat my heavy rain coat (Mountain Hardwear)

  420. I have baught Nicwax Tent and Gear Solar proof which is both a UV blocker and a DWR layer. I put it on my tent (REI Quarter Dome Plus) at the end of last year but have not been rained on yet. I will also put it on my new rain jacket to try to lengthen the life.

  421. I have used Nikwax TX-Direct a few times on my rain jacket. It’s relatively easy to use; last a fair amount of time; then the protection slowly fades.

  422. Samantha Matthiae

    I have tried Nikwax spray once on two of my Patagonia jackets, my houdini and down shirt. I found it worked until I crinkled my coats in the slightest, then waterproof no more.

  423. No have not used these products. I would love to however too much for my budget

  424. No, I am not familiar with these products since I am relatively new to backpacking. Am anxious to learn more about them.

  425. No. I’m brand spanking new to adventuring! Lots, of enthusiasm, no equipment!

  426. No. I use a Marmot Precept and have never retreated it, however it does not get a lot of use. For hiking I usually use a poncho.

  427. Yes, I have used the Nikwax on my The North Face rain jacket twice and the product worked well on most of the jacket with the exception of the shoulders (which I expected with a backpack) but also twice had water bleed through in the bend of the arms. I also used one application on my rain hat , it worked well.

  428. I recently try using TX.Direct Wash-in to restore the waterproof characteristics of an EMS waterproof/breathable rain hat, but was unsuccessful. I’m not sure why it didn’t work.

  429. I honestly never knew you could re-waterproof your jackets. So I would always just buy another when the water repelancy would fail.

  430. No. I have never used Nikwax. For years, I simply used inexpensive army ponchos. I replaced them when they became damaged, which was often. I also wore Helly Hansen rain gear. Waterproof, but not very breathable.

  431. Used Nikwax on boots but not Nikwax TX Direct for gear. Taking Son to Cub Camp so definitely going to look into this for old tent we use. Read a lot of the comments and picked up some great ideas. Thanks everyone!

  432. I live in Arizona and my rain gear has not seen enough water to fail. I am planing to hike the Azt and this tent would sure be nice to carry.

  433. Mostly I hike in the Sierra so it never rains long enough to wet out the jacket, and therefore, I have never renewed the dwr finish.

  434. Used Nik Wax which worked well but needed to be reapplied very couple of months for continued effect.

  435. Yes, I use NikWax to keep my 2004 PACTECH Performance rain jacket alive and working ?

  436. No, I have not used any water repellant products yet. I’m new to hiking and haven’t worn my rain jacket out. I am always checking the seems though.

  437. Never have. I have two ponchos that have always worked reliably and a jacket that’s basically a piece of rubber with sleeves a hood and a zipper…it’ll never stop repelling moisture unless it rips.

  438. I have used the TX direct several years ago and it worked for a while. Have also used a product called tectron that came from REI I think. It worked fairly well. Haven’t seen it for a while and suspect it may not be pc. Also use Scotch Guard. It’s cheap and available.

  439. We use raingear so infrequently in Southern California, that it has not been an issue for me. I would be willing to try products like you suggest if it became an issue.

  440. No, I just replace my rain jackets. I am new to backpacking and didn’t know there was an alternative.

  441. Normally I would just replace my jacket, but I recently purchased a REI Crestrail and will be using the TX Direct as I have a few buddies who swear by it.

  442. No. Most my DWR is down and since I rarely if ever wash down articles I find the DWR holds up really well. The other few DWR items I own are very light jackets that are typically worn with holes before a year is out.

  443. I have three jackets that I use I’m rotation. I have not had to use any waterproofing on any of them.

  444. Yes, I have used Nik TX-Direct on several pair of older gloves. So far it seems to do well but the gloves have not been tested in a strong downpour yet.

  445. I have not used either of those products because I have not yet needed to revive the dwr coating on any of my jackets. I have used a nikwax product on a arcteryx gamma mx but ended up selling it before being able to determine the effectiveness of the product.

  446. I used Nixwax UV on my North Face Touliumme that worked very well. (Nix TX Direct was not available here.) I also applied it to Patagonia gear that is starting to seep in long soaking rains. So far, so good.

  447. I’ve got a Patagonia Houdini and I treat it periodically with ReviveX. For the most part, I stay relatively dry and comfortable, especially when I’m wearing water repellent, breathable base layers.

  448. I have not. By the time my jackets start leaking, I’m ready to get a new one that is probably lighter and has more features.

  449. No I have not. Simply because I have never heard of the product until reading this article.

  450. No. Never. I just replace my rain jackets when they start to get soaked

  451. No I have not. So far my rain jackets water resistance has held up better than the abuse I inflict on the fabric. I have a precip that is going strong so far so I suspect it will be my test subject when the time comes…

  452. I have never used any of those products. If a jacket lasts long enough to need attention I just put in in the drier on medium heat and it seems to reseal the fibers good enough. I have found that Gore-Tex has a short life and you can not buy a jacket that will last you a lifetime like you can a good down sleeping bag or other similar gear.

  453. No i haven’t used any of these products before. I have just now gotten into hiking and camping (non-glamping) and am interested in getting outfitted properly.

  454. I have not used the products. I sure want that tent though!

  455. I’ve never used any of those products yet because, to be honest, I haven’t needed to yet. I have seen them advertised before though, and thought they looked like a smart way to extend the life of your gear. When I do need to use one I think I’ll go with the kind that you soak or wash the gear in because it seems like that would be the most effective treatment (as opposed to the spray-on kind).

  456. I have not used those products because I don’t use WPB garments, preferring WP raingear with pit zips.

  457. I own separate gortex jackets for backpacking and skiing. Both are
    Patagonia brand. I use Nikwak Tech wash first then TX. Direct to waterproof.
    Works well.

  458. I have not used the products. I have a coat that needs to be treated, as it is 15 years old, but I wasn’t sure if I ought to just ditch it for a new one or research products for waterproofing.

  459. I have not had the chance to use Nikwax on my OR jacket, the DWR is still going strong from the factory. Possibly before I take it to Iceland in July.

  460. I have used the Nikwax product before with limited success. After use, the waterproof protection of the jacket did noticeably improve, but only lasted 4-5 months within which the jacket was worn only a few times.

  461. I haven’t used any of those products. Usually, I replace my jackets every 5 years or so. I’ll sell my used one, and replace it with a new one. I would be interested in trying one of the products to see if it really does help.

  462. No. Usually I end up replacing my rain gear after a year or sometimes two of use. Currently I have my second Marmot Precip Rain Jacket. I love this jacket, but honestly, if it is really raining, wetness gets in. Years ago, I used a plastic poncho for rain and as a ground cloth, but for some reason, I don’t have or want a poncho these days. Go figure!

  463. I’ve not used any of these products because I’ve not had need to renew the waterproofing on any of my gear yet. Maybe this spring.

  464. Judith A. Purgason

    No, I haven’t used either product. I’m just beginning to research equipment and am trying to learn all I can.

  465. Being a keen cyclist, my clothes need frequent washing. And re-proofing has to happen.

    I’ve used both the Granger’s and NixWax. The latter seems to perform slightly better.
    As the manufacturer says, starting from a clean garment is the best thing for re-proofing, an item that has been used even once, may give inconsistent results. A source of heath is also essential to cure the proofing.
    And in my experience, they work better on tight-weave fabrics. Several attempts to proof some shorts have been unsuccessful.

  466. Nope. Haven’t been hiking and camping long enough for any of my reasonably new gear to need it.

  467. No. Much of my gear is new, but I’m glad to see that there are products out there like this. I hadn’t thought of the need to treat – yet another topic for me to explore!

  468. Not. So far I have not needed washing my rainjacket to restore the DWR

  469. I have never used a product like that on any of my jackets. I have never had a jacket that experienced bad wetting out or issues related to lack of DWR coating before the jacket itself gave out in other ways.

    There is one jacket that I may end up using a product like this one… an old Rab prototype eVent rain jacket from about 8 or 9 years ago. I like it so much and it has held up so well, but I haven’t wanted to learn how to apply or use the DWR coatings so I have never done it.

  470. Not tried any product yet, my gear is to new!!

  471. No, I have not used any of these products. I try to minimize the amount of gear I have that uses DWR or water repellent products (the only exception I can think of is the shell of my quilt/sleeping bag). I prefer to use rain gear made of silnylon and keep the fit extra baggy – like with a poncho or a packa – to allow air to circulate and moisture to exit. So far it’s worked well everywhere I’ve gone, including the humid Northeast in the summertime. :)
    I do use Nikwax on my leather boots, though!

  472. I have never used one of these products. I have an old North Face jacket that could probably use it but for some reason am nervous about trying this on my own. I rarely hike when the weather is wet. Instead I carry a Frog Toggs jacket just in case.

  473. I haven’t used these products because I don’t know much about them. As I get more experience in camping/hiking/wanderingaboutaimlessly, I think it would be beneficial to restore/repair things on my own instead of buying new things or paying for someone else to fix them. Lessons to be learned though…

  474. Yes, because I use Paramo gear almost exclusively I regularly use Nikwax TX-Direct to maintain proofing. It is a great combination although a little on the heavy side.

  475. No I haven’t used any of those products. I own a goretex ski jacket that is 15 years old but hasn’t been used extensively in the wet and has always performed. Maybe I should go for more walks in less than ideal conditions.

  476. used reviveX on my BA AngelSprings Fly. the topmost seams were leaking. did well

  477. I’ve used “Gear-Aid ReviveX” on several of my older Gortex Snowboarding pants, and several rain shells. Figured id try it out rather than replacing it, and to my surprise it worked great! Still use the stuff to date. (:

  478. I haven’t used any of the said products. Ive stuck w/ “star brite” brand water repellent for most of my outdoor gear. Not gonna fix what isn’t broken.

  479. No I haven’t tried them yet but need a better solution so plan to try reviveX

  480. No I have not tried any of the products listed. My Montane Atomic DT jacket is still keeping me dry, but some day down the road I may have to look into adding some waterproof protection to it.

  481. No I never used the stuff I used the camp saver spray

  482. No, If the gear fails, I replace it.

  483. I tried Nikwax TX Direct once, but soon after, I ultimately wound up replacing the jacket on which I’d used it. Water seemed to soak into the jacket, possibly because the jacket was just too old.

  484. I own a couple of Paramo jackets and a Berghaus jacket made of goretex active. The Nikwax TX direct wash in has successfully reproofed my paramo jackets for years. As long as i wash the jackets in Nikwax techwash and then reproof them every 4-6 months haven’t had any issues. My Vista jacket is 7 years old and my Alta is about 10 years old now. My Berghaus jackets dwr is still fuctioning so haven’t had to reproof it yet.

  485. I use the Nikwax TX Direct on my The Northface rain gear at the beginning of the season for routine maintenance and think it works great.

  486. No, I’ve never had to fix anything like this before, so that means I’ll never win any prizes like this. I would love be proven wrong.

  487. No. I have just started Hiking and one thing I don’t have, yet, is rain gear.

  488. No, I am interested in these types of products but am not sure which one is correct for me yet. I’ve been looking around to find the best fit.

  489. I’ve used Nikwax Tx-Direct on a TNF HyVent rain jacket and I was pleased with how water beaded off of the material afterwords. I’ve only been in a few rainstorms since then but the jacket seems to be performing really nicely still.

  490. I have used Nikwax TX-Direct on a jacket after washing. It effectively restored water resiliency to the garment for a couple of weeks.

  491. No by this time I need to a lighter generation jacket comes along and I buy it

  492. No, I haven’t had the chance yet as I am new to backpacking

  493. It’s nice to know there are products out there like this. I am not completely opposed to trying a product like this. For me hiking to exciting new places like the AT or the Grand Canyon is the adventure of a life time! And the second thing is the “stuff’! So I just usually replace my equipment. The planning and buying of the “stuff” you are going to be using is just about as exciting as the trip it self! I love trying new equipment! And thanks to you Mr. Philip I have followed your reviews of equipment ever since I decided to hike the AT. I have a lot of the same “stuff” you have used. I would love to meet you one day to think you in person for all your invaluable advice on hiking. Thank you!

  494. The Nikwax works just OK. After cleaning with their techwash I treat with their DWR. Water beads up just fine but in a long, all day rain the jacket either lets water in or I just sweat it up so much that I and my clothes are wet. It all works fine for snowy conditions but for hours in the rain I am going back to the old-school poncho. I stay dry and ventilated.

  495. Dave Pinnah Mann

    I’ve used a variety of DWR products on my rain jackets but no longer do.

    I’ve used Nikwax wash in treatments and found they made the garment more clammy as the DWR preventing any wicking of the moisture along the inner surface or lining. I’ve used both Nikwax and Grainger spray on treatements but at this point, I no longer use them. They don’t make a huge difference in prevent wet out and, to be honest, at this point I just expect to get wet on all day walks in the rain. Between sweat, cuffs, face and zippers, I just expect that some amount of wet will be inside my jacket. Instead of worrying about being dry, I worry about controlling my temperature. I still use waterproof/breathable jackets as I stay warmer in them during all day rain.

  496. It was announced on April 6, 2016 at 6:25 in a previous comment.

  497. No I have not. Just have had the need yet. However, it is something I would consider for a jacket or such in otherwise good condition.

  498. Yes, I have used the nikwax spray-on DWR for a tent that seemed to work really well. Others indicated it is heavy and I agree with this assessment. I have also used Nixwax Down proof wash-in for down sleeping bags using a bucket and this really makes a big difference on non-treated bags. makes them smell a little like elmers glue, indicating to me that they use some type of PVA or PVP (Polyvinyl) formulation. I would not be surprised if the manufacturers are using it on their products. As for how it stands up, I will have to get back to you after I wash them a couple times. the tent has only been out a few days and only one rainy night, so too soon to tell.

  499. As a qualified mountain leader I spend quite a bit of time in the outdoors and in inclement weather .I’ve used Nikwax treatment for the last 18 years and can vouch for their effectiveness. Most of my out door clothing is now Paramo, however, I still have Gortex jackets which are kept waterproof using the same products.
    Use properly and in conjunction with each other, ie wash then proof . I always wash by hand in a dedicated bucket. Kept clean and proofed not a drop has got through.

  500. Well, my Nikwax DWR treatment worked very well on top of Ben Nevis in “traditional” weather conditions!!!

  501. Gangers works well. Nikwax works well on somethings. I use my gear too often to just replace it everytime the DWR wears off. Eventually you get good at it. I like grangers for my outerwear because its basically what the manufacturer uses, a fluorocarbon based DWR. Nikwax wash in also seems to work relatively well, but nikwax always seems to fade too quickly. I treat my gear once a year or more if it has a lot of wear and it seems to last my an entire year when I do it right. I think the heat set DWR coats tend to last longer, they really sink into the fabric. Some of the pros of gangers is it doesn’t leave a film on the cloths, it sheds water faster than nikwax, lasts longer, and resists wear better.

  502. I’ve a Huntech top that is treated with a new DWR called EverShield and it works extremely well. The fabric is treated during the weaving dying process so is right in the fabric. It repels oil and other substances as well as water and is very durable. I actually purchased two different tops off of the store at the same time both Huntech garments but one didn’t seem to work as well as the other so I rang the manufacturers

    It turned out that they were only part way through changing treatments so I had purchased an “old stock” top as well as a new one. They were very generous and sent me a new replacement top treated with EverShield. They also told me of the testing that had taken place before they decided to run with EverShield which included wear tests on something called a Martindale? a machine which replicates wear. Apparently, the fabric exceeded 30,000 wear cycles before there was any noticeable reduction in performance.

    EverShield is apparently a very new treatment so I’m guessing not many people have heard of it yet.

    • Whoops forgot to mention EverShield is due to be released as an in-wash treatment combined with another product that they have that removes odours

  503. I’ve used a spray-on on my Mountain Hardware rain jacket. It lasted about 2 mild San Francisco rains and 1 mild rain in Tahoe. I’ve lost faith in DWR but will be purchasing a wash-in to give that a try anyway. Most likely I’ll resort to the good ol’ poncho on camping trips until I see a good sale on the 2 layer systems like North Face’s Hyper Air GTX or Columbia’s Outdry. Both are more fragile since it’s missing the top layer that typically wets out.

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