Eureka Solitaire AL Tent Review

Eureka Solitaire AL tent Review

The Eureka Solitaire AL is a lightweight single-person bivy style tent that comes with durable aluminum tents poles. Weighing just 2 lbs 10 oz, the Solitaire AL costs $115 and provides backpackers with an interesting alternative to other solo backpacking tents costing …

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Gossamer Gear’s “The One” Ultralight Tent Review

Gossamer Gear The One Tent Review

Gossamer Gear’s “The One” ultralight 1-person tent is an ultralight, single-walled trekking-pole tent that weighs 22 oz. It has a spacious interior that’s a palace for one, with excellent ventilation to help prevent internal condensation. Factory seam-taped, there’s no need to seam seal …

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REI Trail Hut 2 Tent Review

REI Trail Hut Tent Review

The REI Trail Hut 2 is a two-person tent double-wall tent with two doors and two vestibules. It’s exceptionally easy to set up with a freestanding dome structure and includes a ground cloth to protect the floor from abrasion. Priced at $199, …

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REI Passage 2 Tent Review

Gear Review

The REI Passage 2 is a comfortable two-person camping tent that’s ideal for car camping, base camping, and short backpacking trips. It has two doors and two giant vestibules with plenty of external gear storage. But what sets this tent apart from …

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Illustrated Tent Terminology Guide

A Frame Tent

Do you find the jargon and terminology around camping and backpacking tents confusing? This handy illustrated guide helps demystify tent terms and technology, so you can find the tent that best suits your needs. A-Frame Tent Classic pup-style tent patterned after old …

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CAMP USA Minima SL 1 Tent Review

The CAMP USA Minima 1 SL Tent is a double-walled tent that weighs 2.2 pounds.

The CAMP USA Minima SL 1  is a compact double-walled tent that weighs 2.0 pounds. One step up from a bivy sack, it packs up impossibly small, making it an option when you need a waterproof shelter that doesn’t require much space …

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Sierra Designs High Side Tent 1P Review

Sierra-Designs-High-Side-Tent Review

The Sierra Designs High Side Tent is a single person, double-wall tent that’s a big step up in comfort from a bivy sack. While it features excellent ventilation and a side vestibule, one of the stand-out features of this tent are its …

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The TentLab MoonLight ML2 Tent Review

The TentLab MoonLight ML2 Tent

TheTentLab MoonLight ML2 is luxurious as backpacking tents come, and a great example of when its worth trading weight for comfort. The attention to detail in its design is apparent in every thoughtful feature from its materials to its spacious interior and …

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EMS Velocity 1 Tent Review

Velocity 1 Inner Tent and Exoskeleton Pole

The EMS Velocity 1 is a lightweight, freestanding and affordable backpacking tent.  I think it’s an exceptional value, particularly if you plan on doing any trips where you need to camp on unprepared tent sites in the woods or other wilderness areas where …

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Tarptent Notch Tent Review

Outer fly and inner tent pitched together

The Tarptent Notch is a single person, double wall ultralight tent weighing 27 ounces with two doors and two vestibules. With a removable inner nest (including bathtub floor), the rain fly can be pitched as a standalone tarp or as a complete …

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Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 Tent Review

Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight Tent (2016 model)

The Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 Tent is a relaunch of old customer favorite with an updated design, fabrics and hardware. It’s a double-walled, two-person tent, lightweight enough for backpacking if the weight is shared (3.5 pounds), but also well-suited for car camping …

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