Underquilt Reviews

Warbonnet Wookie Hammock Underquilt Review

Warbonnet Wookie Underquilt Review

The Warbonnet Wookie is a down-filled hammock underquilt that’s super easy to set up and eliminates the need to adjust with a underquilt suspension system, which is the nemesis for many first-time underquilt users. That’s because the Wookie doesn’t have a traditional underquilt …

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UGQ Outdoor Zeppelin Under Quilt Review

The UGQ Outdoor Zeppelin Under Quilt has an easy to use suspension system that comes with durable and reliable hanging hardware (so you don't have to replace it with something better)

The UGQ Zeppelin Under Quilt is an exceptionally well crafted, custom-made hammock under quilt. Made in Michigan by UGQ Outdoor (formerly named Underground Quilts), the Zeppelin comes with a set of standard features that make it easy for people new to under …

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Outdoor Vitals MummyPod Review

The Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod 0*F is a cold-weather sleeping bag that can be used either on the ground as a mummy bag or in a hammock as a peapod insulation system. Weighing under 3 pounds and filled with 800 fill …

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Superior Hammock Insulated Hammock Review

Superior Hammock makes an insulated hammock where the down insulation is sewn onto the back of the hammock.

Superior Hammock is a cottage gear manufacturer based in Minnesota that makes fully integrated hammock shelter systems. Their flagship product is a gathered-end hammock with down-filled insulation sewn directly onto it instead of being packaged as a separate underquilt. Weighing 36 ounces …

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ENO Vulcan Under Quilt Review

The ENO Synthetic Primaloft Underquilt on a Warbonnet Blackbird - when cooler weather rolls round, you need to add bottom insulation to a hammock to avoid Cold Butt Syndrome

The ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) Vulcan Under Quilt is a full length quilt filled with synthetic Primaloft Synergy insulation and has an integrated perimeter suspension system that is compatible with any gathered end hammock. Rated for 35-45 degree weather, it’s priced at $174.95, …

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