Trekking Pole Reviews

Pacerpole Dual Lock Trekking Poles


Pacerpole Trekking Poles are available with a lever lock and pin (dual-lock) system in addition to the twist-lock system previously available. I’m a huge fan of Pacerpoles, which have a unique angled pistol-style grip that eliminates wrist fatigue and helps you to …

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Fizan Compact Trekking Poles Review

Fizan Compact Trekking Poles

Fizan Compact Trekking Poles are 3-piece lightweight, 7001 aluminum trekking poles that adjust with a twist-lock mechanism. Fizan claims that they’re the lightest aluminum trekking poles in the world, with a weight of just 158 grams per pole. The Compact poles have …

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Pacerpole “Posture Poles”

Pacerpoles on the Maine Appalachian Trail

I use trekking poles  made by a British company called Pacerpole that have a unique hand grip which is tilted at a 45 degree angle instead of the vertical cross-country-style ski pole grip you find on other trekking poles. Pacerpoles are very popular in …

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Pacerpole-Over-Mitts Review

Pacerpole-Over-Mitts in Action

I’ve been hiking with a special type of trekking pole for the past few years called Pacerpoles, which have a distinctive diagonal grip that’s quite different from the standard vertical grip ski poles that most other hikers use. Pacerpoles are made in …

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Breaking in Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

Carbon fiber trekking poles

I’ve been using ultralight (sub 8 oz) carbon fiber hiking poles this year from Gossamer Gear and Hiking with them is a fantastic experience. They’re incredibly lightweight and easy to reposition with a flick of the wrist, greatly reducing arm fatigue. …

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