It’s Raining Down in Texas

Appalachian Trail

It was foggy and drizzling when I left the house this morning, unusual weather for Austin. Sunrise was still a few hours away, and this Stevie Ray Vaughn lyric popped into my mind… Well there’s floodin’ down in Texas All of the …

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Outdoor Industry Job Openings

Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School, New Hampshire

Looking for work? Sick of your existing job? Hate what you’re doing? The outdoor industry is hiring, so if you’re looking for work and you like the outdoors, maybe you should consider working for an outdoor manufacturer or retailer. I know many …

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My Dad’s 90th Birthday

Gerhard Werner

My Father celebrated his 90th birthday this week. Pretty incredible, huh? Even more so because he’s still working, he remains very active, and is as inquisitive as ever. I hope I’m in as great shape, when I turn 90. Being 90, my …

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The Summer without an Air Conditioner

Lasko Fan

We’re trying to live without an air conditioner this summer. It was actually my idea as a way to reduce our electricity consumption and save some money. My wife doesn’t like the sound of an air conditioner and was eager to agree. …

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The Durability Myth

Durability Does Not Mean Heavyweight In this economy, we all want to buy backpacking and camping gear that is durable and going to last. But as consumers, we need to realize that many outdoor manufacturers overbuild their gear with less expensive and …

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Simplicity Lost

Silnylon Forever

There was a time, before the advent of cuben fabric, when going ultralight or lightweight backpacking meant taking less stuff on trips and on developing your backcountry skills to make up for the smaller safety margin. The simplicity of the activity was …

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Kudos to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club

Bog Bridge in Southern Maine I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to the Maine Appalachian Club (MATC) for the outstanding work they do maintaining the 267 miles of Appalachian Trail under their stewardship. Last month, we had …

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Dogs and Well-Trained Hikers

Bruno Likes Hiking

This is satire…When you go backpacking on a long distance trail in the United States and you pop out of the woods near a trailer park or a housing subdivision, you’re bound to have a bad encounter with a poorly trained hiker …

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Hiking with Plush Animals

I often bring along a plush (we used to call them stuffed) animal when I go hiking. A surprising number of other hikers and backpackers do this as well. Why? Well it started as a prank that my wife would play on …

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