Are You a Risk?

Meditative Hiker

“Are you driven to answer the beckoning call of nature –to totally immerse yourself into it, forgoing the comforts of home just to walk on some long winding, rocky, and hilly trail somewhere? When you feel closer to nature and strip yourself …

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Mud or Blood by Patricia Ellis Herr

Sage and Alex Herr, July 2012

“Ah!” I turn and see my nine-year-old daughter on the ground, her hands clasped around her knee, blood tricking from between her fingers. The large root protrudes from the earth immediately below the boulder from which we’ve just descended. It’s Alex’s first …

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Narnia Lost by Tom Ryan

Tom and Atticus

Late in the spring of 2005, Atticus and I were climbing Cannon Mountain and had reached what would become one of my favorite places in the White Mountains – Cannon Cliffs. For two novice hikers, it was an astounding view and when …

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Hiking with Friends

Hiking the Southern Presidentials

I’ve gone on a lot of group hikes this year and made a lot of new friends. While I’ve always done some group hiking, I’m never spent such a large percentage of my time hiking with others during the course of a …

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My Dad Loved the Mountains

Pondering the Alps

My father loved the mountains, walking, and being outdoors. We did some of that together when I was growing up, but I wish we’d done a lot more. Still, he passed it along in other ways, telling me stories of walking in the …

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It’s Raining Down in Texas

Appalachian Trail

It was foggy and drizzling when I left the house this morning, unusual weather for Austin. Sunrise was still a few hours away, and this Stevie Ray Vaughn lyric popped into my mind… Well there’s floodin’ down in Texas All of the …

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