Trip Reports

Wilderness at Stillwater Junction

This moss covered sign is showing its age

This is part 2 of my trip report up the East Branch Pemigewasset River (the Pemi) to scout a second river crossing at Stillwater Junction and beginning of the Shoal Pond Trail which links Carrigan Notch to the Ethan Pond Trail. I’ll be passing through …

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Heavy Lifting on Mt Liberty

High Capacity Granite Gear Nimbus Trace 70 Backpack on Mt Liberty

What do bowling pins, 15 pound bags of rice and charcoal, cases of beer, TV sets, and water reservoirs have in common? They’re just some of the crazy ass things that hikers load into their packs to train for backpacking trips where …

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Missing Cairns on Mount Moosilauke

Mount Moosilauke

Mount Moosilauke is the first big mountain that Appalachian Trail northbounders encounter when they climb through the White Mountains. The 10th highest four thousand footer in the White Mountain 48, it has a very different profile and personality than most of the other …

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Belknap Range Traverse

Mts Whiteface, Piper, and Belknap

“That was a much bigger ass-kicking than I expected,” said Trey, describing the hike we did of the Belknap Range in Southern New Hampshire. We’d just climbed all 12 of the mountains required for the Belknap Range Patch in one 11 hour hike and we …

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Landslides in the White Mountains


Slides, short for landslides, are common landscape features in the White Mountains and Adirondacks. These landslips occur when heavy rainfall weakens the soil on higher angle slopes, letting loose a slurry of water, mud, and boulders, that barrel down the hill like …

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The Appalachian Trail Railroad Stop

Appalachian Trail Railroad Stop

When Benton Mackaye first proposed the Appalachian Trail (see An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning), he envisioned a place where urban workers could spend their free time outdoors in order to recuperate from the drudgery of factory life. However, if …

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A Winter Hike to Mount Garfield

Breaking Above Treeline on Mount Garfield (4500')

The temperature was in the single digits when I woke on Saturday morning just before dawn. I’d decided to spend the weekend sleeping outside in my tent and -25 degree sleeping bag, while my friends slept all snug and warm inside of …

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