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CNOC Vecto 2L Soft Water Container Review

CNOC Vector water bottle container review

CNOC Vecto Soft Bottle

Sawyer Water Filter Compatibility
Easy to Fill
Easy to Squeeze
Easy to Clean

Best Soft Bottles for Sawyer Squeeze Filter

The CNOC Vecto is a soft water bottle designed by backpackers for backpackers. The roll-up Vecto is plug-compatible with Sawyer Filters, easy to fill, and easy to clean.

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The CNOC Vecto 2L Soft Water Container is a roll-up soft bottle that’s compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze and Sawyer Mini water filters (which 80% of backpackers use). Like the Platypus Big Zip, one side opens up completely, by removing the bottom slide, making it easier to fill from water sources that don’t have a current, like ponds, lakes, puddles, and cattle troughs. The bottom slide also makes it easy to hang in gravity filter mode or roll up and squeeze to force water through a Sawyer filter.

Specs at a Glance

  • Weight: 2.7 oz
  • Volume: 2L
  • Material: ePTU (BPA free)

The Vecto has three components: a 2L soft bottle, an orange cap, and orange slider which seals the bottom. The easiest way to fill it, is to remove the orange slider along its base, and dunk the wide end into flat water or into the current of a stream. In flat water, like ponds or lakes, you’ll need two hands to fill it, one to dunk the bottle under the surface and the other to hold it open so it fills up. While you can drag it along the surface, it’s hard to fill up one-handed. You’ll also want to find a place where the water depth is sufficiently deep so you can submerge most of the bottle in order to fill it. If that isn’t possible, you’ll need some kind of water scoop ( a plastic sandwich bag can work) to fill the Vecto.

The soft Vecto bottle is easy to roll and squeeze water through Sawyer Water filters
The soft Vecto bottle is easy to roll and squeeze water through Sawyer Water filters

Once full, you fold over the base of the bottle once, before sliding the slider back on to seal it. If you want to filter, you remove the orange cap, and screw on a water filter like a Sawyer Squeeze. That’s pretty much it. The slider makes it easy to roll up the base of the bottle as the water empties and force it through the filter. If you lose the orange cap, a smart water bottle cap fits it perfectly or you can buy a replacement from CNOC through their website.

It’d be nice if the orange cap was secured to the bottle, like it is on Evernew’s soft water bottles or the slide was attached to the bottle like it is on the Platypus Big Zip. But neither of these omissions is a show stopper if you’re careful about where you place these two components when you take them off the Vecto water container.

The slide handle also makes it easy to use the Vecto in a gravity configuration, when suspended from a tree. You just need some kind of lanyard or ‘biner to hang it from. When filling the bottle, be careful to wipe it off before hanging it in a gravity setup, since you don’t want “dirty” water dripping down the exterior surface of the bottle to contaminate water that’s run through your filter.

The CNOC Vecto packs up compactly with your water filter between uses
The CNOC Vecto packs up compactly with your water filter between uses


The CNOC Vecto 2L Water Container makes a great “dirty” water container in a backpacking hydration system, when coupled with a screw-on Sawyer filter and water bottles for carrying your “clean” filtered water. I’ve found that seal between a Sawyer filter and the Vecto to be nice and tight without any leaks, although you need to thread them together carefully and not put too much pressure when screwing them together. I don’t use the Vecto as my primary “clean” bottle, although there’s no reason you can’t. I just find it easier to drink from hard sided soda or Smartwater bottles.

While I haven’t had any issues with the durability of the Vecto soft bottle in the field, the first version of this product I ordered was defective, with a torn seam where the soft material meets the cap. While the company was quick to send me a free replacement and has excellent customer service, I’d still caution you to test all of your backpacking equipment before taking it on an extended trip so you can be confident that it will perform as expected (see Shakedown Trips).

The author purchased this product. Published 2018. Klaatu Barada Vecto.

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  1. Do you recommend carrying water in this? I wonder if it might leak at the slider.

    • Mine hasn’t leaked at the slider, but if it’s a concern, carry it with the cap on the bottom, positioned vertically. I mainly use mine as a dirty bag and carry my clean water in gother bottles. I try to avoid carrying dirty (unfiltered) water except on short carries.

    • Ditto on “no leaking” when used for carrying water in a pack. I have used these for dirty water since last Fall and carried extra water when necessary without incident. The bags have been carried both in my pack and on the outside pockets at different times. I have read that some people have had problems, but am assuming it is threading the cap on the bag. The top of the bag is a flexible material that you have to get the feel for when threading something on (be it the cap or filter), but it is not hard to get the knack.

    • Same as the others, I’ve had no problem with carrying dirty water in the bag to use later. The slider is pretty solid in that regard. Just make sure you thread the cap on squarely and you should be good to go.

  2. I got a Vecto after 2 Sawyer bags split on one trip, and love it. The extra-strong plastic allows you to use lots of force when squeeze-filtering, cutting the time needed with peace of mind. It works great with a Smart Water bottle. It weighs one ounce more than the Evernew, however, so there is no advantage to the Vecto when using in gravity/hang filter mode. I have experienced no leakage, but you have to push the slider all the way until it “clicks” into the locked position. I’ve never needed two hands or a scoop to fill it. Just practice pinching the plastic spreader at the large opening with your fingers, so that it forms an integrated scoop. Cost is $18, and CNOC is now selling blue as well as orange versions, to help distinguish between clean and dirty bags.

  3. I have a general question about using dirty water bags that get immersed into dirty water. Looking at the picture in this article, the Sawyer filter is rolled inside of the “dirty water” bag. Do you do anything to clean the outside of the “dirty water” bag before rolling it all up? Are you concerned about contaminated water getting on the clean water side of the filter? My wife and I went on a six day trip and on day four she got violently sick (not a good time!). Looking at what could have caused the illness, we determined that it was probably contaminated water on the outside of our dirty water bag getting all over the filter when it was stored in our pack. If you look at the number of times you filter water on a long trip, all of this filtering gear tends to get and stay wet. Has anybody else had a similar experience? We have switched to an MSR Guardian purifier (yes, I know it’s heavy) but it has features to help prevent cross contamination.

    • Your questions have more to do with the Sawyer, than the Vecto. I store my Squeeze in a sandwich bag and shake it after each use to drive off dirty water. I replace the output nozzle and cap with the cap from the SmartWater “sport” bottle, since the cap remains attached when flipped off, making it less likely you’ll drop it in the dirt. I back-flush the filter with chlorinated water at home after each trip. That said, your wife might not have gotten sick from dirty water in the filter. I have no science to back it up, but I think people are more likely to get sick from inadequate hand-washing and hand-to-mouth sanitation, than from tiny amounts of contaminated water clinging to filters. Wash your hands often (without soap, to protect water sources) in addition to using hand sanitizer. Severe indigestion and diarrhea may also be caused by digesting unfamiliar foods while exercising vigorously in hot weather, especially if you get even mildly dehydrated.

    • William M Abene Jr

      All you gotta do is keep a cap on the clean end of the filter and store all the clean parts in a plastic bag.

  4. I picked up one of these recently and am looking forward to using it on the trail. I did find that the bottle had a bit of a chemical smell (reminiscent of a dry cleaner store) upon first use. I did not taste it in the water and I’m not too concerned about it. I expect it will dissipate with use. Not sure if others have noticed this or not. I think the flexibility (compared the my Evernew soft water carry bladders) will be nice. I will still bring one of my 1 L Evernew to uses as a clean water reservoir for dry camping and dry trails and also as a receiver for my Sawyer so I can use it in a closed gravity systems. Plus the second bag can be a backup dirty water bag if the CNOC fails and I also squeeze the clean water bladder to backflush the filter.

  5. “Klaatu Barada Vecto”

    Thank you for not destroying us.

  6. I just completed a 2018 AT thru hike with a Vecto/Sawyer combination. The Vecto worked great as a dirty water bag. I would caution against storing it inside your pack with clean or dirty water as water does eventually seep out of the slider. I have 6 Vecto’s and all would leak slowly over the course of 6-8 hours. I added a lanyard and biner to the slider. That allowed me to hang it from a tree to purify water.

  7. There is now a “2019” version that has the cap and slider tethers that Philip mentioned in the review. For 2019, they also have a wider mouth that they claim is compatible with BeFree filters. They also sell a filter similar to the Sawyer Squeeze that is threaded to screw onto a bottle on both ends – but is just slightly smaller than the Sawyer, which means a 26mm opening is needed instead of the 28mm that is compatible with the Sawyer, so be careful to order the right size.

    I just ordered one in blue and one in orange; my plan is to use one as a clean bottle and one as a dirty bottle. I’m hoping I can carry a liter of water in the clean bottle, like I usually do, and just roll the unused portion closed. Then, when I need to carry water to a dry camp, I’ve got the ability to carry 4 liters (2 filtered, 2 unfiltered.) I’m also planning to carry them in the side pockets of my Levity 45 pack, which will balance a 4-liter load side-to-side as well as putting it directly on my hips. I have a Sawyer 2-liter bottle, and its dimensions are an inch wider and half an inch shorter than the Vecto dimensions listed on the website, and the Sawyer bottle, filled with 2 liters, fits perfectly inside the Levity side pockets. That should mean the top of the Vecto will stick up above the top of the pocket an inch or less.

    I’m hoping this will be a bit less fiddly than the Sawyer bottles I have now. I’ll try to remember to update this when I’ve actually got the product in hand and have tried my plan. (I’ve been guilty of thinking before, so no promises this will end well.)

    • Oops. I kept refering to “Sawyer bottles.” That should read Evernew bottles; they work with the Sawyer filters. Vecto makes bladders that work with the Sawyer, a bladder that fits the BeFree, and a bladder that fits the HydroBlu VersaFlow water filter. All three varieties have different threads and opening size, so be sure you pick the right size.

      Sorry for the confusion – I’m choosing to blame it on the late hour (see the time stamp.)

      • Bill in Roswell GA

        You’d think it less expensive to manufacture a threaded converter to accommodate the 3 different filter sizes from the common soda bottle size of 28mm versus making a whole production run. The item would be much like the blue collar that comes with a Sawyer filter allowing soda bottles to be screwed to the filter.

        I wonder if Gilad had considered that as a simple solution?

  8. Has anyone noticed a chemical / plasticky taste from water carried in the Vecto? I usually find tap water from home tastes worse – filtered or stream water does not pick up the plasticizers as much (my theory is it’s the chlorine added to municipal water). I’m interested because Platypus are the ONLY bladders I’ve tried that don’t have this plastic taste, but they don’t have a zip-open bladder with screw threads on the other end.

  9. Philip (or others) –
    This bottle tempts me to go back to Sawyer filters instead of the BeFree… (which forces you to either carry extra bottles – or be super careful)

    But the thing I hated about my Sawyer was dealing with the o-rings falling out. And as common as this problem is, I’ve never understood why there’s not more written about how to deal with the problem.

    I’ve tried going to Home Depot and using all the washers that seemed like might work with no success…

    Any advice on this problem?

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